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Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off with a rematch from Smackdown as Wade Barrett faces Daniel Bryan!

Match 1: Wade Barrett DEFEATED Daniel Bryan (with Brad Maddox as special guest referee)

Match Rating: 3/5

Brad Maddox counted extremely fast to the point that Bryan had no chance to kick out. Barrett quickly made his exit as Bryan and Maddox stood face to face. Bryan tried to attack Maddox but he quickly left the ring and ran to the back.

End of Segment


Match 2: Randy Orton DEFEATED Damien Sandow via distraction from Cody Rhodes who was at ringside.

Match Rating: 4/5


The Shield cut a promo via titantron. Reigns and Rollins welcome two people to challange them for their tag titles. Dean Ambrose is irritated that a 20-man Battle Royal will be taking place tonight to determine a new no.1 contender to face him for his U.S title at Summerslam. He cuts a very good promo here as he bashes CM Punk for his “Best in the World” catchphrase as well as John Cena’s “The Champ is here” as he feels he’s the real WWE champion. WWE RAW on another commercial break? Shesh!

End of Segment


WWE RAW is back as we see Brock Lesnar’s promo from Friday Night Smackdown. This leads into a backstage segment where Josh Matthews is interviewing CM Punk. Josh wonders why Punk is going through with this match as he’s days away from Summerslam. Punk knows Heyman isn’t stupid and that backup may be here for him tonight in the form of Brock Lesnar. Punk tells Josh he’s ready for him and their match this Sunday.

End of Segment


Match 3: Great Khali & Natalya DEFEATED Great Khali & AJ Lee via submission

Match Rating: 2.5 / 5

Footage of Vince McMahon is shown as it appears he’s on his way out!

End of Segment


We’re now into the second hour of WWE RAW as Vince McMahon comes down the ring. Crowd is pretty active tonight as they give him a decent pop. McMahon calls out Maddox to question his officiating in the Bryan vs Barrett match. Maddox admits he counted quickly as it’s been a while since he’s done a match. Maddox comes clean that he made a mistake and apologizes. McMahon accepts the apology as his mind is now set on the WWE title match this Sunday. McMahon appoints Maddox as the special guest referee so long as he calls things down the middle. Triple H comes out to end this segment as he proclaims to Vince that the person it sounds like he wants to be referee is him! Triple H pedigrees Maddox to send McMahon out the ring upset.


Match 4: Kane DEFEATED Titus O’ Neil

Match Rating: 2/5

End of Segment


Match 5: Alberto Del Rio DEFEATED Kofi Kingston via submission

Match Rating: 3.5 / 5

End of Segment


WWE RAW is back as we see a great video package of Christian which strongly suggest that this could be it for him and his career. If this is what WWE is trying to execute, they are doing a good job. Interviewer Rene Young is with Christian backstage for thoughts going into his match this Sunday. Christian feels he’s going to beat Del Rio to become World champ for a third time to prove without a shadow of doubt all he needed was one more match. Alberto Del Rio interrupts to talk smack in Spanish before walking away.

Commercial break


Match 6: The Uso’s DEFEATED Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger

Match Rating: 4/5

End of Segment


John Cena / Daniel Bryan on Miz TV (Video to come)

Best segment of WWE RAW hands down!

End of Segment


Match 7: R-Truth vs Fandango

The bell never rung for this match as the two decided to have a dance off. Fandango went first, then R-Truth. Fandango jumped him from behind before leaving with Summer Rae. Have a feeling this may end up being a match at Summerslam or later this week on Smackdown.

End of Segment


Match 8: 20-Man Battle Royal

Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Ryback, Brodus Clay, Sweet T, RVD, Mark Henry,  Jimmy Uso, Jay Uso, Titus O’ Neil, Darren Young, Great Khali, Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger, Justin Gabriel, Wade Barrett, R-Truth, Fandango, Kofi Kingston

Order of Eliminations:

Justin Gabriel

Darren Young


Jimmy Uso



Brodus Clay

Heath Slater

Jinder Mahal

Drew McIntyre

Jay Uso

Titus O’ Neil

Kofi Kingston

Jack Swagger

Antonio Cesaro

Wade Barrett

Mark Henry

Winner: RVD

Post-Match on WWE RAW we see The Shield’s Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose surround the ring, ready to jump Henry and RVD when Big Show’s music hits! Big Show gets in the ring to stand beside them as The Shield retreat.

End of Segment


Match 9: CM Punk vs Paul Heyman
When one agrees to battle with Paul Heyman, of wits or otherwise, one is never walking into a fair fight. Happily, CM Punk knew this to be true the second he agreed to tangle with the mad scientist (he didn’t tweet that photo of Admiral Ackbar for nothing), and he was more than prepared when Heyman summoned Brock Lesnar to the ring before their tilt was set to begin to make the fight 2-on-1.

Daring Punk to play the “stupid hero,” Heyman beckoned the former WWE Champion to the ring, but didn’t count on the fact that – IT’S A TRAP!! – Punk was already there. The Second City Saint proved himself smarter than the average beast when he emerged from beneath the ring to strike Brock with a ring camera and steel chair. Heyman amscrayed immediately, and was only able to escape the furious Punk when Curtis Axel ran interference and ate a Go to Sleep in his boss’ stead. Not bad for the self-proclaimed “Best.” Now all that’s left is to slay the Beast.

End of WWE RAW results

WWE RAW rating: 4/5

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