Hello once again folks! Here is your recap & review for WWE Raw Supershow in sunny San Diego, California.



The Great Debate WWE Raw 2/13/12

Show kicks off with Kane stating that he knows of no boundaries and that he promises tonight Cena will embrace the hate and that tonight someone will be riding in the back of an ambulance truck. Jerry “The King” Lawler is acting as moderator to get comments from the six participants in the elimination chamber match for the WWE championship at the Elimination Chamber PPV this Sunday. The six participants in the match are Kofi Kingston, Chris Jericho, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, and the WWE champion CM Punk. Jerry Lawler begins moderating by asking CM Punk to go first to explain why he feels he will continue being champion after the PPV despite the odds being stacked against him. Before CM Punk can provide his answer we are interrupted by an appearance from the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations & the interim Raw General Manager Mr. John Laurinaitis with David Otunga. The interim GM states that he’s very happy and thanks the board of directors for giving him the opportunity to continue being the interim GM of Raw. They go backstage after this was over and Jerry Lawler resumes with CM Punk. CM Punk states that he will win because he is the best wrestler in the world. Dolph Ziggler rebuttals by stating that he’s a better wrestler than CM Punk and the other wrestlers. He also takes a shot at R-Truth who isn’t even aware of what state he’s in. R-Truth offers his rebuttal by stating that upon being elected he’s going trade Dolph & Vicki Guerrero to Smackdown for Hornswoggle & a box of spiders. He will then take that box of spiders and make a stew drink out of it which he will ingest to help him win the WWE championship. Jerry Lawler then goes to The Miz for his rebuttal. The Miz states that Kofi is an afterthought, R-Truth is crazy, CM Punk is 0-2 in Elimination Chamber matches, Dolph Ziggler is inexperienced and that he’s only scored success with Vicki Guerrero. He then takes a shot at Chris Jericho stating that Jericho wasn’t the first to wear suits, talk slow and use big words. Kofi Kingston interrupts by stating that he knows that he has been considered an afterthought but that he is looking to change that and that maybe he will become the WWE champion. It closes with Chris Jericho who states that he has been in more chamber matches than the other five participants. That he has eliminated more participants in the chamber and that they all are beneath him. Jericho then addresses CM Punk and tells him to get the belt ready for him as he is the true master of the title. CM Punk counters by apologizing to Chris that he didn’t hear what he was saying because he was remembering the last time Chris Jericho left and ended up being 7th in Dancing With The Stars. Jerry Lawler than states how the six participants have matches tonight and how Kofi Kingston and Chris Jericho will be kicking off singles competition next. Jericho pushes Kofi out the way and walks over to CM Punk for a stare down. This was a costly move as Kofi Kingston grabs his attention and knocks him out with the Trouble In Paradise finisher to end the segment!

Match 1: Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Jericho WWE Raw 2/14/12

Chris Jericho is finally on his feet but is favoring his head throughout this matchup as Kofi Kingston tries to capitalize on his attack from earlier. This was a test of speed and agility versus a matt technician and high flyer. Key point in this matchup was when Kofi Kingston once again connected with the Trouble In Paradise finisher on Chris Jericho. Jericho goes over to the ropes and Kofi tries to pick him up. It was at this point Jericho poked Kofi in the eyes which blinded Kingston. Jericho then capitalized by delivering his Codebreaker finisher on Kofi Kingston to pick up the win. Winner of the match: Chris Jericho by Dirty tactics, finisher & pitfall.

From there we go backstage where we see Shawn Michaels who’s greeting folks and comes across Triple H. The two talk and embrace in a big hug. Yes the Showstopper, the headliner, Mr. WrestleMania is in the building tonight! Later tonight we get to see Randy Orton taking on the Big Show. End of segment.

