Very pleased to those taking the time to check out this WWE RAW RECAP & REVIEW for this week! WWE Raw returns to the TDK arena in Boston, Ma for what should be a memorable episode. The Rock and John Cena will be going head to head with one another later tonight in another exchange of heated words. The show kicks off with The Showstopper, the Headliner, Mr. WrestleMania himself, Shawn Michaels! HBK gets a great ovation as he addresses the crowd that he’s happy to see that his friend Triple H has finally after weeks of declining, accepted Undertaker’s challenge for one more match at WrestleMania. Shawn calls out Triple to find out what is it that made him accept Undertaker’s challenge. Before Triple H could offer insight, Shawn interrupts him and shows the footage that made Triple H say yes to Undertaker’s challenge (you can check out the recap of last week’s Raw here). Hunter then tells Shawn that he accepted the match to silence everyone that has verbally bashed Shawn and look at him as a loser for not being able to beat the Undertaker! That he is doing this match to end Undertaker and the wrestling era once and for all! A very upset Shawn Michaels would then tell Hunter how he knew that Hunter couldn’t get the job done last year and told him so and that this year the end result will be the same as he know’s who’s going to win because he will be the guest referee for the Triple H and Undertaker Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania! As he leaves the ring, Hunter stands in the ring looking confused and unsure about what to make of this news. We learn later on during the broadcast that Undertaker will be back on Raw next week to share his thoughts on Michaels being the guest referee and HBK Shawn Michaels will be there as well!

Match 1: United States championship Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger(c)

Teddy Long begins his shakeup of Raw with this match up as he’s trying to gain popularity points with the Board of Directors as both GM’s have switched shows for this week only. Despite the referee being distracted several times by the antics of Vicki Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, Mr. John Laurinaitis & Teddy Long, the green snake worn on his right hand, Marella would continue his impressive surge in popularity in recent weeks and capture fans enthusiasm by winning his first ever U.S championship in this match after countering Jack Swagger’s poor execution of an ankle lock, and score a victory with a schoolboy pin.

Winner of the match: Santino Marella

Post-match Mr. John Laurinaitis interrupts Santino’s victory and said that this cannot happen and will not happen because he is still the GM of Raw and expresses his disgust over what’s transpired as he feels Teddy is ruining his show! Teddy Long has security come out to escort Mr. Laurinitus & David Otunga out of the arena and the building! Coming up next is The Rock as he presents Boston, MA history lesson number one. This should prove to be most entertaining.

The Rock’s History Lesson pt.1

Match 2: Eve vs. Alicia Fox

This match was literally 50 seconds long and I blinked to see Eve get a win on Ms. Alicia Fox via pin fall.

Winner of the match: Eve

Post-match Zack Ryder comes out and said that he’s glad that thy never hooked up because it’s Broski’s before Hoeski’s! The fans start chanting Hoeski at Eve after that. Coming up next is video footage tapped from earlier in the day showing John Cena being interviewed in an empty arena. End of segment.

Once back from commercial break Eve catches up with Zack Ryder and tells him that she has something important to say. She kisses him and that is the end of that backstage segment. Now we go to the interview with John Cena from earlier today. John said that WrestleMania is full of memories but that at this WrestleMania it will be important because it will be him and The Rock in what is the most important match in history. Cena gives a very emotional declaration speech of why he needs to beat The Rock as no one remembers second place. He goes on to say that despite everything that he’s accomplished in the WWE, this match alone is the most important and will solidify his place in WWE history and that he must win! End of segment.


Match 3: CM Punk & Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan & Chris Jericho

The match started out with Punk & Jericho who treat the fans in my mind to a taste of what their match is going to be like at WrestleMania as they traded holds and exchanged fury strikes. It wouldn’t be all about these two men though as eventually Sheamus, the 2012 Royal Rumble winner would go head to head with his WrestleMania opponent, Daniel Bryan! Key points in this match were when Sheamus countered Chris Jericho‚Äôs bulldog and launched him knee-first into the turnbuckle! During the bout, Sheamus reversed a bulldog attempt by Jericho and launched Y2J knee-first into the turnbuckle.

Sheamus and Bryan would then take their fight outside the ring where The Great White found himself taking down Daniel with a double axe handle. Back in the ring, CM Punk found himself in danger as he was in the Walls of Jericho and managed to reverse it and turned it into a small package pin that Jericho was able to capitalize on as he managed to shift Punk’s body weight just enough to have the WWE champ’s shoulders on the mat to get the win by pin fall. Jericho would then quickly exit the ring and grab Punk’s title and look on at CM Punk signifying that if Jericho does that to Punk once more at WrestleMania, that he will become the new WWE champion! Does Jericho have CM Punk’s number as he’s gotten a one up over the champion past two weeks now?

