WWE Raw New Logo 2012We’ve finally arrived at WWE Raw 1000! It’s a historic night as WWE celebrates 1000 episodes of the longest running show in television history as Raw comes to us from St. Louis!

WWE Raw opens up with DX Shawn Michaels and Triple H who kick things off on Raw. They joke around for a few minutes but then realize that other DX members are missing as Triple H points out. the gesture to the ramp where DX members X-Pac, “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn, Road Dogg Jesse James come out on their jeep. Shawn and Billy Gunnare playful over who’s going to get to say the famous lines “And if you aren’t down with that” a Triple H has to play quarterback. They don’t get a chance to say it as Damien Sandow comes out to interrupt them.

Sandow points how how Raw, WWE, society at large has reduced itself to as he points out DX’s disgusting behavior. They end up jumping him as HBK connects with Sweet Chin Music followed by Triple H’s pedigree! Billy Gunn tells Sandow that if he isn’t down with that, DX has two words for him…”Suck It”!!!

Still to come, The Rock who will address the WWE Universe and the WWE title

Plus Brock Lesnar will make an appearance to address Triple H’s challenge to go one on one at Summerslam

And Daniel Bryan marries AJ live!

End of Segment


Right before our first match, Jim Ross is introduced as he’ll be commentating with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Match 1: Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Sheamus DEF. Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio

End of Segment

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler share Tout videos from WWE fans and their reactions to AJ and Daniel Bryan getting married.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler introduce Charlie Sheen who is on Skype who will offer thoughts on WWE throughout the night.

AJ & Daniel Bryan recap from last Monday where Daniel proposed to AJ.

Backstage segment we see AJ Lee glowing in the moment as Layla questions whether AJ is sure she wants to go through with this. AJ talks about how she is not unstable as the whole entire locker room is unstable as she opens a door and sees Hacksaw Jim Duggan, R-Truth & Roddy Piper playing jump rope with Little Jimmy, and Mae Young with son Hand!

End of Segment


Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler mention how if one was to watch all of the WWE Raw episodes it would 75 days. That’s a lot of hours to go non-stop! Awkard moment as they do a cheap plug for Sonic as a woman just so happens to be on roller skates delivering drinks to them. Cheap WWE, cheap! Also a Shazam plug for those wanting to download WWE music!

Brodus Clay does his usual entrance as he’s sporting a red, white and blue attire. Clay introduces Mick Foley aka Dude Love!

Match 2: Brodus Clay DEF. Jack Swagger

Record seconds here as Clay defeated Swagger in record seconds followed by

Backstage segment now as Tris Stratus is with Triple H, telling him that Yoga is good for the mind and body. It looks very awkward here as fellow DX members poke fun at him telling him they’ll wait by the backdoor, the back rear!

In another backstage segment we see Daniel Bryan is with men in white patient outfits. Looks like they’ve escaped from a mental institution.


WWE Poll Should AJ SAY “I DO”? As results will come later in the show

End of Segment

It’s wedding time now as Jerry Lawler introduces Slick, the first African-American manager who will serve as the reverend during these festivities.

AJ Poll results have closed now as the results are as follows:

26% AJ “IDO” 74% AJ “I DON’T

Daniel Bryan comes out first followed by AJ who comes out to Frankenstein type of evil, wedding music. She looks very nice though in her white gown!

Daniel tells AJ during their vows that he will love her no matter what, that once they are married a new chapter will begin for both of them. that after he puts the ring on her finger he will have everything he’s ever wanted.

Rev. Slick is officially about to announce them husband and wife when she interrupts! Turns out she was saying yes to someone else! Another man who made a proposal to her earlier tonight! The music of Vince McMahon comes on as we’re granted by the WWE Chairman!

Mr. McMahon tells Daniel it’s not that kind of proposal as he introduces the new General Manager of Monday Night Raw…AJ Lee!!! Daniel Bryan stands in shock as AJ leaves the ring skipping!

End of Segment

WWE Raw continues now WWE Summerslam is plugged! Summerslam comes August 19th only on pay-per-view!

Back inside the ring now we see Daniel Bryan is livid as referees try to calm him down. WWE Champion CM Punk comes out to an explosive ovation!


CM Punk tells Bryan that he didn’t come out to rub it in Daniel’s face but that he was left at the alter! Talks about Bryan throwing a temper tantrum as Punk stands the Best in The World! Bryan tells him that he’s not the best as he feels he’s the best WWE Superstar of all time! The greatest of all time as the music of The Rock plays!

