Once again tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling is coming from the great Wembley Arena in London England! The crowd is feeling electric tonight as the pyro hits and the show is underway. Impact Wrestling kicks off with an appearance by Bully Ray. Bully Ray seems to be in very foul mood as he calls out TNA World Heavyweight champion Robert Roode. The TNA champion does make his way to the ring and Bully Ray let’s it be known why he called the champion out. He tells Robert Roode that he thought they had an understanding. Bully Ray thought Roode was suppose to have his back because for the past two months he’s helped Roode keep his belt. Last week Roode was suppose to help Bully Ray but the TNA champion stabbed him in the back. Robert Roode tries to calm the situation down with Bully Ray when the icon Sting interrupts the two bickering. He tells them that before the two of them fight each other in the four way match at the Against All Odd PPV, they would have to get on the same page tonight! He has decided to book them in a tag match against James Storm & himself! As Sting leaves the ring, Bully Ray & Robert Roode are looking at one another as if they are questioning how they can trust each other. Meanwhile backstage we see Hulk Hogan with Garrett Bischoff. It looks as if they could be making their way out to the arena next. End of segment.

Match 1: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels w/ Kazarian at ringside

A video package recapping Kazarian betraying AJ Styles is shown. It was during their wildcard tag team matchup against Magnus & Samoa Joe where Kazarrian became influenced by things Christopher Daniels said about AJ Styles that had Kazarian leave AJ Styles in the ring when he needed to make a tag and ultimately lose to Magnus & Joe. For weeks AJ has tried to get the truth on why Kazarian did what he did but has come up short because of interference from Daniels. With that set our match-up is underway as former friends, former Fortune Four members square off. Christopher Daniels comes with cheap shots before the bell rings but AJ quickly gets on the offense. The two begin to counter move for move, leapfrog for leapfrog until AJ was able to get the upper-hand and send Daniels out the ring. He followed it up by a moonsault outside the ring! The action eventually goes back in the ring where Daniels goes inside his trunks to pull out a pair of brace knuckles. Referee Brian Hebner sees this and tries to get the weapon out of Daniels hands but he tosses it to Kazarian. Key point in this match-up was when Christopher Daniels tried to look for his finisher The Fall Angel but AJ Styles was able to counter with a enziguri!. Daniels asks Kazarian to give him the brass knuckles but he wouldn’t. Daniels and Styles then proceed to throw clotheslines at one another until AJ was able to get the upper-hand and then go for the top turnbuckle for a successful high flying move. Daniels once again demands Kazarian to give him the knuckles. AJ Styles then proceeded to grab Daniels and try to put him in the Styles Clash finisher! Daniels capitalized with the brass knuckles to the face! The referee doesn’t see the knuckles as Daniels was able to pickup the win. Winner of this match: Christopher Daniels.

Backstage segment Eric Bischoff is talking to Gunner and letting him how if Hulk Hogan is going to have Garrett’s back, then he to have Gunner’s back. Gunner promises Mr. Bischoff that anything he needs done, he will do so…one knee cap at a time! End of segment.

When back from commercial break we the challengers for the TNA tag team titles agnus & Samoa Joe making their way to the ring. Magnus tells the crowd how everyone doubted they wouldn’t work as a tag team and how they proved them wrong. He talks about how they have the chemistry and the trust to work as a unit. That the only reason why Matt Morgan & Crimison is a team is because they don’t want to face each other! He promises that the Agaisnt All Odds PPV they will when the tag titles. The tag champions then come out and Matt Morgan tells them “At this point there’s only one thing left to say. Our talking is done”! They proceed to beat up Samoa Joe and send him out of the ring. They then try to focus their attention on Magnus but Samoa Joe was able to pull him out and the challangers made their way up the ramp. Who is the better tag team amongst these two? We will find out this Sunday! End of segment.

Match 2: Douglas Williams vs. Shelley vs. Austin Aries

In this non title match-up the TNA X-Division champion Aries finds himself at a disadvantage as Williams & Shelley gang up on him and send him flying out the ring. The alliance between Williams & Shelley ends as the two then focus on each-other with Shelley trying to go for a roll up in but kicks out! Aries eventually gets back in the ring. Key points in this match-up was when Williams goes for a clothesline on a weakened Aries in the turnbuckle. Shelley then tries to charge at Williams from behind, but Williams gets out of the way & Shelley hits Aries instead! Douglas Williams then grabs Shelley from behind and goes for a back suplex followed by the Rolling Chaos Theory pin! Williams only received a two count as Aries was able to interrupt the pin. Austin Aeries then tries to capitalize by putting Shelley in the Horns of Aries but Shelley counters with the Slicebread to pickup the win! With the blessing of his Motor Machine Gun partner Chris Saban, and an impressive win in this match-up, can Shelley capitalize on the X-Division champion once more? He’ll have the opportunity at Against All Odds and if he does so then he will become the new X-Division champion! Winner of this match: Alex Shelley by finisher & pinfall. End of segment.

Backstage we see Hulk Hogan talking with Garrett Bischoff when Sting greets them. Hogan asks Garrett to excuse them for a minute. Hogan commends Sting for doing a great job getting the company back in shape. Hogan tells Sting that because what sting has done for him & the business that if there’s anything he needs, he has Sting’s back. Hogan then tells the cameras to get lost for a minute and that ends. From there cameras are getting fan reactions from the London crowd on how they are enjoying the TNA experience. Coming up next we see outdoor footage of Tara fighting Gail Kim. End of segment.

