WWE Hell in a cell 2012Welcome to the 2012 edition of WWE Hell In A Cell results for Enfinity1Productions. We can’t go into the actual pay-per-view without first mentioning the YouTube Pre Show!

Hell in a Cell viewership comes in at 17,213 just before the official start but climbs to 24,147 as the show begins and a recap is shown from AJ Lee losing her job on Raw this past Monday night. Matt Striker & Scott Stanford inform us that Vicki Guerrero will be revealing some type of proof on Raw this Monday to back up the claims that Cena and AJ are having a fraternizing relationship. Vicki has extended an invitation to AJ to appear on Raw to address the evidence.

Striker & Armstrong go to the ring now as Michael Cole welcomes John Cena to the ring for a question segment. First question that’s asked is if he truly passed the torch to Ryback and in his own way he says no. Next question that’s asked is what advice can he give to Ryback facing CM Punk tonight. Cena tells Ryback that brute strength is not the way to go as Punk can & will find a weakness. Next question that’s asked is if the WWE Championship was on the line between he & Ryback who would win. John Cena questions the WWE Universe if he can beat Ryback and it receives a mixed reaction. Cena does go on record saying if Ryback wins tonight he’d like to be the first person to face him for the title.

One other question is asked as far as who’s the best person he’s worked with in the WWE so far and he gives props to The Rock as he sends “The Great One” a challenge to go head to head again. Dolph Ziggler offers a Tout reply asking when Cena is going to be a man and start owning his mistakes or is he the only real man left. Cena tells Ziggler to come on down the ring to face him and the music of Mr. Showoff plays! Unfortunately Vicki Guerrero comes out to inform him that he’s just mad because he got his hand caught in the cookie jar. As she’s distracting Cena, Ziggler comes from behind and tries to attack Cena but Cena makes quick work of him with a few punches followed by tossing him out the ring!

End of Cena segment as viewership clocks in at 47, 594


Hell in a Cell Pre Show continues now as a recap of Sheamus & Big Show’s rivalry is shown that drops to 46,370

Other matches are recapped as it drops down to 46,078


Backstage segment now Sheamus is interviewed by Josh Matthews addressing whether or not he’s being looked upon as the underdog tonight against Big Show. Sheamus is ever confident tonight as he tells Josh he’s got a Brouge Kick with Big Show’s name on it!

Interview segment ends at 45,701 viewers


CM Punk & Ryback recap shown that begins at 45,195 viewers and ends at just over 43,000 viewers.

End of Hell in a Cell Pre Show


It’s now time for Hell in a Cell as our commentators are Michael Cole, JBL, and Jim Ross.


Match 1: Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio

Match Rating: 5/5

Truly a hell of a way to open up the pay-per-view as these two men really lived up to their truest potential in this contest. This encounter had all the ingredients needed to be a solid match and there was no disappointment. Towards the end of the match we saw Del Rio go rushing towards Randy Orton who was weak in a corner. Orton tried to move out the way as Del Rio looked for a enzugri but was met with a devastating RKO to end this match.

Michael Cole, JBL, Jim Ross recap the events that took place during the Pre Show around concerning the AJ Lee/John Cena scandal. Backstage segment we see Josh interviewing Vicki Guerrero who reveals that she’s invited AJ to Raw to answer allegations and evidence that she’s received from an anonymous source that shows proof she’s been in a relationship with Cena!

Paul Heyman interrupts to convince Vicki to not have CM Punk defend his championship against Ryback. Vicki isn’t having it as she tells Heyman the match is on & that she’s picking up the impression Punk doesn’t want this match because he’s scared of Ryback. Heyman loses his cool and yells at Vicki proclaiming the WWE champion isn’t scared of the Boogeyman, the mummy, nobody! Heyman calms down and tells Vicki that he, her, everyone has just been under stress and commends her for the job she’s been doing so far. Heyman does ask that she thinks it over though to leave Vicki weighing her options.


Match 2: WWE Tag Titles

Team Rhodes Scholars defeated Team HellNo via DQ

Match Rating: 3/5

Really not much buzz in this match as the story was really about Kane & DBD trying to get on the same page. Both tag champions wanted to out perform another and Team Sandow was able to capitalize on that. Key point was towards the end of the contest as Rhodes connected with CrossRhodes and tried to go for the pin. Kane broke it up but began attacking Rhodes & Sandow repeatedly as the ref tried to get him out the ring since he wasn’t the legal man. Kane was out fo control as the ref had no choice but to call for the bell.


Backstage segment Josh gets words from Miz before his match against Kofi Kingston. Miz is pulling a page out of Chris Jericho’s playbook talking about the end of the world and how he is the one to save it as it all begins with him becoming the new I.C champion.


Match 3: Intercontinental Championship

Kofi Kingston(c) defeated The Miz

Match Rating: 3/5

Not as good as their encounter on Raw from two weeks ago or their match on Ion’s Main Event. Seemed a bit off but it was nice seeing Kofi with the retain as post-match he thanked Miz for lighting up a fire inside him that’s been gone for a while now.

