WWE Money In The Bank 2012Welcome to Enfinity1Productions WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view results from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Our coverage kicks off with the WWE Money In The Bank Pre-Show for the WWE Tag titles! Viewership at a strong 43,932.

Match 1: WWE Tag Team Championship
Seth Rollins(c) & Roman Reigns(c) DEFEATED The Uso’s

Match Rating: 4/5

Viewership at a strong 60,587 as Josh Matthews, Big Show, Vicki Guerrero, Kofi Kingston give reactions followed by Cena vs Henry for the WWE title. The panel also give thoughts on the WWE All-Stars Ladder match.

End of WWE Money In The Bank Pre Show


The actual PPV opens with a great intro as we see two MITB briefcases being escorted in a armored truck to the Wells Fargo arena. The narrator stresses the importance of the briefcases while also highlighting Henry vs Cena.

Match 1: Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a World Title Shot
Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Jack Swagger vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Wade Barrett vs. Fandango

Winner: Damien Sandow after pushing Cody Rhodes off the top of the ladder

Match Rating: 4.5 / 5

Justin Roberts introduces Brad Maddox, the new RAW General Manager. Maddox does a good job putting over Vicki Guerrero as he now succeeds her. A video package is played  of Vicki’s greatest moments in WWE. A very weak moment that should’ve taken place on RAW.

Match 2: WWE Intercontinental Title Match
The Miz vs. Curtis Axel(c)

Match Rating: 3.5 / 5


Match 3: WWE Divas Title Match
AJ Lee(c) DEFEATED Kaitlyn via submission

Match Rating: 4/5


Match 4: Ryback DEFEATED Chris Jericho via roll-up

Match Rating: 3.5 / 5


Match 5: World Heavyweight Title Match
Alberto Del Rio DEFEATED Dolph Ziggler

Match Rating: 4.5 / 5


Match 6: WWE Title Match
John Cena(c) DEFEATED Mark Henry via submission


Match 7: Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a WWE Title Shot
Rob Van Dam vs. CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. Christian vs. Sheamus

Winner: Randy Orton

Match Rating: 3.5/5

This ladder match wasn’t as good as the WHC ladder match. It did have some sweet spots however like when Randy Orton delivered a devastating RKO to RVD from the top of the ladder. Also Sheamus legitimately punched Christian in the face to give him a chipped tooth and a concussion. Speaking of RVD, the entire Wells Fargo arena marked out big time when they saw their beloved former ECW champion. He looked to have lost 15-20 pounds since last seen in TNA Wrestling.

Final few seconds of the match we saw Curtis Axel come down to beat up Daniel Bryan. CM Punk would hit Axel hit a devastating GTS that would have Heyman come down. Heyman criticized Axel for interfering while encouraging Punk to climb to the top of the ladder.  As Punk staggered to the top of the ladder, Heyman would grab a ladder on the side of the ropes and attack Punk repeatedly with it to make him fall and bleed as Heyman hit him in the head. Cameras tried to cut away to give Punk a chance to wipe that blood  as Heyman delivered a devastating hit to knock out Punk. Feeling satisfied Heyman would leave the ring.

Greatest act of betrayal as Randy Orton would soon come in the ring, canvas the arena as he climbed to grab the MITB briefcase to shock a Wells Fargo arena.

End of WWE Money In The Bank

Overall rating of WWE Money In The Bank: 4/5


Programming Note: Check out The RCWR Post Show this Sunday covering fallout from Rob Van Dam’s return at WWE Money In The Bank. Our chat room and phone lines will be open as we want to hear from you the fans. You can catch the simulcast on Youtube and at our sister website at 10:50pm EDT or immediately after MITB’s conclusion here

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