Credit to PWTourch for the stat numbers.
The WWE Raw Supershow that aired Monday, February 20th pulled in a 3.83 rating. This is up by 22% and is much higher than the episode that aired on February 14th which ratings were 3.01. These are the highest ratings For Monday Night Raw since get this, the September 7th, 2009 episode! Care to play trivia and figure out what was happening back in 2009 on that episode? It was on that episode that Bob Barker was the guest host for Raw and the entire show was themed off of his run as host of The Price Is Right. Here’s how the match card looked that night:

Match 1: Trip To Hawaii- Chris Jericho vs. MVP
Winner of the match & trip: MVP

Match 2: Chavo Guererro vs. Evan Bourne
If Chavo wins he gets a brand new car!
Winner of the match: Evan Bourne

Match 3:John Cena vs. Cody Rhodes
Winner of the match: John Cena by DQ

Match 4:Body Slam Match-Big Show vs. Santino
Winner of the match: Big Show
Bob Barker gave Big Sho one more challange, Mark Henry!
Winner of the match: Mark Henry

Match 5:DX vs. Chris Masters & Randy Orton
Winners of the match: DX via pin fall

Last year’s episode of Raw following the Elimination Chamber PPV had a rating of 5.51 million viewers. Now compare that to this year’s Raw following the PPV that averaged 5.86 million viewers.

In its first hour they pulled in more viewers than the second hour. 5.89 the first hour and 5.82 the second hour. It’s first hour viewer numbers haven’t been like this since the 2009 June 22nd episode of Raw that was commercial free that averaged 6.30 million viewers in the first hour.

Lee’s thoughts: WWE Raw is going to have a really tough time pulling in this number again. It wouldn’t surprise me if between now and next Monday writers are said to be hard at work rewriting the episode hours before going live. It’s a good thing that The Rock is showing up next week but will it be enough is the question. If I were a betting man I’d say Raw will pull in a 3.15-3.20 overall rating for theĀ  27th episode. As soon as segment numbers are released I’ll be sure to update this so check back later.