wwe raw resultsWelcome to this week’s WWE RAW as it’s the aftermath of a very strong Payback pay-per-view in Chicago, IL.

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Ricardo Rodriguez and the new World champion Alberto Del Rio kicks things off for tonight’s WWE RAW. As mentioned on The RCWR Post Show, Del Rio questions why the fans cheered Dolph Ziggler on the night after Wrestlemania when Ziggler cashed in the MITB briefcase on him while he was injured. Del Rio feels what he did to Ziggler wasn’t controversial at all as he also takes aim at the fans for siding with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger as he calls them pigs and cowards. As far as he’s concerned the past five months kissing up to them got him nowhere as last night he made it be all about him in becoming champion. ADR vows he’s going to give them all a second chance to respect him as he’s soon interrupted by CM Punk!

Punk reminds Del Rio that the last time the two of them were in the ring was at Survivor Series 2011 when he beat him for the WWE title to become champion for 434 days. Punk tells ADR that he overheard him talk about being the best and as far as he’s concerned he (CM Punk) is the best! Punk challenges him to a match tonight that meets resistance from Heyman who doesn’t want Punk fighting for free. Vicki Guerrero steps in to make the match official between Del Rio and Punk!

Still to come…

Vicki has a surprise for The McMahons, Triple H and the WWE Universe

Randy Orton faces Daniel Bryan 1 on 1.

End of Segment


WWE RAW continues with a backstage segment as Heyman apologizes to Punk for overstepping his boundaries earlier. He reveals that he was mainly concerned for his health. Punk tells Heyman that he barely got the victory over Jericho because of Heyman’s interference. Punk reiterates to Heyman that he is not his client and doesn’t need him to fight his battles as he does for Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axel. Punk tells Heyman from here on out he’s not allowed to be at ringside for all his matches. Punk leaves Heyman saying he’ll always be a “Paul Heyman Guy” and walks away. Heyman stands speechless!

Match 1: Intercontinental Championship Wade Barrett vs. Curtis Axel(c)

Vicki Guerrero interrupts as Barrett is the only one in the ring. Vicki gives Wade the bad news of his rematch for the I.C title as it’ll have to wait! Right now he has to face a returning…Christian!

Match 1: Christian DEFEATED Wade Barrett

Match Rating: 3.5 / 5

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL encourage fans to get ready to vote by using the WWE APP to choose which stipulation should be added to the Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan match. Choices are:

A) No Disqualification

B) No Count Out

C) 2 Out of 3 Falls

End of Segment


WWE RAW is back as Vicki Guerrero tries to play kiss-up to Triple H about the main event she made for tonight. Triple H wonders what would’ve happened had CM Punk not been in the arena tonight. Vicki is speechless as she then turns the attention to Christian returning. Triple H is pleased but points out how he’s been medically cleared to return for a month and a half now. Hunter wonders why Christian didn’t come back sooner. Vicki is speechless again as she turns her attention RVD returning. Hunter wonders who’s idea it was as she and Brad Maddox go back and fourth over it. Hunter embarasses them by saying he didn’t remember either one of them engaged in the talks he had with RVD to come back. Triple H does point out to Vicki that she needs to be strong and make an example out of The Shield should they run loose tonight. He also takes a jab at 3MB being on the card for tonight!

Backstage segment of WWE RAW, Kane runs into Daniel Bryan and wonders if it’s really the end of Team Hell No. Bryan isn’t sure as his focus is going at it alone. Kane hears the message loud and clear as he wants to become champion as well.

WWE APP voting is now open! Results to come next!

Match 2: Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes DEFEAT Sheamus in a handicap match

Match Rating: 3/5

End of Segment


WWE RAW is back as the results are revealed from the WWE APP. The stipulation for Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton’s match is a No Disqualification!

Match 3: No Disqualification
Randy Orton DEFEATED Daniel Bryan via referee’s decision that Bryan couldn’t continue

At one point we see Orton going up to the top for a superplex. Bryan fights him off and Orton falls to the mat. Bryan connects with a missile dropkick. Orton gets to his knees and Bryan unloads with kicks and knees. Orton catches him with a huge overhead throw. Bryan blocks the draping DDT. Orton wards off Bryan’s No Lock and catapults Bryan out of the ring. Bryan hangs on to the ropes and pulls himself up but Orton kicks him to the floor with a low blow. A trainer comes over to check on Bryan. Bryan rushes back in the ring and brawls with Orton. It appeared that the doctor didn’t want Bryan to continue. Orton brings Bryan back outside of the ring and backdrops him over the top of the barrier. The doctor checks on Bryan again and tells the referee to call the match.

