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Rosemont, Illinois
April 29, 2012

This weekend was indeed a very active weekend for wrestling. If you were a Chicago fan, or a out of state fan as you could truly appreciate the events that took place over the weekend. Independent promotions such Pro Wrestling Blitz, as well as a few other promotions were busy over the weekend. Wrestling weekend doesn’t get any better when you add Chicago and the WWE together as it always proves to be a perfect combination. April 29, 2012 for Chicago and the WWE didn’t disappoint.
Illonoise, home to WrestleMania 2 where the Immortal Hulk Hogan defeated King Kong Bundy. WrestleMania 13 where the Undertaker defeated Sycho Sid for the WWF Championship in a No DQ match, and WrestleMania 22 where Shawn Michaels defeated Vince McMahon in the match stealer of the night, where Triple H tapped out to a young John Cena. Special moments are always made when WWE comes to this great state, this great city. A city that serves as one of the last remaining heartbeats for true professional wrestling. Wrestling can be tied to this great city as far back as 1887, Evan “Strangler” Lewis beat Jack Carkeek for the first recognized heavyweight wrestling champion in the United States.
Yes Chicago knows and appreciates wrestling as they let their voices be heard tonight as WWE once more passed through this historic city after almost a year that saw CM Punk walked away as the WWE champion with his contract expiring within the hour. So much controversy it was last year for the Windy City and the exposure WWE received. Was WWE successful in making history happen again?

In front of a sold out 14,817crowd, we would see during the WWE Extreme Rules Pre Show, Miz take on Santino for the WWE United States title. Miz, who’s been greatly missed in recent weeks finally made his return and in great fashion as he bashed the Chicago crowd. He speaks how he was the one responsible for Team Johnny winning at WrestleMania and how this is the thanks that he gets. He asked the question of if he’s supposed to be jumping around euphoric but he’s not because he’s not in a higher card caliber match like WWE champion CM Punk and Jericho. The Miz states that no matter what he’s still the must see and claims to be victorious in becoming the new United States champion. This would be capped off by the fans chanting “You Suck” which prompted Miz to tell the crowd that he doesn’t suck because he’s not from Chicago. He wraps it up by saying that he can’t wait to win the title and get out of the city cause he hates it and the people. From there Santino would come out to a nice ovation from the crowd.


Match 1: WWE United States Title
Santino (c) vs. Miz

Santino begins by punching Miz in the face and follows it up shortly by pulling onto the side ropes to send Miz out of the ring after he tried to charge at him. Miz would try to immediately come back into the ring and Santino was ready to release the Cobra but Miz quickly runs away from the move and goes back to the apron. From there he punches Santino and has him down but it’s only a near fall as the ref only counted two. He would try to use his knees to the head of Santino and attempt another pin but that resulted in a near fall as well. Miz would try to apply the headlock, but Santino counters with a hip-toss to break the hold. Miz drops him with swinging DDT and comes up with another near pin-fall. He follows this up by punching him and connecting with a clothesline to Santino who was in a corner.


Miz goes to the top rope and delivers a double axe handle for only a two count! He punches Santino and attempts a big boot but Santino dodges it and rolls him up for two count. Miz gets out of the ring begins taunting the fans before hitting a knee lift. Once more Miz would try to go up to the top rope but Santino punches him off the top ropes. Santino begins his series of jabs, ducks and hip-toss on Miz and deliveres a diving head-butt. Santino gestures to the crowd that hes ready to end the match by going for the Cobra but Miz kicks him into the corner. Miz tries to go for a diving clotheslne but Santino moves and connects with the Cobra for the victory and remain your United States champion!


Winner of the match: Santino Marella (c)

Backstage segment now as we see Eve, Cody Rhodes, Big Show, and Teddy Long in front of a roulette wheel. Eve reveals that the roulette wheel will determine what of match Rhodes and Big show will have for the Intercontintal title. Mr. Long spins the wheel and the gimmick match turns out to be a table’s match. Big Show leaves while telling Cody good luck. Rhodes loos at Teddy and blames him for the match selection. Teddy looks at Eve and asked her what he did to end this segment.

