wwe raw resultsWelcome to Enfinity1Productions WWE Raw results! This week is the go home show of Raw as it makes it’s way to the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view!

WWE Raw Results-We’re greeted once again by the commentating team of Michael Cole & Jim Ross as they reveal that Raw GM AJ Lee has been scheduled to Stamford,Connecticut to meet with the WWE Board of Directors! More details on this as it becomes available as meantime it’s the semi-finals to determine the no.1 contenders to face the WWE tag champions for the titles this Sunday!

Match 1: The Rhodes Scholars defeated Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

Post-Match we see Kane & Daniel Bryan appear on the titantron congratulating Sandow & Rhodes. They pose the question to Team Rhodes Scholars if they’ll win the tag titles this Sunday which prompts the two to shout “Hell No”! Kane offers Sandow & Rhodes a magic tragic as he makes Bryan disappear by grabbing him by the beard and placing him behind him to then set off pyro in the ring to end this segment.

End of Segment


Video Touts from Zack Ryder is shown as WWE hypes up its visit to Cairo, Egypt.

Match 2: Kofi Kingston defeats Michael McGillicuty

Cole & J.R reveal that Miz will face Kofi at Hell in a Cell for the Intercontinental championship. It’s also revealed that Miz will have a tune up match against Ryback later tonight!

Recap is shown from last week of Ryback and CM Punk’s contract signing

End of Segment


John Cena now comes out to explain how at Hell in a Cell the WWE Universe will experience change known as Ryback! How Ryback isn’t a man who’ll complain, promising ice cream bars as he stands for one thing and that’s destruction! Cena promises that change will come to WWE Sunday! CM Punk comes out to bash John Cena for wanting change as he proclaims how he’s been WWE Champion for 337 and how it means that’s how long Cena has been without the title! That Punk proclaims is change that can be counted on as Punk feels that when he makes a promises he backs it up as he proclaims that Sunday he will walk out still WWE Champion!

Punk bashes Cena for being Ryback’s cheerleader as he feels Cena has finally come to terms with the fact that he can’t beat him! Cena tells Punk that he wasn’t cleared in time for the match this Sunday but is 100% now as he wants t face Cena tonight to give him a pre-a## beating! Punk heads down to the ring and it’s looking like we’re going to have the match but Heyman talks him down as the champion retreats to the back.

End of Segment

Match 3: Justin Gabriel defeated Antonio Cesaro

Backstage segment we see Mr. McMahon and AJ Lee come out of a limousine as business is about to pick up!

End of Segment


We’re now in the second hour of WWE Raw as Mr. McMahon reveals that AJ met with the Board of Directors for a long period of time as he has her reveal the outcome from that. AJ reveals that due to allegations of her fraternizing with someone on the WWE roster she has to resign from her role as GM. AJ is very emotional as she reveals that she could’ve been fired long ago as for slapping Paul Heyman, Vicki Guerrero and wasn’t. AJ reveals her upbringings as she was poor, homeless and rose to the ranks in WWE. A very touching story as soon it’s crashed by Mr. Paul Heyman!

Paul Heyman informs Mr. McMahon that he knows that McMahon & the WWE Board of Directors need someone to step in immediately and offers his services. Heyman does this all while offering to lead with “Ruthless Aggression”. McMahon tells Heyman now as he reveals that someone will be stepping in not as a Raw General Manager but a Managing Supervisor. The Managing Supervisior of Raw is none other than… Vicki Guerrero! Heyman plays suck up to Vicki in order to give CM Punk the right to choose his opponent to face at Hell in a Cell. A right which was stripped from the WWE Champion by Vince McMahon. Vicki doesn’t give in as she makes McMahon’s ruling stand as she reveals that tonight will be a champion vs. champion match! It will be the WWE Champion CM Punk vs. World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus!

Vicki has choice words for AJ Lee as she reveals that not only was she fraternizing but was also committing an affair which she finds disgusting! Vicki demands that AJ leave her ring to go clean out our locker but AJ has other plans as she attacks Vicki! All hell breaks out as the new supervising manager is brawling with AJ for a moment until WWE officials come down to try and separate the two!

