wwe raw resultsWelcome to this week’s WWE Raw Results for this week as it’s the go home show to the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view live this Sunday!

Nashville, Tennessee-WWE Raw opens with Paul Heyman telling the crowd that tonight is going to be the last time we’ll see him. Heyman talks about the sacrifices he’s made to start ECW and investing into Brock Lesnar to make him become the household name that he is today. He also talks about finding the future in CM Punk as he felt he could surprass Bruno Sammartino’s reign as champion, a man that could lead WWE into the future. Heyman feels that something bad is going to happen, something that’s not going to just come down on him but CM Punk. Heyman wants Punk to be focused and become champion as this is why he’s turning in his resignation. All so that the spotlight can be put on CM Punk. CM Punk comes out in disbelief and tries to convince Heyman to stay. CM Punk is successful here as the two embrace in a hug and shout that they are a team as Heyman looks to the heavens and proclaims Punk as “Best in the World”.

End of Segment


Match 1: Mark Henry defeated Great Khali

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Post-Match on WWE Raw, Mark Henry grabbed Great Khali’s friend Hornswoggle and delivered a World’s Strongest Slam to continue his path of destruction of inducting victims into his Hall of Pain.

End of Segment

WWE Raw continues now as Booker T & Teddy Long deliberate on Mark Henry being in the chamber as both feel he looked very impressive. They are approached by Chris Jericho who wants in the chamber match. Jericho tells both men how he’s been a six time World Heavyweight champ and has the record for making the most appearances at the Elimination Chamber. Teddy is ready to let him in but Booker tells Jericho that he’s got to earn his spot. Booker puts Jericho in a match against Daniel Bryan tonight. If Jericho wins then he’s in the Elimination Chamber match.

In another backstage segment on WWE Raw we see Paul Heyman trying to get Vicki Guerrero to add a stipulation to CM Punk vs The Rock this Sunday. Vince McMahon calls to hear the proposal. Heyman wants for CM Punk to able to win the title if Rocky gets himself disqualified by count-out. Mr. McMahon agrees but stresses he wants it in writing before hanging up.

End of Segment


Match 2: Chris Jericho defeated Daniel Bryan to advance to Elimination Chamber

Match Rating: 5/5

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now into the second hour with a six-man tag match!

Match 3: John Cena, Sheamus, Ryback defeated 3MB’s Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Post-Match Sheamus, Cena, Ryback hype up their match against The Shield this Sunday as they are looking to get a piece of them tonight.

Recap of Big Show’s tour bus being destroyed (followed by hot sauce being dumped on him) from Smackdown last week is shown. Apparently Alex Riley & Yoshi Tatsu were having too much fun in a backstage segment earlier as Big Show K.O’d both men with a WMD.

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now with a pissed off Big Show who comes into the ring for an interview with Matt Striker. Matt begins to ask him how does he feel when like Alex Riley & Yoshi Tatsu, gets knocked out by a WMD! Big Show tries to find the right words to say to the WWE Universe but is speechless.

WWWF Legend Bruno Sammartino’s video package from last week is shown as he’s going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

End of Segment

Match 4: Jack Swagger defeated Zack Ryder

Match Rating: 2.5/5

During the match WWE Legend Zed Coppard aka Dutch Mantel escorts Jack Swagger to the ring.¬†After the match, Swagger introduces a great American – Zeb Culter. Zeb takes the mic and asks the WWE Universe what’s wrong with America. Zed says he and Swagger know what’s wrong as most people have forgotten what’s wrong with the country today. Zeb talks about being in Vietnam with Swagger’s dad and proclaims himself as a patriot.¬† Zed feels he doesn’t recognize America anymore as there’s more faces he doesn’t like and languages he can’t understand. Zeb asks how they can be rid of these type of people as they continue crossing the border. Strong and controversial stuff here.

Backstage segment on WWE Raw, Booker T reveals that Swagger is in the chamber. Big E Langston, AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler come in complaining. Ziggler still feels that Jericho shouldn’t be in the chamber match as he wants in now because Jericho is in. He wants to end Jericho once and for one. Booker T tells Ziggler that if he can get past Kane tonight then he’ll advance to the chamber match!

