wwe raw resultsWelcome to Enfinity1Productions WWE Raw results for this Monday night as Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Romaine Reigns finally break their silence of why they keep attacking Ryback!

11/26/12-Cajundome Arena-WWE Raw kicks off with Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler as Cole reveals that in just minutes viewers will get to see his sit-down interview with the NXT 3 of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Romaine Reigns!

Match 1: Ryback defeated Titus O’ Neil

Post-match Ryback grabs a microphone and says the following:

“Whether it’s one CM Punk or three men dressed in black, or all four of them, I’m not going anywhere until I get what I want!” And with that Ryback stands in the ring demanding that he be fed more!

End of Segment

WWE Raw continues now as five security officers wearing yellow shirts come into the ring to confront Ryback. One of the men who looks an awful like lot Kofi Kingston tries to step forward but is tossed out the ring! Vicki Guerrero comes out and tells him that she knows how he feels with what’s happened to him in recent weeks but he can’t put his hands on security and hold the show hostage. She’s about to suspend him when Ryback tells Vicki he’s not going anywhere unless he gets CM Punk at TLC December 16th. Vicki entertains the idea but Ryback tells her to shut him up as he wants CM Punk at TLC in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match! Ryback promises that if he doesn’t get what he wants he will destroy anything and everyone in the building. Vicki agrees under the condition he leaves the ring so the show can continue. Ryback stands looking at the four security guards and pretends he’s about to hit them when they all scatter away.

Recap is shown from last Monday’s WWE Raw as Rosa Mendez is squirted by Hornswoggle. This leads into backstage footage shot earlier in the day a Rosa is getting into it with Hornswoggle when Alberto Del Rio steps in and tries to humiliate him but Great Khali comes in and tells him to leave his little buddy alone.

Match 2: Alberto Del Rio defeated Great Khali

Backstage segment on WWE Raw we see CM Punk talk to Vicki Guerrero over her decision giving Ryback a title shot at TLC. Heyman steps in and tells Vicki that he’s aware that her head is consumed with the AJ scandal. Vicki tells them that she gave Ryback another title shot because of what happened at Hell in a Cell and recently at Survivor Series courtesy of “CM Punk’s boys” Reigns, Ambrose, Rollins. Punk tells Vicki they aren’t his boys and how he wants to hear what they have to say tonight. Vicki is quick to inform him that he’ll be doing more than watching as he’ll be having a match tonight against Daniel Bryan or Kane as fans will vote tonight in the Raw Active poll!

End of Segment

WWE Raw continues as Michael Cole now shows the exclusive video from earlier in the day of his interview with Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins.

Cole asks them if they are working directly with CM Punk and Dean Ambrose reveals they aren’t. Cole wants to know why they are doing what they are doing Seth Rollins jumps in to bash the popularity contest in WWE as their’s Raw GM & Smackdown GM that have to follow orders by WWE and ultimately take guidance from the WWE Universe. Cole aksed Reigns if he had anything to say and he said that when he has something to say he’ll say it. Ambrose talks about the milestone CM Punk accomplished holding the title pass 365 days and how the champion faced n injustice having to defend his title again against a man he’s faced before. They felt that it was wrong and where there’s a wrong the step in to make it right. Ambrose goes on record and tells Cole that it could’ve been Ryback as the champion or Cena and they would’ve done the same thing. Dean Ambrose closes things out saying they are about honor, integrity and are a shield to right the injustices in the WWE. Ambrose goes on to say that they are…The Shield.

Reigns tells Cole he has something to say which is the interview is over as all three men leave. Watch the video below for the interview.

End of Segment


Match 3: Tamina Snuka defeated Alicia Fox

WWE continues with John Cena comes out and talks about how he’s been in the WWE for 10 years as all week the question is how well did AJ Lee kiss. Cena is about to tell the WWE Universe when Vicki Guerrero comes out to say “I told you so” to Cena. Vicki feels that Cena’s confirmed her suspicions as she presents a gift of matching bathrobes. She talks about how AJ Lee is very psychotic as she goes down memory lane of her being with Daniel Bryan, trying to marry CM Punk without going out on a date, and even hitting on Kane! We’re now going into the 2nd hour as AJ Lee comes out to confront Vicki.

