Unless you were living under a rock, you knew that tonight’s WWE Raw coincided with Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals (spoiler alert, Golden State won and they’ll be facing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals starting on Thursday).

So for tonight’s recap of WWE Raw, we’re going to focus solely on the biggest story of the night and the implications that it could have down the line.

The Highlight
John Cena is back……and so is the Club

John Cena made his much anticipated return on the Labor Day edition of Monday Night Raw. In his first in ring segment in five months (other than his WrestleMania 32 appearance with the Rock), Cena spoke about the New Era, and how the future was going to have to go through him. Then, one of the stars of that New Era he spoke of, AJ Styles, made an appearance.

After three or four minutes of “AJ Styles/Let’s go Cena!” chants, the Phenomenal One did the obligatory “new guy has to kiss up to the veteran” routine in welcoming Cena back, and the two of course shook hands and kissed babies (okay, they didn’t do the second thing but they did shake hands).
But after all of the pleasantries, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson made their way out to the ring to confront Styles and give him a good old fashioned beat down. Cena, being the good guy that he is, wasn’t going to let his new buddy go at it alone, but before we could see that epic tag team of Styles and Cena, Styles turned on the 15-time champ. Over the next five minutes or so, the Club, led by an infuriated and now-heel Styles, beat the living daylights out of Cena. Styles even returned to the ring on several occasions to continue beating on Cena.

So it’s obvious that we’re gearing up for a Styles/Cena clash at Money in the Bank. But let’s take a look at some of the other ramifications that could emerge from this Styles/Cena pairing.
First off, having Styles go heel and rejoin the Club gives the WWE a viable number two heel (behind Seth Rollins); something which it hasn’t had for a while. Also, the Club officially becomes the most legitimate heel faction in the company, another thing we haven’t really seen since the days of the Shield and the Wyatt Family at peak dominance.

Secondly, because of Gallows and Anderson attacking the New Day earlier in the night, you now have the possibility of a Club vs. New Day and Cena match somewhere down the line. The promos might get a bit cheesy at times, but pairing Cena with the hottest act in the company should help alleviate some of the boos he’s sure to face.
And third, Cena said that the future will have to go through him; so at some point, you have to assume that Cena is going to put Styles over to legitimize him as a top star. If I had to guess, this will probably go something similar to the series between Cena and Kevin Owens last year, where Owens got one victory over Cena, but Cena still won two out of three over the young upstart. Styles will definitely get one win over the veteran, but you’d have to think the Cena isn’t going to completely put someone over who isn’t going to eventually take his place as the top guy in the company (i.e. Roman Reigns).

All in all, the move to put Styles and Cena together could prove to be very beneficial with lots of unbelievable matches over the next several months. It also makes sense to give both Styles and Cena something good to chew on until they both return to the title picture.


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