End of Segment


Match 5: Miz defeated Cody Rhodes via DQ

Match Rating: 2.5/5

End of Segment


Match 6: Tensai & Brodus Clay defeated Primo & Epico

Match Rating: 2/5

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now into the third hour with The Shield’s Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns. All three members don’t appreciate being threatened as the demand that they come out to face them there and now. No one comes out as the man take aim at them for getting the help of the entire WWE roster to take them out but failed as they are still standing. They call Cena a failure as at this Sunday it will be no different as he’ll fail again because John Cena is a failure who they don’t like. Everyday he’s smiling away as there’s no consequences which they define as the John Cena problem. They feel that he’s been the problem of the company for the past decade and that they are his solution. That he’s paved the way for guys like Sheamus and Ryback of the road and others to believe in the system, believe in him! They bask at the opportunity to rectify the injustice that’s happened for a decade in one night. They call them out one more time but no one is coming out to confront them. The lights fade to black and all is dark for 5 seconds. When the lights come back on we see them get attacked by Cena, Ryback, Sheamus! Once more we see The Shield try to escape into the crowd section as all three men continue to fight them to send them running out the arena.

Recap of CM Punk convincing Heyman to stay is shown again.

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now with Damien Sandow who’s trying to save the WWE Universe of their taste in music before his match with Alberto Del Rio.

Match 7: Alberto Del Rio defeated Damien Sandow

Match Rating: 3/5

Post-Match Alberto Del Rio mocks Big Show for having one of the best promos of his life as he didn’t say anything. Del Rio tells him that after Sunday when he defeats him that he can go anywhere he likes, even WrestleMania! Del Rio on the other hand is going to WrestleMania!

Backstage segment on WWE Raw we see Wade Barrett walking as he’s getting ready to come to the ring for a match when he’s jumped by Bo Dallas! Dallas, not forgetting what happened on Smackdown two weeks ago is seeking a bit of payback. WWE officials break the two up.

End of Segment


Match 8: Wade Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston

Match Rating: 3.5/5

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now with our main event match for the night where the winner advances to the Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight no.1 contender match.


Match 9: Kane defeated Dolph Ziggler

Match Rating: 4/5

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues on now with the WWE champion, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Rocky tells the WWE Universe that tonight is a special night as tonight’s arena is sold out. Rock tells the fans how they are a special city to him as it’s now story time with The Rock! In 1987 a 15 year old Rock moved to Nashville, Tennessee. The Rock signed up for high school, as he was already 6’4 and weighted 200 lbs as he kicked puberty’s ass! Despite it out he got no play as the girls thought he was a undercover cop. As result he would hang out at a local bar on Broadway with downtown Bruno. Not Jeff Jarrett or Willie Nelson as a crackhead walked in and told them of a 1979 a blue thunderbird. The Rock was the only one who listened as he bought the car for $45 and drove down the road. He heard something in the back as sleeping in the back was another crackhead. Rock kicked that person out and continued driving but began thinking that maybe, just maybe the car was stolen. The Rock took the car to Burger King and walked himself back to the Tootsie bar. There’s two takeaways to the story, 1 don’t ever buy a car from a crackhead. The second part of the story is to not be like him at that point but instead be like him when he was 25 years old wrestling for 40 bucks, going on to wrestle for WWE and becoming champion. Be like him after Elimination Chamber when he beats CM Punk to continue being WWE champion!

CM Punk & Paul Heyman come out as Rocky let’s them have it for them & Mr. McMahon stacking the deck but tells them to “bring it”. Rocky also tells Punk that he’ll kick his punk a#^ at Elimination chamber and if he wants tonight in front of the Nashville crowd. Punk & Heyman walk down and the ramp and talk about it briefly. They decide to not go through with it until Punk races back in to go toe to toe with Rocky! The two brawled briefly. Rock had Punk positioned for the People’s Elbow when Heyman grabbed at his foot to trip him. CM Punk would capitalize by hitting him with the GTS and afterwards grabbing the WWE title and walking off. Punk tells Rock that storytime is over and that every time he brings it he’s just going to take it to end WWE Raw as a weakened Rock looks on!

End of WWE Raw

WWE Raw overall rating: 7/5

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