End of Pre Show
WWE Extreme Rules PPV officially begins with video package of Brock Lesnar & John Cena. It’s the same footage that’s been aired over the weeks.

 If you were a


Match 2: Falls Count Anywhere
Randy Orton def. Kane
This match really doesn’t need to be broken down piece by piece as the pace started off slow as these two men went at each other head to head, brawling. Several key points in this contest, one is when Kane body slammed Orton onto the concrete floor, followed is by a kick to the face. It’s looking grim for the former 9x champion as soon the fight goes into the crowd, slowly over to the stage area. Randy Orton looking very impressive delivers a drop kick to Kane. The fight soon goes to the backstage area now where they continuing punching each other, throwing each other into the walls. Zack Ryder would try to jump on Kane from behind but his attacks proved to hardly faze the “Big Red Monster” as he made quick work of Ryder and resume fighting Orton.
Soon the fight goes back to the ring where once inside, Orton introduces a steel chair into this contest and goes belligerent on Kane! Several chair shoots are delivered to the back of Kane and all to the “Yes” chants from the crowd. Orton continues the offense on Kane as the fight goes to the announcers table where he sets up Kane on the announcers table, and delivers a powerful DDT! Orton hurt the back of his head in the process but continued onward as he would try to pick up Kane. The Viper tries to go for the RKO but Kane counters by pushing Orton into the ring post! A dazed Orton finds himself being pushed back into the ring by Kane who then tries to go for a top clothesline but Orton gets back up in time and stops him. Orton manages to back suplex the monster and begins to get fired up! Orton tries to go for the RKO once more but Kane counters with the Chokeslam to Hell! Kane tries to go for the pin-fall but only scores a two count. Kane then attempts a Tombstone Pilvedriver Orton onto a steel chair as Orton counters and delivers the RKO in stunning fashion to pick up the win!

Winner of the match: Randy Orton

Backstage segment now as Johnny Laurinaitis is with Eve a they just watched the Orton/Kane match. Johnny tells Eve how pleased he is with Eve’s work as of late and how the PPV is kicking off so far. Eve informs Johnny that she has a little surprise. Teddy Long comes in with champagne as Eve reveals how she feels a celebration is in order for Johnny being the new GM and for the new era of people power! Before they could really get into celebrating, Johnny gets a phone call and it’s Triple H! Laurinaitis tells Triple h to hang on so he can go somewhere more private to talk to end this segment.

Match 3: Brodus Clay def. Dolph Ziggler
Brodus Clay picked up his first PPV victory over Dolph Ziggler and when it mattered the most as he looked very impressive in the contest. This match wasn’t a squash match either as it lasted about 10-15 minutes.


Match 4: WWE Intercontintal Title
Tables Match
Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes
You just knew that something interesting was going to happen in this match, the only question was what? Many felt that this was going to be a squash match as Big Show would remain champion but a curve ball tons of fans would get. This moment would come as Big Show would find himself outside the side apron and trying to get back into the ring when Cody Rhodes would bounce from the ropes and deliver a beautiful dropkick to the giant. Big Show, loses his balance and lands foot first into a table to break it but standing in the process. Cody Rhodes just realizes what’s happened and points it to the referee. The referee thinks about it for a few seconds and has no choice but to call for the bell as Cody Rhodes becomes the new Intercontintal champion!
Winner of the match: Cody Rhodes
Post-Match now as Big Show would get into the ring and spear Rhodes! The giant followed this up by chokeslamming Rhodes through a table to the chants of the Chicago fans telling him to do it again. Big Show picks up Rhodes high above his shoulders and tosses him over the top ropes and sends him crashing through a table outside the ring! It’s obvious this fued is far from over.


