wwe raw resultsWelcome to WWE Raw results from Enfinity1Productions as this is the final Raw before Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view.

This week’s WWE Raw results kick off with John Cena narrating a video package of men & women in military that have served for over 200 years as Raw is dedicated to them and all veterans. This is followed by a recap of what all went down last week. Michael Cole is joined by Jim Ross as Jerry Lawler is scheduled to return later tonight. Main event for tonight sees CM Punk taking on John Cena in singles competition.

Match 1: Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler

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This match was strong and high paced from the start but we’d soon see Alberto Del Rio try to interfere but Orton so him coming to ward off his interference. Dolph Ziggler tried to attack Orton from behind with the Zig-Zag but Orton countered and quickly turned it into a rollup for the victory. Post-Match Ricardo jumped on Orton’s back as Del Rio & Ziggler all began jumping Orton when Kofi Kingston comes to his aid to even the odds. Amongst all the chaos between all four men Teddy Long comes out to restart the match as a 2 on 2 tag match.


Match 2: Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston & Randy Orton

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WWE Raw results continue now as Dolph Ziggler stands in the ring with Vicki Guerrero recapping all the events of their “so called evidence” on Cena & AJ having a fraternizing relationship. Vicki takes the mic and tells the WWE Universe how she could’ve suspended AJ but didn’t as she wants her to come out and explain yourself over the amount of evidence stacked against her. AJ does come out and tells Vicki she’s not going to lie as Vicki tells her to come clean now or she’ll disclose her new piece of evidence. AJ looks to not budge as Vicki wants for AJ to admit to having an affair and she’ll take care of the rest. AJ finally admits that her & John Cena are…just friends! That nothing inappropriate has happened between the two of them as AJ turns the tides on Vicki as this is really about Vicki not being appointed Raw GM on Raw 1000. AJ also brings up how twice now she’s physically embarrassed AJ and is throwing her weight around as it’s “pretty considerable”!

Vicki plays her new evidence as it’s in the form of voicemails with AJ Lee leaving messages for Cena. It’s three different pieces that goes as followed:

Voicemail 1: Hey John, I’m so conflicted right now… But I need to be honest with you…before things go to far…What happened last night was a mistake

Voicemail 2: It’s me….We have to stop doing this. I want to stop… but..When I see you I lose control.

Voicemail 3: I want to be very clear about this…[sign]’ You drive me crazy. We should be together.

AJ is conflicted at what she’s hearing as she thinks Vicki somehow hacked into Cena’s voicemail and edited the messages. Ziggler tells AJ to just admit already as now it’s all said & done she can’t see [Cena] him! John Cena comes out ready to fight Ziggler but AJ stops him and slaps Ziggler in the face hard! Cena follows up with a strong hook as Vicki goes flying out the ring with Ziggler later rejoining her.

End of Segment

Your WWE Raw results continue now as AJ Lee and John Cena are talking about what just happened as AJ reassures him she’s okay but shows signs that she likes the idea of them together. Cena’s picking up on this as he excuses himself.


Match 3: Big Show defeated William Regal

This match for Regal was all about pride as he felt embarrassed by Big Show last week. Regal not been an active wrestler for a while is looking for redemption in this match. This was one of the early highlights of the night as it was most physical. Big Show delivered hard slaps to the chest of Regal that had his chest seeing red with broken blood vessels. Big Show quickly ended this match in under 4 minutes as he delivered his trademark chokeslam. Post-Match Big Show looked to deliver the WMD when Sheamus came out to fight the giant. Sheamus managed to tackle Show and laid the fist to Big Show’s face before the World champ was able to get out the ring.

End of Segment


Match 4: No.1 Contender to face the Diva’s Champion

Kaitlyn defeated Layla

Michael Cole and Jim Ross recap Jerry Lawler’s heart attack nine weeks ago as haunting video footage is shown. Footage never seen before as “The King” returns next!

End of Segment


WWE Raw results continue now as we’re into hour 2 as Jim Ross and Michael Cole welcome back Jerry Lawler to Raw. It’s a warm ovation from the WWE Universe in attendance as Jerry hugs JR and Cole. The two leave him to talk to the crowd.

Jerry Lawler thanks the fans for their thoughts, prayers as he didn’t know how many of them and family really cared about him. He recalls feeling like the man from the “It’s A Wonderful Life” movie with James Stewart as Lawler now finds himself having a new appreciation for life. A very emotional moment here that’s soon interrupted by WWE Champion CM Punk! Punk tells Lawler it’s good that he left when he did because he would’ve beat him to death. Punk tells fans to not boo him because what Lawler does is bad taste as he has no business to get in the ring with him at the age of 64. Punk questions what did Lawler think would happen if the two collided as he bashes the minutes Lawler was claimed clinically dead as a real number is 358 days, his current number of days as WWE Champion. Punk has surpassed “Big Daddy Cool” Kevin Nash and will go on past Survivor Series Sunday to be WWE Champion for a full 365 days strong.