When back from commercial break we see a video package chronicling Kane’s attack from two weeks ago on Zack Ryder. From there we go live to John Cena who is with Zack Ryder. He convinces Ryder to remain backstage because Kane is running around. Ryder wants to go profess his love to Eve and has to find her. Cena comes up with a compromise and tells Ryder to remain in Cena’s locker room and that he will find Eve and bring her to Ryder. From there we see David Otunga talking with Mr. Laurinaitis. Otunga mentions to Mr. Laurinaitis that although he has been reinstated as the interim GM of Raw, he can still be replaced at anytime and has an idea on how Mr. Laurinaitis can become the permanent GM of Raw as well the permanent GM of Smackdown. We don’t get to hear the details as we then go to the next match for the night.


Match 2: The Big Show vs. Randy Orton

Big Show vs. Randy Orton WWE Raw 2/13/2012

As this match goes underway the World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan is at ringside watching the participants. We’re then reminded of a video package explaining why Big Show is taking on Randy Orton tonight. It was on Smackdown last week where Daniel Bryan was going one on one with Randy Orton. Daniel Bryan proved to be no match for the Apex Predator and a result went outside the ring to the Big Show who was watching the match. He provoked the giant by pushing him and Big Show retaliated by pushing Daniel Bryan and putting him back in the ring. The referee had no choice but to ring the bell as the match ended in a disqualification and Daniel Bryan won. This upset Randy Orton who tried to take his frustrations out on the giant the Big Show but proved to be outmatched. during tonight’s matchup Randy Orton’s strategy for weakening big Show was to apply sleeper hold moves and attacks that would keep the big man grounded. Key point in this matchup was when Randy Orton stunned all by delivering a powerful DDT to the Big Show and then waited for him to get up to apply a very poor RKO finisher. I don’t think Big Show was sure what move was supposed to happen because the way he turned his body from the RKO was almost as if he was expecting a swinging neck breaker. This move will be shown on YouTube probably under botchamania because it was a botched move. Randy Orton waited for Big Show to get up again and delivered the RKO once more and Big Show sold the move correctly this time. Daniel Bryan then interferes and knocks everyone out with the World Heavyweight title and leaves the ring afterwards. Might this be the scene come Sunday with Daniel Bryan standing victorious at the Elimination Chamber? Winner of the match: No one as it’s a double DQ. Coming up next is the one and only the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels! End of segment.

Shawn Michaels & Triple H=Segment Of The Year

HBK Shawn Michaels confronting Triple H about Undertaker WWE RAW 2/13/12

I called this one segment of the year because to me that was exactly what this was folks. What these two men said in the ring is how you make fans invest emotionally into a storyline and into a match! Shawn Michaels explains to the folks that the reason why he is back is because like many fans he watched Raw the past two weeks and was shocked that Triple H didn’t accept The Undertaker’s challenge for one more match at WrestleMania. Shawn Michaels then thought about it more and came to the conclusion that triple H is doing nothing more than playing everybody & pulling strings. He feels that triple H is just playing everybody just to get in the head of The Undertaker and to come out and set the record straight. Set it straight by admitting that he will be taking on Undertaker at this year’s WrestleMania! Triple H then comes out and at the cheer of fans chanting “DX” give the DX sign. From there triple H expresses how happy he is that Shawn Michaels is back in the ring and that it would be nice if it happened more often instead of just around WrestleMania. He then states that although he can appreciate Shawn making an appearance here in San Diego, CA that if all he wanted was confirmation on whether or not he would face Undertaker at this year’s WrestleMania, all he had to do was make a phone call instead of flying out to the arena. Triple H said he thought he made it very clear that he will not face Undertaker at Wm. Shawn Michaels felt that this was Triple H in a suit talking and wanted the man behind the suit talk and Triple H reassured him that it was him the man behind the suit talking. He tells Shawn that he saw what he did to the Undertaker last year and how although Undertaker won the match, it was he who won the war. That Undertaker had not been seen since and that to face him again would mean doing what is necessary to end Undertaker and he wouldn’t do it because he is not the man anymore. This irritated Shawn Michaels who tells Triple H that it is exactly what he does, that he finishes people, and he’s a closer, a career ender. That it’s all those aspects that make him The Game. He tells Triple H that he’s stood by him through everything, when things changed but that since he’s married that chick he’s become one of “them”. That he has sold out and become one of them. Triple H calls it not selling out and that it’s investing in the future. Triple H tells him that Shawn cannot comprehend what he is saying and wants to leave the subject alone. Shawn states that when a man challenges him and that man doesn’t accept that challenge then he is considered a coward! This upsets Triple H he comes back with having real life responsibilities and that the entire company will be his one day. That for years he looked at the Undertaker as a man to go through but that now that he looks at Undertaker as a brand and that ending it is bad for business. That Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and he are the end of an era and that he doesn’t want to end the era. Shawn Michaels doesn’t believe it & wants Triple H to look him in the eye and tell him that he doesn’t need it or that he doesn’t want the win. After a heated stare down, Triple H tells him no that has a disgusted Shawn Michaels leave the ring.