Backstage segment we go now as Matt Striker talks briefly with Daniel Bryan. The former World Heavyweight champion claims that he’s going to become a 2x champion and begins his series of “Yes” chants and takes off. In the back area coming from behind a large stricter we see AJ who’s looking on. Talk about a Fatal Attractions moment here!


Match 5: World Heavyweight Title
Sheamus (c) vs. Bryan
2 out of 3 Falls Match

Early on in this contest Bryan tried to focus on Sheamus left arm, getting it ready for the Yes Lock. Bryan is just relentless in his attacks on that arm as it gets to point where the ref has no choice but to DQ Daniel Bryan!
Sheamus: 1
Bryan: 0
Daniel Bryan didn’t get about being disqualified as he would soon slap on the “Yes Lock” and a classic moment we see now as we see Sheamus being tough and not tap out. Bryan wouldn’t let up and continued locking on the submission hold as Sheamus would eventually pass out. Talk about a classic Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13! The referee has no choice but to call for the bell as Bryan picks up the fall.
Bryan: 1
Sheamus: 1

As Sheamus lays out for a bit, Bryan points to the sky while chanting “Yes” as the fans chant “No” in response. Sheamus kickly gets back on the the offense (surprising forgets that his arm is no longer injured), and he delivers a devastating Brouge Kick to the face of Bryan! Sheamus goes for the pin but he kicks out! The full effect of the Brouge Kick didn’t go in all the way but Sheamus would make amends by delivering another devastating Brouge Kick to successfully retain his World Heavyweight title!

Winner of the match: Sheamus(c)


MATCH 6: Ryback def. Aaron Relic & Jay Hatton
Two unknown wrestlers, unnamed wrestlers are bashing Ryback and talking about how week after week he’s been coming out beating people up. They feel that two is better than one and chant this multiple times. Luckily it would end quickly as Ryback made quick of these created wrestlers from WWE video games. Ryback in his PPV debut looked fantastic as the crowd ate him up with chants of “Goldberg”.


Backstage segment now as Matt Striker interviews WWE champion CM Punk. The champion mentions how he passed the sobriety test. Punk mentions how Jericho bashes him for his father having genetic demons when in fact the only demons he has is in his tapped hands as he’s going out to the ring to unleash hell on Chris Jericho!


Match 7: WWE Title
Chicago Style Street Fight
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
Punk is stomping on Chris Jericho in the corner and gets a kendo stick and goes to work on Jericho’s chest before giving chase to him out the ring and back inside the ring. Punk would catch up with Jericho with a diving clothesline, then starts wedging a chair in the turnbuckle until Jericho pokes him in the eyes. He hits Punk with the kendo stick, followed by a springboard dropkick, then goes outside and punches him in the face. Jericho Irish whips him into the barricade, then he throws a metal case at him before rolling back in the ring. He goes to one corner of the ring and removes the turnbuckle pad off before punching Punk in the back of the head, then chops him but misses a running knee strike in the corner.


Jericho pulls the padding off the barricade and would slam his head into the railing in front of the champs sister & family who are in attendance. Jericho then he mocks Punk’s family but his sister slaps him in the face. Jericho tries to dive at her but Punk drops him with a flying forearm shot, flips out and starts breaking apart the he announcer’s tables. Punk knocks Jericho down and tries to pile drive him on the floor, but Jericho counters with a backdrop and hits him with a TV monitor. He slams a piece of the table on Punk’s back, then they roll back in the ring and Jericho puts Punk in a headlock. Punk hits a side slam to get out, then attempts a springboard move but he slips as Jericho starts hitting him with the kendo stick.

