wwe raw previewWe’re just a week away from WWE Extreme Rules at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. WWE Raw makes one last stop before then as this Monday night it comes to us from the BOK Center, in Tulsa, OK.

Here’s this week’s key points to keep in mind for WWE Raw this week:

1. Selling Extreme Rules: Fans still are not quite invested in the Brock Lesnar / Triple H Steel Cage match. Fans are still not behind this feud despite the great mic work by Paul Heyman in keeping the feud going. With the first two encounters not being all that impressive and the so-called destruction of Triple H’s office this past Monday, what else can be done to peak fans interest? Brock Lesnar & Triple H are set to meet face to face on Monday’s WWE Raw. Look for Paul Heyman to do most of the talking but vow to the WWE Universe that after Extreme Rules we’ll never see Triple H again. This could lead fans into thinking booking wise Lesnar will go over at the pay-per-view. Overall though WWE needs to sell Extreme Rules and convince folks why they should order it because right now it looks like a skip.

2. Chris Jericho & Fandango Dance Off: Took WWE writers long enough but we’re here. It’s the original Dancing With The Stars taking on the new Dancing With The Stars. This segment has great potential to add onto Jericho’s loss to Fandango at WrestleMania in setting up their rematch this Sunday. Look for this segment to end in an all out brawl.

3. Ryback & John Cena: Ryback may rule but he continues to struggle as a heel. Is it time for maybe someone to step in to be his mouthpiece in getting him over? Ryback needs something big & major that will have him get over on the WWE Universe. When was the last time we’ve seen a bloodied John Cena to silence the crowd?

4. How will Dolph Ziggler’s concussion play into his triple threat match at Extreme Rules? Will Ziggler even be allowed to compete at Extreme Rules? If not then what does this mean for the main event match for the World title?

All these answers will be revealed this Monday night on WWE Raw at 8/7 CT on USA Network.

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