Finally The Rock has returned to WWE Raw! The Rock tells Bryan that he doesn’t decide who the greatest of all time is as it’s the people who get to decide the best of all time! After The Rock opens up with his “finally The Rock has returned” he starts to let Bryan have it as Goatface interrupts him. The Rock quickly puts him in his place letting him know that no one cuts The Rock off. that it was in St.Louis where Rock won his first WWE championship! The Rock said he isn’t here to talk to Froto, he’s there to talk about the WWE Championship! At the Royal Rumble this year, whoever the WWE Champion is they will defend it against The People’s Champion! CM Punk tells Rock that as far as who the champion will be at that time will be him! CM Punk is confident that he’ll beat Cena tonight in the main event as he promises to not only end Cena but beat Rock at the Royal Rumble!

The Rock recalls once more how he won his first WWE title in St.Louis that The Rock promises he will be the next WWE Champion! Daniel Bryan shouts No! No! No! as it’s suppose to be about him and the greatest moment of his life. Daniel Bryan tells him that somehow, someway Rock will face Bryan and that he will be the face of the WWE.

The Rock tells him that we’re looking at what would happend if a lumberjack banged a hoppa loppa and follows it up with him looking like something from Lord of the Rings. Rock tells CM Punk he’ll see him at the Royal Rumble as he tells Bryan sorry for the wedding. Rocky did bring him something though as he delivers a Rock Bottom to leave the ring looking on at CM Punk!

Michael Cole reveal that a Tout video would loaded to WWE earlier in the day that shows Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar talking backstage! Both men are in the arena as Brock Lesnar is still scheduled to appear tonight to possibly accept Triple H’s Summerslam challenge!

End of Segment

Twitter Poll up now for whowould the WWE like to see take on The Rock! Options are CM Punk, Daniel Bryan or Big Show

WWE HOF Bret Hart is introduced now as he recalls winning the Intercontinental title against the late Mr. Perfect. He goes on to say how much of an honor it is to be a part of this match as he introduces the Intercontinental champion Christian and The Miz.

Match 3: Christian(c) vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship

Post-Match now we see Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler interact with Charlie Sheen for thoughts of the show once again. Sheen gives a cheap plug for his new FX series Anger Management.

So far after three matches we’ve barely had 15 minutes of wrestling.

End of Segment


Triple H comes out as a recap of his last encounter with Brock Lesnar is shown that ended in Triple H’s arm being broken! Triple H tells Brock he wants an answer and he wants it now!

Triple H’s music plays as Paul Heyman comes out instead. Hunter tells Heyman that he came to talk to the horses head and not the horses ass! Heyman informs Hunter that Lesnar is here in the building and that he’s been authorized to speak on Lesnar’s behalf. The answer is still no for headlining and main eventing Summerslam. Triple H wants to go find Lesnar as Heyman informs Hunter that he has two lawsuits pending against him and that it wouldn’t be wise to go find Brock.

The King of Kings feels that Lesnar is perhaps scared as Heyman feels Triple H is acting like a child and questions his parenting skills. Heyman tells Triple H he apologizes for crossing a line as he feels sorry for Hunter’s kids as the one and only Stephanie McMahon returns!

Stephanie lets Heyman have it at as she points out his failures in ECW and being a business man. She feels her kids are proud of their father and grandfather as they are ashamed of Heyman as he is nothing more than a professional parasite! McMahon slaps Heyman which prompts him to leave the ring in anger but then get back in the ring when and tells Triple H that the match is on!

Heyman realizes that he’s been had again as he points out how Stephanie always seems to be able to get the best of him just like Vince as he points out how it’s something that’s passed down by genes and how she’s likely to pass it on to her kids as Stephanie attacks Heyman! Hunter gets Steph off Paul Lesnar comes out!

Brock Lesnar and the King of Kings go head to head as the brawling as soon the King of Kings gets the upper hand and sends Lesnar out the ring to end this confrontation.

End of Segment

More Tout reactions now as fans share their reactions of the night. Cole & Lawler reveal another poll that has to do with WWE 13 for the ultimate tag team match up as the winner is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and John Cena. WWE 13 comes out October 30th 2012.

Speaking of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the chronicled rivalry between Austin and McMahon is shown with WWE Superstar reactions.

End of Segment


During the match Cole and Lawler plug new WWE brawling buddies that talk.

WWE Hall of Famer announcer introduces the next participants for the next match. Heath Slater is introduced as he tells the WWE Universe that from here on out what happened in the past is done. He sends out a challenge to anyone in the back to face him 1 on 1 in a No Disqualification, anything goes match! Former WWE Women’s Champion Lita comes out to a great ovation! Heath feels that Lita can’t beat him but accepts his challenge! The bell rings but afterwards Lita reveals that she hired a bit of protection as the APA JBL and Faraaq come out!


