wwe-raw-ratings-breakdownWWE Raw ratings are in for the New Year’s Eve episode as the show drew a 2.31 rating and averaged 3.552 million viewers.

Here’s the WWE Raw ratings recap for December 2012:

12/3/12-(Mr. McMahon makes John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler at TLC a ladder match)- 2.55 rating with 3.44 million viewers

12/10/12-(Big Show vs. John Cena)-2.67 rating with 3.764 million viewers

12/17/12-Slammy Awards special-2.89 rating and 4.23 million viewers

12/24/12-Christmas Eve episode ( Del Rio runs over Santa Claus)- 2.2 rating and 3.167 million viewers

12/31/12-New Years Eve episode-2.31 and 3.552 million viewers

Overall analysis of WWE Raw ratings: It’s pretty obvious what was the strongest episode of the month and the weakest. December hasn’t really been too kind to WWE as the push for creating new hype continues. Once more we see WWE stealing a page from TNA Wrestling’s playbook with the Champion’s Choice segment as before that it was show openings. They have all the right talent but instead push some aside to push a 80+ year old Mae Young giving birth to Honrswoggle (as seen this past Monday). In retrospect WWE fans probably expected more from the company and when seeing that particular segment, tuned out. This combined with two weeks of pre-taped episodes played a significant part in WWE Raw ratings. We can actually recall many dirtsheets, Youtube channels posting & talking about the results before the respected episodes aired. Still despite this it all comes down to quality of content and honestly the past two weeks of Raw just hasn’t had that.

With all eyes set on The Rock’s return next week, one should expect an entirely different show.

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