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Backstage segment we see Kane & Daniel Bryan going back and fourth over the screw up from earlier tonight.


Match 4: United States Championship

Antonio Cesar(c) defeated Justin Gabriel

Match Rating: 3.5 /5

A better match than what we saw from Miz vs. Kofi. Cesaro continues to look impressive in the ring each time he steps in it week after week. A very impressive outing from Justin Gabriel who no doubt will be a future champion but not on this night!


Video package of Ryback is shown that aired previously in the week.


Backstage segment we see Vicki Guerrero going through some last minute orders she’s placed when Paul Heyman returns! Heyman thanks her for giving CM Punk the night off as he would’ve embarrassed Ryback for certain had they collided! Vicki informs Heyman she didn’t call the match off and tells Heyman if she doesn’t like his client being in the match, he knows where he can go (to hell that is folks). Heyman looks at her angrily and walks away.


Match 5: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeated Titus O’ Neil & Darren Young

Match Rating: 3/5

Funny how at one point several months back the Prime Time Players where one of the biggest acts in WWE and now they’ve taken a backseat almost to everyone in the tag division. That was very evident tonight in this match which really wasn’t that impressive and was almost a snoozer.


Match 6: World Heavyweight Championship

Big Show defeated Sheamus

Best match of the night hands down! Never in all my years would I say Big Show had a great match but tonight was his night. At age 40, Big Show really looked damn impressive as did Sheamus. In the final few seconds of this intense contest we saw Sheamus looking for the Brouge Kick but Big Show countered with a devastating WMD to pin the champ!

Match Rating: 5/5

Shock value: 5/5


Backstage segment we see Booker T watching what just happened on the monitor as Evetries to get a word with him. Booker excuses himself as he has to talk with Sheamus. Teddy Long tells Eve that he knows what Eve did months back at Night of Champions as Zack Ryder comes dressed as a witch. Santino follows dressed as Lady GaGa as WWE all of Famer Ron Simmons delivers his trademark “DAMN” catchphrase.

In another backstage segment Vince McMahon is on his cell when he talks with CM Punk. Punk wants him to call the match off as the WWE Chairman questions if he’s scared, intimidated by Ryback. Punk tells McMahon he isn’t as the Chairman encourages the WWE Champion to go out and beat Ryback to prove to everyone why he is”The Best in the World”.


Match 7: WWE Diva’s Title

Eve(c) vs. Kaitlyn vs. Layla

Winner: Eve

Match-Rating: 2.5/5

Very hard to get into this match as it was boring. The crowd made matters worst as it was very quiet during this entire contest.


Backstage segment we see Josh interview Big Show as the giant is excited over his victory talking about the long nine year drought he’s been in. No more does Big Show feel he is a joke as he is on top of the mountain and challenges anyone in the WWE locker room to try and stop him.


Match 8: WWE Championship inside Hell in a Cell

CM Punk(c) defeated Ryback

Match Rating: 4/5

Shock Value: 5/5


Let’s pick it up towards the final seconds of this match as we saw Ryback looking for Shellshock but the referee stops him to deliver a low blow! Immediately CM Punk comes down and rolls Ryback up as the ref quickly counts to three to end the match in shock. Post-Match we see the WWE Champion eagerly try to leave the cage with the ref but Ryback comes around to unleash all hell on the referee. Ryback tossed the ref over the ropes and made him bounce off the steel cage wall. Soon Mr. “Feed Me More” focuses his attention on the WWE Champion who climbs to the top of the cage but can’t escape Ryback who delivers ShellShock to leave him laying K.O’d.

End of Hell in a Cell

WWE Hell in a cell 2012

Overall Takeaway: This Hell in a Cell pay-per-view was overall not the best outing in Hell in a Cell history thus far. Strongest matches of the night goes to Alberto Del Rio vs. Alberto Del Rio, Big Show vs. Sheamus, and Ryback vs. CM Punk. The rest of the card really didn’t have enough sizzle & pop as I found myself patiently waiting for the pay-per-view to end. There was just too many snoozer matches as evident in the Diva’s match for the title as the crowd was as dead as someone passing gas in an elevator and everyone awkwardly silent. Not everyday I can say this but I loved the Sheamus vs. Big Show match as it was one of the best matches of the night! Even better than the WWE Championship inside a Hell in a Cell. Many may not be big fans of Big Show and feel that at age 40 he’s too old and has no business going over Sheamus, but on this night he looked very impressive. The shock value in seeing Big Show become the new World Heavyweight Champion was something unexpected and creates buzz going into Raw & Smackdown.


Ryback looked very impressive in his Hell in a Cell match and proved in my mind that he’s a main event player for years to come. It was in this match on the biggest stage in his career thus far did he shine as he doesn’t choke and just came off as a natural. The finish to this match although questionable was much needed to make Ryback continue looking strong. In retrospect there was just no way Ryback was going to become WWE Champion on this night as he still has quite a ways to go in the company. In due time Ryback will be a WWE Champion but for now he’s got a ton more momentum going forward as all eyes are now set on Raw Monday night in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Overall Rating for Hell in a Cell: 7.5/10


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