AJ tells Vicki she’s aware of her past mistakes and has tried hard to become  better person. AJ also reveals how she’s no longer the GM thanks to Vicki. As a result of not being Raw GM, AJ is free to do whatever with whoever. AJ shows a few examples of her freedom as she smacks Cena on the butt and is about to kiss him when Vicki interrupts to say she sees the point being made. Dolph Ziggler comes out to end this latest segment of Jerry Springer as he talks about attacking Cena in the men’s locker room last week and then cheap shots him on Smackdown.  Ziggler questions why Cena did that as he knows what’s eating Cena up inside aside from the kiss because deep down inside Cena knows that AJ was really thinking about him (Ziggler)!

Cena wants to get a piece of Ziggler and tries to elave the ring but Vicki tells them this will be settled later tonight as they’ll go one on one.

End of Segment

WWE Raw continues now as Redskins quarterback RG3 was presented with a WWE Championship belt for his performance against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day.


Match 4: Kofi Kingston defeated Tensai

It’s revealed that Kane has won the WWE Raw Active poll so he’ll take on CM Punk later tonight. Meantime Bryan does have a match tonight as it’s the first time ever that Bryan faces Rey Mysterio!

End of Segment


Match 5: Rey Mysterio defeated Daniel Bryan

Backstage segment we go as we see on WWE Raw as Alberto Del Rio walking with Ricardo when Rosa approaches them. Rosa thanks Del Rio for what he did earlier and that she’s grateful. Del Rio tells her whatever he needs and walks away.

In another backstage segment Josh Matthews is talking with Dolph Ziggler as he reflects on being Mr. Money in the bank as he’s in the main event on Raw tonight. Ziggler also talks about how distracted Cena is by AJ and that he can’t wait to see the look on her face when he beats her boyfriend!

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now as we’re going into the third hour with one of two main event matches!


Match 6: John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler

Let’s pick it up towards the end of the match here on WWE Raw where Cena tweaked his leg and was being checked on by the ref and medical official. As they are checking, Ziggler runs to a corner to remove the cover from a turnbuckle. AJ comes down to stop him but soon we see Vicki Guerrero come down to get in AJ’s face. Cena begins to come into the ring as Ziggler decides to hit him with the Money in the bank briefcase as the ref tries to have AJ & Vicki leave ringside. Cena sees the briefcase coming at him and counters with the Attitude Adjustment to pick up the win to end Ziggler’s impressive streak as of late.

Post-match on WWE Raw we AJ Lee is standing in the ring waiting for Cena to turn around as she gives him lovely dovey eyes. The two come close as AJ plants one on his lips for a true slobber knocker!

End of Segment


Match 7: Sheamus defeated Antonio Cesaro

Last few seconds of the match on WWE Raw we see Sheamus connect with the Brouge Kick to send Cesaro outside the ring. Big Show comes out with steel chair in hand and looks on. Cesaro gets counted out as he’s out-cold, meanwhile Sheamus & Big Show continue to lock eyes on one another. Big Show turns around but is stopped as Sheamus tells him how he hears him going around saying that he’s going to be World Heavyweight champion for a long time. So long that he’ll be holding until he retires! Sheamus vows to make Big Show retire at TLC in three weeks. Sheamus picks up on Big Show’s words from last week calling him brutal and that it’s how exactly he’s going be in their match! Big Show responds like a 5 yr old with a temper tantrum destroying his chair.

End of Segment

WWE Raw continues on now with “The Intellectual Savior” Damien Sandow talking trash about defeating whoever he’s facing tonight.


Match 8: Damien Sandow defeated Zack Ryder

Backstage segment on WWE Raw we see Josh Matthews trying to itnerview Paul Heyman who cuts him off with a series of his own questions. Questions such as how does Punk feel being subjected to the whims in WWE, how he feels on the 377th uninterrupted day as WWE Champion, surrpassing Macho Man Randy Savage on the all time list. Questions such as how much injustice can CM Punk take?


Match 9: CM Punk defeated Kane

Post-Match on WWE Raw we see The Shield gather around the ring as CM Punk stands inside. It looks as if they are about to gang up on Punk but instead focus their attack on Kane! Daniel Bryan comes to his friend’s aid but is jumped as well as Punk looks on. The music of Ryback hits as Punk jumps over a guard barrier to escape him. The Shield gang up on Ryback but he quickly gets the upper hand by powering out and delivering a strong punch to the face of Ambrose! He delivers a elbow to Reigns and gives a powerbomb to Reigns! Ambrose meets a clothesline followed by another given to Reigns!  CM Punk jumps Ryback from behind but it doesn’t phase him as he picks up Punk and is about to powerbomb him as well until Reigns spears him!

From there the men gang up and deliver a powerslam as Punk looks on confused as for the third time in a week CM Punk benefits from the work of The Shield.

End of WWE Raw results

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