Jericho mocks him and tells him to look at his sister, then he tries to pull Punk to his feet but is surprised by Punk with a rollup for a near fall. Jericho goes under the ring and gets a can of beer, proceeds to pour it of CM Punk’s back while drinking some. He picks up the kendo stick and hits him repeatedly. Punk Irish whips him off the ropes and hits a back heel kick, then he follows with a neckbreaker followed by a running knee strike and running bulldog. Punk hits Jericho below the belt with the kendo stick and calls for a GTS, but Jericho counters with the Walls of Jericho!
Punk manages to get out of the hold and takes him down. Punk tries to go to the top rope but Jericho shakes the ropes and crotches him on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up, attacks Punk & attempts the superplex, but Punk blocks it and knocks him down. Punk hits a top rope elbow drop, goes for the conver and it’s only a two count! CM Punk then picks up Jericho and punches him before attempting another GTS. Jericho quickly uses his elbow to get out of the hold and uses the momentum to turn it into a bulldog, followed by the Lionsault but this time CM Punk gets him mid-air and attempts another GTS!

Jericho manages to get out agan and sends Punk into a steel chair that’s in the corner. Jericho follows this up with the Codebreaker and slaps Punk with the the Walls of Jericho. The WWE champion, feeling desperation, pushes himself up and crawls to the ropes, goes under the apron and pulls out a fire extinguisher and blows it in Jericho’s face after being dragged back in by Jericho. Punk then hits Chris in the face with the fire extinguisher and takes this time to get up and hit him in the stomach sending the challenger to the floor. Punk uses the extinguisher once more and kicks him as the fight goes to the announcers table where CM Punk is feeling Macho Man & Shawn Michaels as he delivers a high-flying elbow drop from the top rope and crashes through the table. Huge crowd reaction right here!
Punk drags Jericho in the ring to capitalize on the elbow drop but only scores a near fall as Jericho kicks out.CM Punk feels now’s the time to strike as he applies the Anaconda Vise on Jericho but Chris manages to get his hands on the kendo stick and attacks Punk’s head with the weapon. Once the hold is released Jericho automatically goes for a surprising Codebreaker and goes in for the pin! Once more we get a near fall as it looked for sure that Jericho was about to become the new WWE champion. Jericho begins stomping on the champion’s head. To add insult to injury Jericho attempts to mock Punk by going for the GTS but Punk counters by slingshots Chris to exposed turnbuckle from earlier and caps it off with the GTS to successfully retain his WWE championship!
Winner of the match and still champion: CM Punk(c)
Sanders Analysis: This match was very good and reminded me so much of the unsanctioned match between Triple H and Shawn Michaels at Summer Slam 2002. Very brutal and classic contest here that really didn’t disappoint as to me it topped what they did at WrestleMania.

Backstage segment now we see former Diva’s champion Beth Phoenix talking to Niki & Brie Bella. Beth tells the champion that she doesn’t care if she has to walk into the ring and fight her standing on one leg, she will face her and win back her title! Eve would chime in on this and tell Beth that according to medical records she’s seen, Beth is not cleared to wrestle tonight. Beth is in disbelief of the news but accepts the ruling. Not before mentioning to Niki that she will be coming for the title when she’s better. Niki & Brie think that they have the night off and try to leave but Eve tells the champion that she will be in competition tonight. She informs niki that it’s not going to be Kharma as her opponent but that it will be a mystery opponent.
Match 8: WWE Diva’s title
Niki Bella(c) w/ Brie Bella at ringside vs. ??? (Layla)
That’s right after a year of being on hiatus due to injury, Layla returned! Twins tried o do some twin magic and switch out but it backfired as Layla shocking became the new Diva’s champion!
Winner of the match and new champion: Layla

Bacckstage segment we go now as Matt Striker catches up with the Raw & Smackdown GM and inquires about his phone conversation he had with Triple H. The GM wouldn’t reveal what was discussed but that Triple H, the C.O.O will be making a appearance on Raw Monday night!

Match 9: Extreme Rules Match
Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

Brock Lesnar, sporting MMA inspired & sponsored attire is going UFC on John Cena in the opening contest. Cena tries to charge at Lesnar and gets taken down by Lesnarwho begins to deliver a series of powerful elbow strikes to the face & head of Cena. Cena draws first blood as Cena’s head is busted open. WWE officials get in the match and try to clean up the blood and the match is resumed. Cena once more tries to charge at Lesnar and once more is taken down and beaten up some more by Lesnar!

