wwe raw resultsWelcome to Enfinity1Productions weekly coverage of WWE Raw results as tonight is the go home show to Royal Rumble this Sunday!

San Jose, California-WWE Raw kicks off with Vicki Guerrero being escorted to the ring by Paul Heyman to the boos of WWE fans! Vicki talks about making unpopular decisions as it comes with her job as acting supervising manager of Raw as that even includes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! Paul Heyman agrees as he criticizes The Rock for defaming him &  his & Vicki. Video recap is shown from last week of “The People’s Champion” as Heyman informs the WWE Universe that it’s one thing to pick on him as Punk has to defend the title in six days, but to pick on Vicki Guerrero was wrong. Footage is shown once more of Rocky’s concert. Vicki is upset to no end as she reveals Rocky isn’t allowed to enter the arena tonight as San Jose police have orders to arrest him if he tries to come to the ring. Vicki gets word that The Rock has entered the building . Camera catch up backstage as Rocky gets word from police officers who meet him upon arrival. Rocky tells police to arrest CM Punk for impersonating a champion, arrest Paul Heyman for not not wearing a bra in public and scaring the children, arrest Vicki Guerrero but first ask her what her intestines look like as she’ll have her head shoved straight up ass! The Brahma Bull guarantees that he’ll get to the ring as it’s just a matter of when. Camaeras cut back to Vicki Guerro who reassures fans that if Rocky tries to come to the ring he’ll be arrested and will be singing a new tune…Jailhouse Rock! She then throws insult by saying “If you smell-EXCUSE ME-what The Vic is cooking”!

End of Segment


Match 1: Beat The Clock Challange
Randy Orton defeated Antonio Cesaro at 11:36

Match Rating: 4/5

Mick Foley finally gets a video package chronicling his career as he’s the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Very emotional stuff!

Video package from The Shield airs on WWE Raw. For those who missed it on Smackdown here’s what they said:

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now as it was announced through WWE Raw Active that Big Show will get another match against Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing match at Royal Rumble!

Match 2: Big Show defeated Zack Ryder

Match Rating: N/A as the match was over in 40 seconds as Big Show connected with the WMD. Post-Match Big Show tried tot ell the WWE Universe that Alberto Del Rio will meet this same fate come Sunday in their Last Man Standing match. He tried to put his foot on Ryder to begin counting to 10 when the fans interrupted him with boos.

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now as Paul Heyman’s phone call is interrupted by Brad Maddox with his cameramen as he tells them there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to keep his dreams alive. Heyman tells Maddox he was wrong about him as he offers to shake his hand and tells him to stick with him as he’ll make him famous!


Match 3: Ryback vs. Heath Slater

Ryback grabs a microphone to tell the WWE universe that this Sunday is his first Royal Rumble match, it’s a match he will thrive on as it will lead him to the main event at WrestleMania!

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Backstage segment on WWE Raw we see The Rock telling the police that they are here to protect and serve the people and not Vicki Guerrero. One of the officers reveals that he isn’t even suppose to be here tonight as he’s suppose to be with his family in attendance watching Raw. Dwayne asks him if he still has his ticket as Vicki interrupts to inform Rocky that CM Punk will be addressing the people next! She offers to lift the ban so long as Rock apologizes. Rocky instead tells her that she’s still a b-tch and she looks horrible tonight! This leaves the acting WWE Raw GM seeing red as she runs off. Rocky gathers the officers around him as he has a plan.

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues into the second hour now as CM Punk & Paul Heyman kick things off. For 428 days he’s proven that he’s the man as he’s worked half his life to obtained the prestigious WWE title as he won’t allow Dwayne or any man to take it from him.  Punk tells them how he relized a long time ago that the people aren’t what matter but the WWE title. Punk tells the WWE Universe that they can call Rock their People’s Champion, Great One, Brahma Bull but he will never lay claim to being called champion. . Punk says he has earned the right to be the man. Punk tells Rock to take everything in now for the next six days and enjoy his fun while it last.

Still to come tonight on WWE Raw, John Cena will address the WWE Universe about the Royal Rumble.

End of Segment


Match 4: Beat The Clock
Dolph Ziggler defeated Miz at 10:56 to set new record

End of Segment

WWE Raw continues now as Dr. Shelby presents his anger management graduation class of 2013…Kane & Daniel Bryan aka Team Hell No. Kane & Daniel Bryan come out wearing their graduation gowns as Dr. Shelby congratulates them. He gives them their diplomas and offers one last task for them as he wants for them to decide who will be valedictorian. Both men argue amongst themselves until Shelby suggest that they and everyone around the world hug. Kane & Bryan start pointing out fans in attendance to hug along with them, Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole, Justin Roberts, everybody! An awkward segment that had fans taking jabs at Dr. Shelby chanting overselling. Was it overselling or overShelby?