Match 4: Heath Slater vs. Lita


Heath Slater tries to escape as all the WWE Legends he’s faced in recent weeks come out to make sure he gets in the ring! Lita hits him with a Twist of Faith followed by JBL’s Clothesline From Hell! Lita follows it up with a moonsault from the top turnbuckle as Slater is defeated! All the WWE legends look at Faraaq wjp delivers his trademarked “DAMN” to end this segment.

Backstage segment now as WWE legend backstage interviewer Sean Mooney is with Daniel Bryan for reactions from earlier. Daniel Bryan feels that he’s been humilated, insulted by AJ, CM Punk and The Rock. To add more insult Bryan is disgruntled by Charlie Sheen chiming in as he feels Charlie Sheen needs life management as he tells Mooney that if he saw him, he’d slap the Yes Lock on him so fast that it would be quicker than Sheen saying his “Winning” catchphrase!

End of Segment

Michael Cole is with Alex Guerrero, the winner of being the 1,000,000th follower on facebook. As result he won tickets to the 1000th episode.

WWE Raw catchphrase segment is shown recapping some of the best of the best over the years.


Mean gene Okerlund was part of G-TV, The Rock comes face to face with John Cena as the two say it’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other. Cena recalls how Rock said he’ll be facing the WWE Champion at Royal Rumble next year. Cena points out that he has the Money in the Bank briefcase, which he’ll cash tonight to become the new WWE Champion! Cena tells Rock that he will no doubt see him at January’s Royal Rumble.

The Rock looks at Cena and tells him that he would actually look forward to that and wish him luck tonight.

End of Segment


Kane comes out to have a singles match but gets unexpected visits from Jinder Mahal, Curt Hawkins, Hunico, Camacho, Drew McIntyre and Tyler Rex all surround the ring and tell Kane how for 999 episodes they’ve been overlooked but no more as they are about to jump Kane when the music of the Undertaker plays! Yes the Deadman has returned! It’s six men against the Brothers of Destruction as they make quick work of the men and deliver Tombstone Piledrivers to Hunico & Curt Hawkins to end their reunion as they stand victorious! Great moment here as they receive a great ovation from the crowd.

Footage from earlier in the day is shown as WWE made a visit to the Boys And Girls Club in St.Louis, Mo.

End of Segment


Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler get reaction from Charlie Sheen about Daniel Bryan’s comments earlier. Sheen tells them and Bryan that he isn’t a hard man to find as Bryan can come to L.A to face him. Looks as if a possible match between Daniel Bryan & Charlie Sheen could be brewing as the next time WWE comes to L.A is August 19th for Summerslam!


Match 5: CM Punk(c) vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship

Poll results are revealed for who the WWE Universe want to see Rock face a Roayl Rumble next year. CM Punk won by 55%. John Cena is at 35% followed by Big Show at 10%.

It was here in this arena in St. Louis back in 2006 when the landscape of WWE was changed when John Cena was drafted to Raw. The landscape hasn’t been the same since!

Critical point in this match comes just after the referee gets inadvertently taken out which prompts Big Show to come out and drill Cena with a spear, followed by a WMD that laid out Cena as CM Punk looked on. Big Show, feeling as though his work was done would leave the ring as a torn WWE Champion looked on contemplating his next move. Eventually Punk would revive the ref and have him count as he laid over a lifeless Cena only to receive a near fall!

Punk, sensing that victory was near would call for the Go to Sleep but Cena managed to get out of the hold and applied the STF as Punk scratched, grabbed at the hands of Cena, trying desperately to break the hold. Big Show would return to the ring and continue assaulting Cena while Punk simply turned his back on the giant’s attack. This no doubt would conclude in Cena winning via Disqualification but would not capture the WWE title. John Cena would become the first to go down in WWE history of not being successful in cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase to become champion.

As Big Show continued assaulting Cena, The Rock would come from the back and come to the aid of his WrestleMania XXVIII opponent. Rock would go one on one with Big Show and proved his dominance as he laid out the giant with a spinebuster. The Rock would go to the ropes but CM Punk would shockingly attack The People’s Champion with a running clothesline, followed by a Go to Sleep as the WWE Universe watched in silence. It appeared s though CM Punk has turned his back on the WWE as the crowd began booing him as he grabbed his title and left the ring. In the champion’s wake all we see his John Cena and The Rock reunited in the ring for the first time since WrestleMania XXVIII, laid out to end this historic episode of WWE Raw 1000.


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