Brock then tries to take Cena’s chain and wrap it around his feet and continues to go to town on John Cena. Lesnar follows this up by carrying Cena over to the ropes and tangling him up and deliver more strikes to the face and body of Cena. The referee tries to interfere and break this up but Lesnar strikes and takes out the referee! Brock continues the assault and then proceeds to go outside the ring, still striking Cena before going to check on the ref as he sees the ref is outside the ring & unconscious. Cena manages to get of the ropes and tries to come at Lesnar but Lesnar once more is on the offense and takes out Cena temporarily. Brock goes over to the ref, David Flair and with one hand flings him back into the ring like he’s a stack of newspapers!

John Cena, tries to get back in the ring with steel chain in hand but Lesnar steps on his fingers and gestures to Cena that it wasn’t going to happen (whatever Cena had planned). Brock tries to pick up Cena but Cena surprises Lesnar and tries to go for the A.A but Lesnar counters back with the F5! HE goes in for the pin but realizes there’s no referee! Another referee comes into the ring for the count but it’s only a two count as Cena kicks out! Brock looks at the referee and knocks him out! He goes outside and grabs the steel steps, brings it into the ring. Lesnar sets it up and grabs Cena, applies a modified version of the gogoplata while lying on the steel steps. Brock is trying to break Cena’s arm and/or make him submit but Cena didn’t budge. Cena, digging in deep ould use his superior strength and pick up Brock with one arm and slam onto the steel steps! John is finally free and goes for the top rope now as Lesnar lays on the steel steps trying to come to as Cena flys off the top turnbuckle looking for a leg drop! Brock manages to move out in time part of cena’s leg hit the steps. Cena rolls out of the ring as Brock manages to recover and is lookin for Cena. Once he sees Cena is trying to climb up the apron, he bounces from the ropes and quickly jumps and runs on the step and low side-kicks Cena! Cena flies out of the ring and is down as Lesnar is pleased with the way he’s been dominating Cena. Brock begins to see Cena come to and is trying to climb the up again. Brock tries to go for the same move again but this time Cena hits him in the face with the steel chain as it was wrapped around his right hand! Brock Lesnar is laid out on the ground and is busted open as a furious Cena is waiting on Brock to come to his feet.
Cena awaits for Lesnar to come to his feet and when he does he gets Lesnar in the Attitude Adjustment that sends Lesnar into the steel steps back first! John Cena pins him and gets the surprise victory!
Winner of the match: John Cena

This is where it gets interesting as John Cena takes a microphone and it gets emotional.
Cena tells them he hopes what he saids doesn’t make the broadcast because he thinks his boss may see fit to fire him after this. He says he took a beating but he is glad it was here because Chicago is a CM Punk town, but it is also a wrestling town and they saw the extreme. Cena says all of them give their all for the fans, and if he is taking a vacation he wants to thank them even though they might not like him. The fans cheer him and he says if he is going out he wouldn’t want it any other way, then he thanks the fans and tells them to get home safe before leaving.

Sanders Analysis: Overall this PPV wasn’t anything special as in my mind I still think about the last time WWE came through the Chicago area. This PPV wasn’t bad in any way it’s just that it wasn’t anything of extrondinare. Greatest highlights of the night was seeing Ryback in action, Chris Jericho taking on CM Punk, Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan and the Cena vs Lesnar match. This event is not worth checking out on PPV but I do highly reccommend getting it on DVD when it becomes available. Can’t speak enough about the Chicago crowd as they were simply amazing and played a great part in really feeling invested into the event. Overall I give WWE Extreme Rules 8 out of 10. Do check out our WWE Extreme Rules Results post show as it’s one of the most downloaded shows as I cover this in more detail and also talk about the ECW Extreme Reunion event that took place in Philidelphia. You can check it out by clicking here.

Thanks again for checking out this WWE Extreme Rules Results article as I hope you found it great and in good detail!