wwe raw resultsWWE Raw Results for 10/8/12

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Sacramento, CA-Michael Cole greets us to tonight WWE Raw as he’s joined once again by Jim Ross & John Bradshaw Layfield as John Cena comes out to a lukewarm reception. Cena wants to know if anyone missed him as he feels very good to be back in the ring tonight. Cena didn’t realize it until he was away for a week just how dysfunctional Kane & Daniel Bryan really are. Cena also takes jabs at Antonio Cesaro for having large nipples as he soon focuses on the divas briefly as he takes a shot at Raw GM AJ Lee and offers to take her out on a date for a burger. He also mentions how Arnold Swazenager is the Social Media Ambassador tonight as Vince McMahon will be delivering his WWE State of the Union address. We soon hear Cena bring up how he feels the fans don’t have a voice right now as they are being silenced by the current WWE Champion CM Punk. One way or another he feels CM Punk will cross paths with him at Hell in a Cell. Cena wants for CM Punk to stop “being a punk” and be a man and taken him on at Hell in a Cell.

Cena thanks the fans for allowing him to speak as we soon hear the music of Ryback! Very briefly we see Ryback cross paths with John Cena as he makes his way to the ring.


Match 1: Ryback defeated Epico & Primo

End of Segment


Match 2: Brodus Clay vs. R-Truth

This match actually ended up not happening because R-Truth noticed that “Little Jimmy” is going through the waves of puberity right now (perhaps at the hands of Naomi & Cameron). Truth suggests to Clay all should dance and they do for a bit. Vince McMahon soon appears on the titantron and tells them all to leave the ring because he’s making his way out for the WWE State of the Union address!

End of Segment


Vince McMahon comes out to address the state of the WWE as he talks about how it has drama, action but that the most important thing they have is action. Vince feels the fans need to see champions take on the very best as soon we see WWE Champion CM Punk interrupt! CM Punk is pushing a new “GTS” yellow shirt with a bald head as he comes into the ring to confront Mr McMahon for not mentioning his name as he spoke about champions facing the best. Punk feels the people in the back don’t respect him nor do the people in attendance as he wants to know if Mr. McMahon respects him. McMahon respects Punk for being champion this long but doesn’t respect him for allinging himself with PAul Heyman. As result of that McMahon feels that “he’s not a CM Punk” guy.

CM Punk bashes the heck out of McMahon as he feels that the WWE Chairman should be on his knees kissing his feet as he feels that he should be appreciated. Not men like Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross as it’s all about him and that he’s the reason why the company is even to succeed. That if it wasn’t for him the WWE would be nothing right now and McMahon wouldn’t have millions in his pocket and his own personal jet. The WWE Champion suggests that if McMahon doesn’t watch it he’ll do just like he did back at Money in the Bank last year and walk away with the WWE title but this time not return! Harsher words from the champion as he crosses the line mentioning how he’s better than everyone in the WWE. Mr. McMahon tells Punk that he’s nothing like Andre “The Giant”, Triple H, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels or Stone Cold Steve Austin as the champion interrupts him.

Punk pokes fun at Austin as he feels Steve Austin’s greatest accomplishment was beating up a clueless millionaire who’s become even more clueless and is now a senior citizen. CM Punk feels that he’s constantly being slapped in the face as he bashes McMahon for slapping him in the face for years! Soon CM Punk shockingly slaps McMahon in the face to go walking out the ring. McMahon tells Punk that he should fire him right now but that he will if Punk doesn’t face him in the ring tonight. “You may kick my a#*, but by the time this night is over, you’ll learn something about RESPECT!”- Mr. McMahon to the WWE Champion to end this explosive segment.

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now as already we’re shown the video clip of CM Punk slapping Vinny Mac.


Match 3: No.1 Contenders For Tag Team Titles Semi Finals

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeated Titus O’ Neil & Darren Young


Backstage segment we see Paul Heyman talking with CM Punk as he’s very concerned about this match he’s having with McMahon. Punk feels that McMahon isn’t the same man that faced Stone Sold years back as’s going to do anything & everything to beat the WWE Chairman. Heyman questions what will be next afterwards as they could possibly have a lunatic billionaire in McMahon on a personal vendetta afterward. Punk isn’t sweating Heyman’s words as he tries to reassure him that he’s going to beat him tonight.

End of Segment


Match 4: Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus

During this match we see Big Show come out to grab a seat and quietly watch Sheamus take on Barrett.

We soon see Tesnai get involved in this match to have it end in a DQ as we see the numbers game pile up on the World Heavyweight Champion as Tesnai & Barrett attack him. Sheamus is able to fend off both men as soon we see Big Show get in the ring and Sheamus tries to connect with the Brouge Kick but Big Show grabs his leg and sends him flying out the ring! Sheamus lands funny outside as he holds onto his leg but limps back into the ring ready for more Big Show. The 7’2 500lbs giant is done with the Irishman for now as he leaves the ring and heads towards the back.

Jim Ross reveals to Cole & JBL that he’s going to go talk to Mr. McMahon about his match against CM Punk as he has concerns for the WWE Chairman.

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now as we see AJ Lee crosses paths with CM Punk as he wonders if the WWE Board of Directors might have a few words to say to AJ after he’s done breaking the Chairman’s arms, legs as at this point he feels that whatever happens to the Chairmen won’t be his fault but AJ’s.

Great footage of John Cena on the Kelly & Michael Show plugging WWE’s partnership with Susan G Komen and explaining how it came about. Very classy right here that makes you like Cena just a bit more.