From there a video package of The Undertaker is shown once more letting Triple H know that he will get what he wants and to give him what is rightfully his…immortality. Check out the video below:

End of segment.

Match 3: Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth

Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth on WWE Raw 2/14/12

Dolph Ziggler showed off a lot during this matchup as for the most part of this matchup he had R-Truth in a headlock until R-Truth was able to counter but not for long. Dolph Ziggler was able to counter with a neckbreaker and then a showoff elbow drop. From there Dolph Ziggler showed off more by doing sit-ups while his legs were locked onto R-Truth’s left arm. R-Truth was able to counter once Ziggler came up for another pushup to get a role up win on Ziggler. Winner of the match: R-Truth by pinfall

Another backstage segment shown where Santino is giving love advice to Zack Ryder. He has Ryder try one of his newest creations…Santino breath strips. They tasted of garlic which has Zack Ryder saying yuck! End of segment.

   Match 4: Tamina vs. Brie Bella

Tamina vs. Brie Bella on WWE Raw 2/13/12

The Divas champion Beth Phoenix is at the commentating booth expressing with how impressed she’s been with Tamina. She also states how she’s looking forward to facing her at the PPV this Sunday for the diva’s title. The daughter of WWE Hall Of Famer jimmy Snuka, Tamina has been on a roll as of late as she made quick work of Brie Bella in about 85 seconds to win this matchup after delivering a Samoa drop and the Snuka Splash. Tamina and Phoenix then stare at one another.

Backstage we see Josh Matthews who’s’ going to get John Cena’s thoughts on The Rock’s newest video package when they return from commercial break. End of segment.

Once back from commercial break we are shown The Rock’s newest video package. Check it out below:

From there we are about to get John Cena’s reaction when we hear screaming. John Cena quickly goes to investigate. The cameras cut to a very awkward scene that had me laughing as we see Eve calmly and willingly get into the back of an ambulance truck. She then sits down and we see Kane waiting for his cue as it’s given by a white piece of paper that pops up in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Kane then closes the ambulance doors as Eve really starts screaming! Oh the danger she is in folks! John Cena then comes to the rescue and tells Eve to open the door but Kane counters back and slams Cena into the back of the ambulance. Kane then gets into the truck and tries to drive off but Eve was able to get out in time and into the arms of John Cena. The two then kiss one another but soon realize Zack Ryder is there looking on in shock! End of awkward segment.

Once back from commercial break we see Eve explaining her actions for why she kissed John Cena. She then tells Zack Ryder that all she wants to be is friends. This hasn’t been a good 2012 for Zack Ryder as he lost his United States title, then he breaks his break and now he loses a woman he was interested in to another guy! WOO WOO WOO

Match 5: CM Punk vs. The Miz

CM Punk vs. The Miz At WWE Raw 2/13/12

It’s the WWE champion CM Punk taking on The Miz in this singles non-title matchup folks. I found it really hard to enjoy this matchup as it was over in less than ten minutes as Miz tapped out to Punk’s Anaconda Vise submission hold. Both men put on a very good match. It was one of those types of matches though that would have been very good for a PPV. What I found most troubling about this match is that it ended in a way that gave CM Punk strong momentum going into the Elimination Chamber match but did nothing for The Miz. Any possible momentum The MIz had was completely gone in this matchup as it made him look very weak in my opinion. It should have ended in a double count out or interference from Chris Jericho who could’ve attacked both men. Speaking of Chris Jericho, he looked on backstage at a TV monitor when watching this match. Also backstage we see that the ambulance truck is back! This can mean only one thing…Kane is back! End of segment.