End of Segment

Match 5: Kaitlyn defeated Alicia Fox

Backstage segment Paul Heyman is escorting CM Punk to a personal skybox as he has a message he;’s going to deliver to The Rock in the middle of the ring. Heyman wants for Punk to have a nice seat and enjoy what he’s going to say as he has a Paulbomb he’s going to lay on “The Great One”.

End of Segment

Third hour of WWE Raw begins now as Heyman tells the fans in attendance that he’s CM Punk’s friend, adviser, advocate. Heyman volunteers himself to act as Punk’s interrupter tonight as he feels everyone may not have understand what Punk was saying earlier. CM Punk watches on in his skybox as  Heyman assures us that Rocky won’t become the WWE Champion at Royal Rumble. Heyman calls WWE Chairman Vince McMahon a tyrant that’s desperate for someone to defeat Punk and that the flavor this month is Rock! Heyman continues on to say that just like the people, The Rock is stupid! Rock’s music plays as he comes out to a huge pop from the crowd.

Rocky thanks the San Jose Police Department for his ticket to tonight’s show. Heyman tries to interrupt him but Rock tells him to shut up. The Brahma Bull then calls him Twinkie t–s and threatens harm to him if he doesn’t get out the ring. Heyman complies as Rock looks up at the skybox where CM Punk sits. Rock acknowledges Punk is a badass and that he’s earned the title of calling hismelf the best in the world. Rock says despite that it doesn’t change the fact that tonight on this very night is the last time Punk will be WWE Champion on Raw. Rock says Punk is obsessed with how Rock entertains the fans. Thathe will stand before Punk inside the ring, outside the ring, on the streets and will rip his face off any time. Rock begins to cite Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech adding how he’ll reach the mountain top again to become WWE Champion one more time.

Rock promises to beat Punk on Sunday and says when that’s done, everyone will yell about how they are free at last. He ends his promo in typical Rock fashion and goes to the corner to celebrate. The lights go out for a few seconds and all we see is blackness. When the lights come back on we see The Shield is beating Rock down in the corner. Rock tries fighting back but they manage to beat him down to the ground. just like with Sheamus, Ryback, Randy Orton, John Cena, they hit the triple powerbomb on The Rock and stand over him together. The Shield exits the ring, leaving Rock laid out. Punk grabs a mic and tells Rocky that at that top of the mountain he [rock] described, there’s only room for one man. Rock tries to get to come to his feet as Punk speaks but can’t as he’s spitting up blood. Punk says when Rock wakes up from that dream, he will realize The Great One wasn’t great enough to beat the best in the world. Probably one of the best segments on WWE Raw tonight.

End of Segment


Match 6: Beat The Clock Challenge
Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus= Draw due to interference from Ziggler, AJ, Langston

Beat The Clock Challenge winner is Dolph Ziggler. As a result he gets to choose what entry he’ll be at the Royal Rumble.

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now as Vicki Guerrero is backstage talking to Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee & Big E Langston. Ziggler is ready to pick his number as Vicki Guerrero reveals that the number he gets to choose is either the no.1 or no.2 entry at the rumble. Backstage segment on WWE Raw we see CM Punk & Paul Heyman bump into Vince McMahon. Vince sarcastically tells both men how clever they think they are as he tells them that should The Shield interfere in Punk’s match this Sunday they’ll be severe consequences. Punk begins to flip out as he tells the WWE Chairman that he & Paul have nothing to do with Shield members Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins but McMahon remains firm. McMahon reassures Punk that he will strip him of the title should Shield interfere this Sunday.

End of Segment

Match 7: Alberto Del Rio vs. Tensai

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Post-Match Alberto Del Rio grabs a mic and tells Big Show that there will indeed be counting but it will be in Spanish for him as fans join in counting to 10 in Espanol.

Our second inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame is revealed as it’s none other than Mr. Bob Backlund!

John Cena is on his way out next!

End of Segment

Final segment of WWE Raw begins now as the Cenation Leader himself, John Cena is in the house! Cena plugs himself for 10 minutes being the one to be the Royal Rumble winner as Sheamus, Titus O’ Neil, Darren Young, Randy Orton, Miz, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater, and the entire WWE roster all begin to brawl inside the ring as we get a preview of the Royal Rumble.

End of WWE Raw Results

Overall Rating for this week’s WWE Raw: 7/10

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