End of Segment


Match 5: Antonio Cesaro defeated Tyson Kidd

End of Segment


Match 6: Daniel Bryan & Kane defeated Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio

Backstage segment we see Jim Ross is having a personal conversation with Mr. McMahon. Ross recalls how when Jim Ross Appreciation Night resumed how McMahon called him “An American Icon” but most importantly a friend. J.R gets emotional with the Chairman as he tells him friend to friend, he has no reason to be facing CM Punk tonight and can’t help but think about what happend with Jerry Lawler when he crossed paths with CM Punk. Vince tells J.R he wants for him to do him a favor and call his match against Punk like a Stone Cold match. JR promises he will as J.R demads to hear soundbytes right there on the spot. An American Icon, a friend, friend to friend, you have no reason to face CM Punk and how he can’t help but . Vince wants for J.R to c

End of Segment


Now it’s time for Larry King Live as he’s joined by Miz who tells him that if this goes well he might pop up on Larry’s show on Hulu. Miz reveals that today is his birthday and he wants for Larry and the WWE Universe to go into a birthday chant for him. Larry tells Miz that he has it on good authority that no one cares about his birthday as he decides to replace Miz who he feels is a bad guest with a good guest in Kofi Kingston!

Kofi comes out and tells Larry how he’s been going around spreading the good word about WWE as Miz soon bashes Larry by telling him how he’s held more championships than Larry’s had wives! Miz soon meets a cup of water splashed to his face by Larry’s wife as we soon see Kofi attack Miz to end this solid segment

End of Segment


Match 7: No.1 Contenders For Tag Team Titles Semi Finals

The Rhodes Scholars defeated Santino & Zack Ryder

Post match we see Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre of Encore assault Santino and Ryder!

Backstage segment we see Paul Heyman talk with Mr. McMahon as he apologizes to him for CM Punk’s actions. Heymn had no idea Punk would slap him & insult him. The former ECW owner also recalled how he knew Mr. McMahon’s father at the age of 14 and how he was there for him. McMahon counters back if Heyman knew the difference if he was telling the truth or lying as he blames him for being a bad influence on CM Punk all these years.  Heyman implores McMahon not to go through this as he doesn’t want to see him end up like what Brock Lesnar did to Triple H.

End of Segment


Match 8: WWE Diva’s Championship

Eve(c) defeated Kaitlyn

Backstage segment we see Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo talking about what to eat as Del Rio wants Chinese food. Josh Mathews tries to get their attention by mentioning a tweet Randy Orton sent on Twitter. Del Rio tries to disregard it as Josh reveals that Orton will be at Smackdown this Friday! Del Rio & Ricardo quickly walk away without comments.

End of Segment


Backstage segment we see Daniel Bryan try to get advice from Larry King as he feels he doesn’t look like a goatface. Bryan recalls how folks called King an owl and how he dealt with it. Bryan then turns his attention to King’s wife and asks her if she would rather have a man such as he that looks attractive. She tells Bryan that she doesn’t sleep with men that came from under  abridge as we soon see Kane come in and tell Bryan how it was because of him that they got the victory tonight! The tag team champions are going back and fourth as Larry with wife make their exit quietly. Bryan soon realizes the couple left as he tells Kane how he scared off Larry King as Kane tells Bryan how he thought Larry was Skellator!

Backstage segment we see Heyman who doesn’t like the spot CM Punk is in but soon turns it into a good thing as the Chairman could be beaten so bad that he’ll neve rbe able to make a competent decision in his life again! Punk loves the idea of it as he promises to Heyman that he’s going to victimized McMahon as their match is next!

End of Segment


Match 9: CM Punk vs. Mr. McMahon

Mr. McMahon comes out first as as he’s soon attacked by the WWE Champion from behind! The champion unleashes a series of kicks before throwing him into the ring. Punk gets in and takes his shirt off as McMahon awaits him to turn around and connects with a tackle! The chairman is only on top throwing punches briefly before the champ gets back on offense. The fight soon finds it’s way to the announcers table where Punk is about to do the GTS when McMahon counters by sending him face first into the steel post! McMahon is busted open on his left eye as he soon sends Punk flying across the table! McMahon grabs a microphone and tells the champion that “he’s now going to teach him a thing about respect!” McMahon assaults Punk repeatedly over the head and face with the microphone before sending him back in the ring. McMahon introduces a kendo stick as he;’s about to hit Punk with it when Punk runs out the ring!

CM Punk stands clueless and isn’t sure what to do as he calls Heyman over to bring the title when Heyman is derailed by McMahon who slaps him in the face to lay him on the ground! McMahon grabs the WWE title and gets in the ring to taunt him into getting back in the ring to retrieve his precious title. CM Punk soon finds a kendo stick as he gets in the ring with Vince. Both men go to each other’s body with the kendo stick as McMahon soon gets the upperhand. Punk begins to plead with Vince after losing his kendo stick as he soon delivers a low blow to the chairman! This is followed by Punk grabbing both kendo sticks and letting loose on McMahon’s back as he’s about to set him up for the “Go To Sleep”!

The music of Ryback soon plays as he comes into the ring but Punk quickly shellshocked but CM Punk manages to escape with title in hand as he goes running off into the crowd! McMahon stops Punk by grabbing a microphone and tells him it’s decision time as either at Hell in a Cell either Punk has to face Ryback or John Cena!  If Punk doesn’t make his decision than McMahon promises to make the decision for him!

End of WWE Raw

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