    Final Segment

Kane Confronting John Cena WWE Raw 2/13/12

We’re back and John Cena comes out to address everything that’s transpired over the course of weeks. He feels that everything that has been happening with him losing his friend Zack Ryder, what went down with Eve was all part of Kane’s sick & twisted path to make Cena embarrass the hate. John Cena continues to remain diligent that he will not embrace the hate and will always stay true to who he is and will always be. He was about to address The Rock when Zack Ryder comes out limping his way to the ring to face John Cena. He tries provoking Cena a few times and at one point Cena was about to attack Ryder until he realized it wasn’t the right thing to do. By this point Zack Ryder was scared and got out of the ring and limbed his way back up the ramp and into his wheelchair. From there Kane appeared on the titantron and promised him that this Sunday will be the end of John Cena as we know it until he resurfaces to face The Rock at this year’s WrestleMania. He then tells the crowd to say goodbye to John Cena and all he represents by clapping and the crowd just ate it up as they gave Cena a standing ovation. John Cena looks disgusted but then sees Kane come up from behind Zack Ryder! Kane pushes Zack Ryder who’s in the wheelchair off the ramp and runs to the back! John Cena along with paramedics goes to check on Zack Ryder who’s unconscious and is put on a stretcher. Eve then comes out and is sobbing at what she sees. Cena continues to look on in distraught and is upset. End of show.

Overall I thought WWE Raw did a decent job this week and if I were to grade the show it would be difficult. If it wasn’t for the Triple H & Shawn Michaels segment then overall I would give the show a 6/10. What hurt was the opening of the show with the debate. I could see the potential in what the writers had in mind but I felt that it wasn’t executed properly. Honestly I would’ve settled for a contract signing from all the participants then a so called debate. This segment didn’t do anything to make any of them look strong or convince you to actually want to invest in purchasing the PPV. All of the participants should not have faced each other in one on one action either. Instead, they should have faced superstars from Smackdown because after all it’s supposed to be a Raw Supershow. Smackdown also has its own elimination chamber match for their Smackdown title. Here are two scenarios I would’ve done as a booker for tonight’s matchups:

1. Chris Jericho vs. Ted Dibiase- Winner of match: Jericho with the help of interference from Hunico

2. Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre-Winner of match: Dolph Ziggler and later on we could’ve seen Teddy Long scorning McIntyre and mentioning that they will discuss his future on this Friday’s Smackdown to show continuity.

3. R-Truth vs. JTG Winner of match: R-Truth

4. The Miz vs. Primo Winner of match: The Miz

5. Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton Winner of match: Kofi Kingston due to interference from The Big Show

6. CM Punk vs. Cody Rhodes Winner of match: CM Punk

Scenario two I would’ve booked as the Raw elimination chamber participants taking on Smackdown elimination chamber participants. They go as followed:

1. Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan
2. The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes
3. R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett
4. Dolph Ziggler vs. The Great Khali
5. Chris Jericho vs. The Big Show
6. CM Punk vs. Randy Orton

Now if I were to include the Triple H & Shawn Michaels segment then for this week I’d give WWE Raw the overall rating of 7.5 out of 10. Well folks that will do it for now but be sure to join us on Twitter this Thursday at 9pm est. for live tweets of TNA Impact Wrestling as it airs. Also be sure to check out our full recap & review of Impact Wrestling after it goes off the air on here. Later!