WWE Money In The Bank 2012

WWE Money In The Bank 2012 was a night of great matches and great memories as we’d see John Cena and Dolph Ziggler win future championship contracts!

This year’s WWE Money In The Bank comes to us from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, the stopping grounds for WrestleMania XXVI were The Undertaker ended the career of Shawn Michaels in a “Streak vs. Career” match. WWE had their hands full tonight as they would try to create memorable moments for tonight’s pay-per view.

Before the actual pay-per-view, things kicked off with a Pre-Show exclusive to Faacebook, YouTube and WWE’s website. In a backstage segment we would see United States champion Santino talking with Zack Ryder. Ryder is congratulating Santino for being in the ppv and wishes how he was part of it as well. Santino mentions to Ryder how if he wins MITB tonight, he’ll have to get use to carrying that briefcase everywhere he goes. Not to mention Santino also will need to have his “Cobra” get a briefcase as well as he presents a miniature MITB briefcase before Damien Sandow comes into the picture. Sandow continues spewing his words of insult of their intellect and how he beat Zack Ryder to qualify for MITB which prompts Ryder and Sandow to have a stare down and an exchange of words as Santino stands between the two men making sure a fight doesn’t erupt. PRE-SHOW AVERAGE OF 10,406 10 MINUTES BEFORE START TIME. 7:30PM 19,770

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth def. Camacho & Hunico

Not at all disappointed with the tag match as both tag teams put on a great match. Only wish that it would’ve been part of the actual ppv. Funny moment during this match was seeing a fan with a Chuck Norris sign advertising him to be part of the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame. Sounds like they’ve been watching too much of Walker: Texas Ranger!!!

Backstage, Josh Matthews is interviewing Chris Jericho as he’ll be part of the WWE Championship contract match later tonight. Josh wants to know if Jericho knows his strategy for winning MITB. Jericho tells him sarcastically that’s a good question but quickly adds that it was a stupid question as his strategy is winning MITB! Jericho points out how big Show & Kane are ferocious monsters while adding that John Cena is a monster as hell as he has a massive ego! Jericho then points out how ironic it is that even though he’s created MITB, he’s never won it and looks to prove tonight to not just be known as the “Best in the world” or the Ayatollah of Rock and Roll’a, but the greatest of all time!

From there we would find out that a new stipulation has been added to CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan as it’s now a No Disqualification match. Josh Matthews would interview Daniel Bryan to get reactions from what happend with ex-girlfriend AJ Lee this past Monday night on Raw. Bryan quickly points out that AJ isn’t his ex-girlfriend but his future wife as he’d be married to her now if it wasn’t for CM Punk! Bryan feels Punk made AJ confused but that it was okay. Josh would then point out how AJ smacked Bryan which prompted Bryan to say AJ did that out of heat, passion as he feels AJ was just showing him how much she loves him. The no.1 contender feels that AJ will be fair in her decisions, and that he will win the WWE championship and AJ’s heart to wrap up the YouTube Pre-Show.

Ten minutes before the Pre-Show, WWE averaged 10,406. During the Pre-Show the max they had in viewership was 46,960. Surprisingly once Jericho popped up in the backstage segment, it dropped to 46,302. The Pre-Show would end at 42,081 viewers. Strong numbers this time around for WWE as this Pre-Show was more successful than No Way Out last month.

WWE Money In The Bank 2012 Pay-Per-View officially starts
Match 1: World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match Contract
Dolph Ziggler (third time appearing in MITB) vs. Santino vs. Cody Rhodes (third time appearing in MITB) vs. Damien Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Sin Cara vs. Tensai vs. Christian

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Matt Striker is with Sheamus backstage getting thoughts about Alberto Del Rio

Miz returns after a two month hiatus. Talks about filming a movie. Points out how for a long time now he feels that he hasn’t been treated with the respect he deserves. Proceeds to tell the facts as he’s won MITB before and is a former WWE Champion. He feels that he’s sick and tired of being overlooked as he’s going to put himself in the WWE MITB Contract Ladder Match later tonight!

Match 2: W.H.C Sheamus def. Del Rio
Post-Match Ricardo jumps on Sheamus, Del Rio kicks the champ as the two beat him down!

Ziggler comes out ready to cash in the title! Del Rio tries to stop him but it doesn’t work as Ziggler hands the briefcase to the referee. Del rio starts pushing Ziggler and the two break out in a fight as Ziggler gets the upper hand. He then tries to focus on Sheamus but just as he turns around, Sheamus kicks his head off with the Brouge Kick!

Match 3:  Epico & Primo def. Prime Time Players

We get a look at the events leading up to tonight’s WWE Title match. Matt Striker is backstage with AJ Lee. She says despite what happened on RAW, CM Punk is an amazing human being. She says Daniel Bryan is her first love and starts to lose her mind a little. She says she has to go and walks off for the match.

Match 4: No Disqualification Match for the WWE Championship

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan with AJ as special guest referee

Winner: CM Punk

CM Punk is at 238 days since winning at Survivor Series November 2011  Last week he surpassed HBK Shawn Michaels title reign and has the  17th longest title reignsout of 110 title reigns. Surpasses Hulk Hogan’s 1991 reign and Bret Hart’s 1994 reign.


Match 5: Ryback def. Tyler Rex & Curt Hawkins

Raw moment from 1999, Y2J Chris Jericho’s debut

Match 6: Layla, Kaitlyn, Tamina def.. Beth Phoenix, Natayla,Eve Torrres

Staples Center Sunday August 19th Summerslam plug

Match 7: WWE MITB Ladder match Kane vs. Jericho vs. Miz vs. Big Show vs. Cena

Winner: John Cena