The Undertaker on the cover of WWE Magazine March of 2012

Have you seen the WWE March 2012 magazine cover? Well if not then you’re in for a treat! Turns out there will be four WWE variant covers for that month featuring The Rock, Triple H, John Cena, and The Undertaker. All four magazines will spell out a crptic message that eventually translate that Triple H will accept Undertaker’s challange to go one on one once more at WrestleMania. I’m keeping tabs on the releases of the other covers but in the meantime check out this cover of The Undertaker!

Notice how the flames cover up his head? This is because While The Undertaker was on hiatus months back he shaved his head and is now completly bold! He’s been pushing a wig since he’s been back in the WWE. I have a strong feeling they may not reveal his baldness until WrestleMania if it’s done right. We shall see!