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Interesting Randy Orton news as it first broke out earlier last week from TMZ that Randy Orton was to be starring in the next Marine movie titled The Marine:Homefront. This rubbed a few people the wrong way but in particular Cpl. Mike Vinn who’s said, “I am disgusted that his face and the word Marine are being used next to each other–real or fake–because of the fact that he quit on us, the country, and the Marine Corps. [Randy] in the role of a Marine is a disgrace to those that have worn and are wearing that uniform.” Randy Orton received a discharge in 1999 for bad conduct after going AWOL on two occasions and also disobeying orders from a commanding officer. Orton would be court-marshaled and server 38 days in a military prison as punishment.

A WWE representative was quoted saying “WWE demonstrated poor judgement in signing Randy Orton for the 3rd installment of the film.” He would continue on to say, “Despite Randy’s popularity the fact that he was dishonorably discharged from the USMC mad it inappropriate for him to be cast in this film.”

Well it looks like the message of disgust was heard loudly as WWE Chairman Vince McMahon removed Randy Orton from the starring role and is being deemed a hero amongst those in the Military. TMZ would catch up with Cpl. Mike Vinn once more who told them, On behalf of all the Marines from Aco 1/4 98-02, that were outraged to hear about Randy Orton portraying a Marine in the next movie “Marine: Homefront”, I’d like to thank the WWE for pulling Orton from the role when they heard about his disloyal service to the United States Marine Corps.”

Vinn adds, “It shows respect for not only the unit I had served in, but for every person that has ever defended this nation. Thank you WWE.”

According to TNA wrestler “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, Kofi Kingston & JTG are the top candidates to replace Randy Orton in The MArine sequel. Here’s what Pope said on his Twitter account:

“Just found out that @TrueKofi and @Jtg1284 are being considered for the lead role in The Marine 3,” he wrote. “Congrats! Groundbreaking this can be.~PHS

Honestly not really sure why the move for Randy Orton to be in the move occurred in the first place as it truly was a bad decision. Not really sure who’s in charge of deciding what talent should be in what movie but if it wasn’t Vince McMahon then the person should be fired from the company. They dodged a major bullet here as there could’ve been a storm of disapproval from those in the military. Glad that this was resolved before production begins. Personally the better selection for to replace Orton should be Miz as he has previous television experience and can pull off a decent performance.