End of Segment


Match 4: Ryback defeated Miz

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues on now as Eve isseen backstage spreading gossip about AJ Lee as Kaitlyn comes up from behind. Kaitlyn tells Eve how she pulled a photo from Eve’s IPad as she’s aware of a woman that was hired by Eve to attack her back at Night of Champions. Kaitlyn tells Eve to drop the nice act as it’s fake and that she’s nothign more than a witch! All hell breaks out as the two fight but soon Layla gets in on the action as now attacking Eve. WWE refs come to the rescue and break it up.

In another backstage segment we see Sheamus being interviewed by Josh Mathews who ahs concerns of Sheamus match against Punk tonight just before Hell in a Cell. Sheamus begins to speak when Big Show comes up disgruntled as ever as the World Champion puts a Brawling Buddy version of himself in Show’s face. Big Show punches it cleanly out of Sheamus hands and tells him to get serious real quick!

End of Segment


Match 5: Dolph Ziggler defeated Daniel Bryan

Post-match we see Matt Striker come out to reveal that Vicki Guerrero has come up with a threaputic type of game show for them. It’s called The Newly Tag Game! It’s coming up next!

End of Segment


WWE Raw awkwardly continues now as it’s The Newly Tag Game as Daniel Bryan and Kane introduce themselves to Matt Striker and the WWE Universe. The tag champs start to get into their usual bickering back and fourth when Team Rhode Scholars come out. Team Scholars tell Striker & Team Hell No that they won’t be participating in this foolish display of mindless entertainment and instead will be looking forward to beating them at Hell in a Cell to become the new tag champs! Matt Striker leaves the ring soon after telling the tag champs that he’d like to wish them all the best this Sunday but won’t as he’s still bitter from the beating they gave him weeks ago. Just before Striker could make his getaway, Big Show is standing behind him and tosses him across the stage area as his match with Kane is next!

End of Segment


Match 6: Big Show defeated Kane

Post-match we see


Backstage segment we see AJ Lee share a moment with Santino as he commends her for doing a good job as Raw GM. John Cena soon steps in as Santino makes his exit. AJ tells Cena that she had no choice but to resign because of the allegations of her having an affair with a WWE Superstar. Cena tells her that they can fight fire with fire by finding out who spread the rumor and make their own to make it “he said she said”. AJ doesn’t want to fight it as she revealed that the WWE Superstar in question is John Cena! Cena is stunned as he wonders how the accusation was made when truthfully he and AJ only had dinner. AJ feels that Vicki Guerrero is behind it all as Cena promises to get to the bottom of this & embraces her in a hug.

End of Segment


Backstage we go as John Cena confronts Mr. McMahon about AJ’s bogus allegations and challenges the ruling. MCMahon informs Cena that there was incriminating evidence that was brought to light. Cena picks up on this and stresses to Vince that it was only dinner and to tell him what this is really about. Vince really doesn’t offer an explanation as he points out tha AJ was on probation and that it was a matter of time before she messed up. McMahon goes on record saying he isn’t sure what to make of Vicki’s new title “Managing Supervisor” but it is what it is as the chairman gets in his limo and drives off.


Match 7: Alberto Del Rio defeated Zack Ryder

Backstage segment we see Vicki Guerrero getting herself settled in as John Cena soon comes crashing in. Cena, very hostile challanges Vicki’s head games and spreading lies about he & AJ. Vicki comes back with perception is reality as she points out how a few weeks back Cena asked AJ out on a date. Conveniently after this they did go out on a date therefore he caused AJ Lee her job and not her!

End of Segment


Dolph Ziggler is being interviewed by Josh Mathews who picks up on AJ being fired and sares Vicki’s same sentiments as it is all John Cena’s fault! Ziggler also adds that AJ has bad taste in men as he wouldn’t have done her as bad as Cena has while also pointing out that sooner or later it all was going to catch up to AJ.

Ryback promo shown and it was a damn good one! Check it out below:

Backstage segment we see an agitated CM Punk who can’t focus on his match against Ryback as he’s going to take on Sheamus next. Heyman tells Punk that come next Monday night Punk will still be champion and that as far as tonight goes he will beat Sheamus!

End of Segment


Match 8:Double Lumberjack

CM Punk defeated Sheamus

End of WWE Raw results

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