A terrible act is then displayed here as Paul Heyman pretends to have a heart attack and CM Punk gives him CPR. A very cold, heartless display is here as soon the scene’s crashed by the “Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley. Mick Foley gives a passionate speech to Punk about how Lawler actually did lose his life and it was through a miracle, thoughts, prayers that Jerry pulled through. Foley gives the WWE Champion a reality check in letting him know the whole world, King’s heart attack doesn’t revolve around him and how upset he was that Mr. McMahon changed the Team Foley vs Team CM Punk match because he wanted to teach Punk a lesson. Foley is happy knowing that this Sunday Punk will have to defend against John Cena & Ryback as he feels one of them will take away title. Punk tells Foley that’s not going to be the case and that now that the match is changed there’s no reason Foley should be in his face and let alone in his ring. Foley reveals to Punk tonight he’s going to be the Special Enforcer for Punk’s match tonight against John Cena!

Backstage segment Brad Maddox is warming up for his match later tonight against Ryback!

End of Segment


Pressure is getting to the WWE Champion who’s venting to Heyman to fix things as his plate is full as it is with John Cena tonight, Brad Maddox, Survior Series, and now Foley.


Match 5: Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio defeated Primo, Epico, Titus O’ Neil, Darren Young

During the match Ricardo comes out to deliver a note to Rosa Mendez. No doubt it was from Alberto Del Rio

Backstage segment Maddox continues to warm up as he’s soon approached by Paul Heyman who tells Maddox they need to talk.

End of Segment


Miz and Dolph Ziggler are talking backstage when Foley approaches and both captains get into for a bit. Foley purposes Ziggler chooses two of his best men to face two members of his team tonight. Ziggler goes with Team Rhodes Scholars as Foley goes with the winner chosen from the voting tonight to team with Kane! Miz offers advice to Foley to put him on the ballot because it would be awesome to beat Ziggler.


Match 6: R-Truth defeated Tensai

United States Champion Antonio Cesaro was at rinside during the match at commentating as he made fun of R-Truth talking to an imaginary boy. He also bashed Truth for his style of clothing. After the match Cesaro tried to get in R-Truth’s face rubbing in how he’s going to beat him this Sunday as the two will be in a match for the U.S title. Truth snatches the mic from his hands and tells a knock knock joke. The WWE Universe asks who’s there and Truth says Euro-in-my face and that he’s going to knock Cesaro’s teeth down his throat and become a 2x U.S champ.

End of Segment


Hour three of WWE Raw begins with Brad Maddox taking on Ryback where if Maddox wins he’ll get a $1 million dollar WWE contract!

Match 7: Ryback defeated Maddox

Right after Maddox has got in the ring we see EMT’s come out with a stretcher and an ambulance pulls up. Looks like we’re getting a Ambulance Match?

Maddox tried running from his fate early on by settling for a count-out but got back in to embrace his destiny of a defeat as Ryback feast upon his flesh. Three powerbombs, a meathook clothesline and ShellShock later the match was over! Post-Match Maddox was put on a stretcher but Ryback pushed him off it and delivered another meathook clothesline! Ryback then carried Maddox lifeless corpse over his shoulder and tossed him into an ambulance to end this awesome segment.

End of Segment


Match 8: Sheamus defeated David Otunga

Post-Match Sheamus tells Big Show he hopes he was watching as the fate of a Brouge Kick is what will ahppen to him this Sunday. Backstage footage appears on the titantron as Big Show is attack William Rega. Show grabs Regal by the throat and tells Sheamus will really happen at Survivor Series as he delivers a WMD to the face of Regal! Sheamus quickly runs to the backstage area.

End of Segment


Josh Matthews is outside the Trainer’s Room as he gives an update on Regal as apparently his jaw is broken and he’s getting medical treatment.

Kevin Coastner narrates a video package plugging the Wounded Warrior Project.

Backstage segment now Daniel Bryan catches up with Kane and tells him good luck with his new tag partner. Kane tells Bryan that he doesn’t have a new partner but that they have a new team mate. Bryan tells Kane that if Foley asked him to team with someone new he wouldn’t do it and wishes Kane luck but the “Big Read Monster” is already gone!


Match 9: Team Rhode Scholars vs. Kane ???

The WWE Raw Active results are in as the winner is Mzz by 60% of the votes!

Kane & The Miz defeated Team Rhodes Scholars

Plug for the 10th annual WWE Tribute To The Troops featuring Flo Rida & Kid Kash coming in December on USA and NBC

End of Segment


Match 10: CM Punk defeated John Cena

Great main event match that reminds how good of a wrestler Cena is whenever he locks it up with Punk as this was hands down another epic encounter. When things got too heavy we saw the WWE Champion leave the ring and was heading for the back when Ryback came out. Punk tried to go through the crowd to leave but Cena grabbed him to send him into the ring and followed it up with an Attitude Adjustment to get a clean win over CM Punk. Post-Match we see Cena stand toe to toe with Ryback with the WWE Championship on the ground. Both men reach for the title at the same time and have one end of it as their eyes lock on to the rpize they’ll be fighting for this Sunday. Punk, acting like a spoiled little baby looks on like he wants his toy back as now all eyes are on Survivor Series Sunday!

End of WWE Raw results this week


Overall a solid installment of Raw for a go home show to the Survivor Series. High point would be the great tag matches we saw and the mega heel heat CM Punk generated from his segment with Jerry Lawler. Low point of the night has to be the haunting footage of Jerry Lawler having his heart attack and being worked on. Glad he’s okay now but it was just too much and shouldn’t been shown. WWE Raw gets 8/10.

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