Winners of the match: Daniel Bryan & Chris Jericho

Post-match Rock history lesson#2

End of segment

Match 4: Big Show vs. The Miz

Cody Rhodes interrupts before the start of the bell and shows another embarrassing WrestleMania moment from WM 18 in the year 2002 showing Big Show getting his eats on. Miz would try to attack the giant from behind but the attack did nothing to the giant as he would knock out Miz with the WMD to pick up the win in mere seconds! Cody Rhodes would look on in disgust before heading backstage. End of segment

Get ready folks it’s time for Rock history# 3

Match 5: Kane vs. R-Truth

R-Truth was just one of the people that Kane attacked last week as Truth was involved in the triple threat tag match for the Unified Tag Team belts, sought payback. Sadly, R-Truth would not get that payback as despite using all his speed and agility it was not enough from Kane’s choke slam to pick up the win.

Winner of the match: Kane

Post-match Randy Orton came out to the ring and was spoiling for a fight as he took it to Kane! It was on last week’s Smackdown where Kane attacked Orton and screwed him out of winning his match against the W.H champion Daniel Bryan and it was obvious Orton didn’t fight about Kane as he delivered a RKO to the monster! Afterwards, he took a microphone and said to Kane that it was good to be back!

Backstage area now we see John Cena who’s gearing up to come face to face with The Rock live in the ring, next! End of segment.


It is a night filled with anticipation that’s brought us to this moment as John Cena comes to the ring to confront The Rock as our main event for Raw this evening. Cena opens up by saying how he loved seeing Rocky going around the city of Boston with his history lesson videos and that it was classic Rock! That it was that Rock he needs to be facing at WrestleMania as he doesn’t want to be facing Dwayne Johnson. He also mentions how he’s stated for weeks why he dislikes The Rock and isn’t satisfied by The People’s champion mockery of words and wants him to come clean as to why Rock doesn’t like him. It is with conviction that Cena speaks of how he had The Rock fumbling with his words in the ring last week and feels that The Rock has lost his confidence, that for the first time in The Rock’s illusstrious career, he fumbled which was odd because he is the Michael Jordon of the microphone, the Babe Ruth! He wants to know tonight who is coming to the ring, Dwayne Johnson or The Rock! From there The Rock comes out and gets in the face of the Cenation Leader and reassures Cena that he didn’t lose any confidence and tells Cena that beneath all his catchphrases, the video packages, that in the heart he is a man that is going to rip John Cena apart! The Rock said that he sees fear in Cena’s eyes and that it’s that fear of possibly losing everything that Cena’s built in his tenure with the WWE that could go away come WrestleMania. The Rock said to Cena that what he sees when he looks at John is nothing more than a little boy who will go down in history as being The Rock’s B^^^h! He leaves the ring and goes backstage after those heated exchange of words as The Rock appeared as if he was going to get into an altercation with Cena throughout this stare down! John Cena then gets back on the microphone and pokes fun at Rock writing on his wrist last week and reassures Rocky that it will be him that will be standing tall as he promises to beat Rock at WrestleMania as he will not go down without a fight and how he needs this win. He then celebrates his return to Boston with the home crowd and family to end the show.

Raw Supershow tonight was just delicious, fulfilling and quite honestly the best well put together show in many years. I was very curious if they could top last week and they did so and let me say they completely blew it out of the water with this episode. This is how every episode needs to be all year around and not just the month before WrestleMania. You could really feel the emotion of hatred The Rock and John Cena have for one another! I will be talking more about them on the RCWR show Tuesday night at 7pm EST on Blogtalkradio. The matches were all very solid to but once again I see that we had to have a short divas match which was pointless to me. The match was only 55 seconds long and was over before I could even blink or grab a chip from my bowl! This precious time should’ve went to something else more productive but despite that all the matches and just the show overall is a 9 out of 10 in my book! That is going to do it but I’m very proud to announce that with the hard work, dedication, research and the beginnings of a fan base that have encouraged me to go live with my radio show. This radio show will be unlike any other as I’m looking to shake things up by and make a serious impact in the most fun, and interactive way so join me on Blogtalk radio, (which in my book is the new XM radio), every Tuesday night at 7pm EST and I’ll also be doing a one hour show dedicated to TNA Impact Wrestling Thursday nights at 1130pm EST. so get ready cause here I come! Follow and like us on Facebook and Twitter and join us for the shows and also live tweets during Impact Wrestling this Thursday!