End of Segment


We’re back from commercial break as WWE RAW continues with the new Diva’s champion AJ. She seems to be in the fighting spirit as she demands for anyone in the locker room to come out and challenge her. Stephanie McMahon comes out to congratulate her on the victory as she doesn’t understand the whole terms of being vicious, degrading as she wants her to start acting like a champion. AJ agrees maybe she should be just like Stephanie and instead of dating a superstar, she should marry one! Stephanie is quick to point out that she can see to it that AJ doesn’t have a job! This silences AJ as Stephanie demands once again she start acting like a champion. Steph is soon interrupted by Kaitlyn with other divas. Kaitlyn tries to congratulate AJ but Stephanie silences her mic and her and the divas to never interrupt her again before walking off.

A dumbfound Kaitlyn continues on to hype up the loss she took at Payback before running into the ring and brawling with AJ. It gets too outta hand as one of Kaitlyn’s boobs almost come out. Black screen for a few seconds as Big E Langston grabs AJ and takes her to the back. Awesome segment!

End of Segment


Match 4: U.S Championship
Dean Ambrose(c) vs Kane= No Contest

Other Shield members interfere as this match was only going a few seconds in as they triple power bombed him. Now the question…what does Vicki Guerrero do?

Backstage segment we see Mark Henry in a hot pink suit hugging the Prime Time Players and Tamina Snuka. Is he coming out next?

End of Segment


Backstage segment of WWE RAW we see The Shield celebrating when Vicki Guerrero with Brad Maddox question what they just did. Vicki is getting ready to fire them after Dean Ambrose teases her to do something when Mr. McMahon shakes their hands. He tells them how he likes them a lot and how they remind him of himself and ruthless aggression. The Shield walk off smiling as Mr. McMahon tells Vicki he really, really likes them. He also tells her how he never cared much for the Halloween freak known as Kane. Ouch!

End of Segment


Zeb Colter comes out to officially announce he’s acquired a new client…Antonio Cesaro!

Match 5: Antonio Cesaro DEFEATED William Regal

Match Rating: 3.5 / 5

End of Segment


John Cena comes out to hype Money In The Bank in four weeks. He knows he won’t have the title for long but he vows that when he is beaten for it the person will earn truly earn it. Mark Henry comes out. Henry puts over John Cena since his debut in 2002. Henry recalls winning the World Heavyweight title, ECW championship and somewhat having moderate success. Henry didn’t say it but there was one title that eluded him as it was the WWE title. He talks about getting the chance to travel all around the round and is a proud and humble man. He tells his wife and three kids that he’s finally coming home. Cena grabs embraces him in a hug and Henry delivers the World’s Strongest Slam to leave Cena laid out! Henry throws the WWE title on Cena and tells him there’s still plenty left in his tank before taking off.

End of Segment

Backstage segment on WWE RAW a small cute blonde girl catches up with Mark Henry for reaction. Far as he’s concerned the WWE title is the only thing he hasn’t held as he challenges Cena for it. He brought out two boots because one of them he’s going to shove up Cena’s rear end! Challenge sent and heard loud and clear Mark!


Match 6: Chris Jericho DEFEATED Heath Slater

Match Rating: 3.5 / 5


Backstage segment on WWE RAW we see Matt Striker catch up with Paul Heyman who’s with his client Curtis Axel. Striker wonders if there was more to CM Punk ditching him. Heyman feels he and Punk just need some breathing room. Heyman bashes Striker for not asking about Curtis Axel, the new I.C champ who’s getting ready to come out next on WWE RAW for the first time since winning the title.

End of Segment


Match 7: Curtis Axel DEFEATED Sin Cara

Match Rating: 3.5 / 5

End of Segment


More awesome WWE RAW is back as Mr. McMahon commends Vickie and Brad for the superb job they’ve done running RAW tonight. McMahon wonders what’s going to happen with Mark Henry. BradVicki decide to put Henry against Cena for the title at Money In The Bank. McMahon loves the idea! Stephanie comes in telling Vicki the show is out of control. McMahon corrects her saying it’s been very good. Triple H enters wondering what happened to the conversation he and Vicki had about The Shield and making an example of them. Mr. McMahon tells Hunter none of these went through him as Hunter tells Vicki to listen to him and walks away. Mr. McMahon tells Vicki to not worry about Hunter and to stick with him. McMahon makes his exit as Stephanie tells her to not listen to either men. She knows deep down who she needs to listen to. SHESH!

In another backstage segment Paul Heyman bumps into CM Punk and wishes him luck tonight. Something seems odd about this.

End of Segment


Match 8: CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio

End of WWE RAW results.

Overall WWE RAW rating: 4.5 / 5

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