We see Tara taking home footage outside the arena with her IPhone when she is brutally attacked by TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim. The champion proves to be too much as the champion sends Tara flying into walls and double doors. Gail Kim leaves Tara unconscious on the floor. From there we see a video package of Hulk Hogan talking about how close TNA is to becoming greatness and how he is going to help get them to the next level. Live in the arena Hulk Hogan’s music comes on as he and Garrett Bischoff make their way to the arena. Hulk Hogan talks about how after 18 years of not wrestling in that they still love and appreciate Hulk Hogan.Hulk Hogan tells them hows much he appreciates the love and support and that right now Garrett Bischoff needs that love & support because like the fans he is a true hulkamaniac! Eric Bischoff & Gunner come out and E.B looks pretty upset. Eric Bischoff tells Hogan that he needs to mind his business and let him deal with his son. He tells Hogan that his time is up and to go off into the sunset as his time has passed.Hulk hogan tells Eric Bischoff that he talked to Sting and a match has been setup for Against All Odds. It will be Gunner vs. Garrett Bischoff! Gunner & Gunner begin pushing one another when Hogan tries to break it up. Eric Bischoff gives Hogan a low blow that sends the Hulkster to his knees. Eric & Gunner continue beating on Garrett until Hogan gets back up and punches Eric to the ground! From there he lands a series of punches to Gunner and sends Gunner flying out of the ring! Hogan and Garrett then focus their attack on Eric Bischoff who begs them to leave him alone. Hogan grabs Bischoff and tells Garrett to hit him! Garrett punches his father in the face and Eric is left out cold in the middle of the ring! Pretty good story driven segment here folks as it has been a great buildup for Garrett Bischoff. end of segment.

Backstage segment Bully Ray tells Robert Roode how upset he was that Roode didn’t have has back last week. Bully Ray tells him that he knows that the both of them are great former tag team champions and that they need to work together tonight. Robert Roode agrees and tries to hug Bull Ray. Bully Ray tells Roode three days and walks away. From there we see another backstage segment with Hulk Hogan talking with Garrett Bischoff. He promises that as much as Eric Bischoff is going to be in Gunners corner this Sunday, he will be in Garrett’s corner.

Match 3: Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky

Two beautiful & talented women taking each other on in this great, classic matchup! Mickie James, with experience on her side tries to use it to her advantage against Velvet Sky. Velvet Sky proved though she could hang with the former Knockouts champion as she was able to counter Mickie James take-downs & roll-ups. This upset Mickie James as eventually she tried applying the abdominal stretch followed by a pin. James only receives a two count as Velvet Sky kicks out. From there Velvet begins a flurry of clotheslines to Mickie James and starts to get fired up. Sky does 2-3 face keck-breakers to Mickie James and then goes to the ropes but is countered by Mickie James. Mickie James then tries to look go for the Mickie-DDT but then gets counters by Velvet Sky with a cradle pin. It was indeed a victorious win as Mickie James is left in the ring stunned & upset. Winner of this match: Velvet Sky via pinfall. More fan interaction from the London crowd about their TNA enjoyment. End of segment.

Great video package for Against All Odds is shown. It’s a short version but here’s the full version:

Match 4: Bully Ray & Robert Roode vs. James Storm & Sting

Main Event time as our 2 on 2 tag team matchup goes underway. Bully Ray & Robert Roode still are have trust issues which would prove to cost them dearly. Early on at the start of the match, Sting locks up with Robert Roode. Sting’s exprience & strength proves to be too much as Roode is outmatched! Roode tries to tag in Bull Ray who goes to the opposite side of the ring. Roode looks disgusted and is yelling at Bully Ray as Sting takes advantage of the distracted TNA champion. James Storm def. Ray and Roode when Roode submits to the Scorpion. At the end of the match Bully Ray turns on Roode to the cheer of the crowd as he teased saving him from Sting’s Scorpion deathlock and telling the champ he’d see him in three days. Robert Roode taps out! Winners of this match: Sting & James Storm by submission.

Post match, Sting gives a really great promo and tells those in attendance that he blew out his ankle at some point in the match. 

Kurt Angle and Bully Ray run in and all hell breaks loose. Hulk Hogan runs in just starts Hulking out! He sends them all over the place sending (But Bully Ray gets Kurt Angle out before Storm can hit the legdrop).

Hogan poses for the crowd and is hen helped to the back.

Overall this was a really solid episode of Impact Wrestling but I felt a bit confused when I was watching this episode. this was suppose to be a Star Wars edition of Impact Wrestling. When I heard this information I was under the impression that the wrestlers were going to be dressed in Star War costumes, there was going to be a Star Wars arena but I didn’t see anything. The only Star Wars plug throughout the match was for the theatrical 3-D release coming in theaters soon. The advertising should’ve been more clear on what was going to be advertised on this edition as to me it seemed very misleading. Also there should’ve been more wrestling. With only four matches for the night and lots of talking this really should’ve been the time for TNA to really let their wrestlers shine to the UK crowd. They could’ve easily filled in two more matches and done without the constant backstage segments & talking in the ring. It’s not everyday a promotion gets to go to another country. With that in mind this week I give Impact Wrestling a 7/10 this week. Well that’s it for this edition of my weekly review & recap of Impact Wrestling but check back with us this Sunday 8pm est on Twitter as we’ll be tweeting live throughout the Against All Odds PPV. Full recap & results of PPV will follow after it has ended. Later!