wwe battlegroundWith the Battleground Pay Per View this Sunday, I have to let my creative juices begin to flow. For a few weeks, I’ve had some ideas on how to book this PPV (especially the 3 or 4 major matches on the card) that will lead to future cards setting up.

Let’s start with this Sunday’s PPV…WWE Battleground.

The Rhodes Dynasty (Cody and Goldust w/Dustin) vs The Shield (Rollins and Reigns w/ Ambrose) -As Lee and Joe said on the Tuesday edition of The RCWR Show, I believe that the Shield will be victorious at WWE Battleground. Won’t be clean. I see Ambrose getting involved and costing Goldust to be pinned by a Reigns spear.

CM Punk vs Ryback (w/ Paul Heyman)
-If it’s me…Punk beats Ryback at WWE Battleground but doesn’t walk out of the ring. Ryback attacks after the bell and beats down Punk. Heyman gets his licks in on Punk with Ryback holding Punk’s arms. Adds fuel to the fire.

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton for the Vacant WWE Title.
-Orton needs to take the belt. Bryan is better in the “chase” mode for the time being. Here’s how I’d do the match to end WWE Battleground:

Ref bump by Bryan…Orton goes for RKO and Bryan turns it into Yes Lock. Orton is tapping but no ref to count fall. Shield come out and beat down Bryan but before they are able to hit the Triple Powerbomb, they are off by the Usos’ and a returning Christian who fight with the Shield all the way to the back. HHH and Steph come out and call out Big Show to KO Bryan. Show comes out and a recovering Orton holds Bryan. Show reluctantly goes for KO punch and Bryan ducks and Show KO’s Orton. Bryan covers Orton and the revived ref counts the 3 count. HHH and Steph are shocked. Bryan celebrates and HHH comes down and says that the match won’t end that way. Says match must be restarted. Orton is still out and Bryan goes for his running knee. Orton slowly starts to get to his feet and HHH trips Bryan into an RKO by Orton and Orton gets the 3 count.

So now we head to Hell In A Cell and I would have these 4 main matches happen:

CM Punk vs Ryback-Anything Goes Street Fight. If Punk wins, Punk gets 5 minutes ALONE with Heyman. If Ryback wins…Punk gets 20 lashes from Heyman and Ryback with a Singapore Cane.
-Hard hitting match. Ryback goes for Shellshock through a table but Punk counters. Punk puts trashcan over Ryback and does GTS. Ryback is out for the 3 count. Ryback and Axel are taken out and guarded by armed security. Punk gets his 5 minutes and completely destroys Heyman (lots of Heyman begging and pleading for his life. Maybe even trying to bribe Punk with money)…finally finishing it off with 3 GTS in a row and locking Heyman in the Anaconda Vise.

Usos vs The Shield© for the Tag Titles
-Usos take the straps. Shield are setting up for Reigns to hit the spear on one of the Usos’ when two masked men appear on the tron and pretty much tell the Shield that retribution is coming. During this distract on the Shield, the Usos take advantage with the Superkick on Rollins and Reigns and the Uso Splash for the 3 count on Roman Reigns.

Christian vs Dean Ambrose© for the US Title.
-Christian wins the US Belt after the two masked men again appear on the tron, again talking about retribution for the sins of the Shield. Christian hits the Killswitch on Ambrose and picks up the US Title.

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton© for the WWE Championship (HELL IN A CELL)

-The match is built up as “The Last Match”. If Orton wins, Daniel Bryan does not get another WWE Title shot. If Bryan wins…Orton does not get a rematch. Back and forth match…very physical. During the match…as Bryan is in control of the match…The Shield start their way out with bolt cutters to cut the lock off the cell. As they come out…the two masked men come out and the fight is on to the back. Bryan locks the Yes Lock and before Orton can tap…the cell begins to raise up. Bryan lets go of the move and Orton is rolling on the mat in pain. The cell then begins to drop back down in place and Bryan lines up for the running knee. As he gets ready to go for that knee, a hand comes up from the ring apron and grabs Bryan’s leg, tripping him. Bryan turns around it’s Big Show who, without thinking, nails Bryan with the WMD KO punch and throws Orton on top for the 3 count. Show picks up Orton and the title and and helps him to the outside where he, Steph and HHH hug. It was all a set up. All a trick. Show was never in “financial trouble”…it was all done to lure Daniel Bryan into a trap and now…Daniel Bryan is OUT of the WWE Title picture.

-Dan Saint
Opinion Columnist

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