wwe raw resultsWelcome to this week’s WWE Raw results for this week as we’re 24 hours removed from Elimination Chamber where Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is still WWE Champion!

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Cajun Dome-John Cena kicks things off excited about his match against The Rock at WrestleMania in 48 days as he also hypes Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio for the heavyweight title. CM Punk & Paul Heyman interrupt him as both men appear upset. CM Punk sarcastically congragulates The Rock for beating him “fair and square” as he reminds John Cena how he’s never beat him. Cena counters by telling him he’s going to have to sit this one out as it was he that won at Royal Rumble to face The Rock at Mania. CM Punk points out how he bested the best in this business for over 440 days while John Cena threw a couple of ham & eggers at Royal Rumble to go to Mania. Punk points out how no one wants to see Rock vs. Cena II as it’s deva vu. Punk wants Cena to walk away from him, the WWE Universe and give him what’s rightfully his…a shot at the WWE title. Cena tells him he’s not going to just hand over his golden ticket to WrestleMania. Cena proposes a match tonight, John Cena vs CM Punk where if he (Cena) wins then Punk has to shut his mouth and head to the back. If Punk wins then he proves without a doubt that Cena isn’t worthy of going to Mania. Punk talks things out with Heyman and tells him that he’ll take him up on the offer as he’s not going to do it here but instead next week. Cena tells Punk to take the week to rest up and bring his best A game cause he’s going to need it as when it’s said and done he’ll beat him to headline WrestleMania!

Still to come…

The Rock’s celebration!

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now with a graphic showing President Thomas Jefferson with his famous line “Courage is the majority of the man”.

Backstage segment Sheamus is being interviewed by Matt Striker when he (Sheamus) gets in the face of Ryback. Sheamus tells Ryback that he’s not the only one upset with the win by The Shield but that they have to focus and adapt to quickly rebound. Ryback continues to look on upset as Sheamus questions if the critics are right about him. That he’s nothing more than a mindless brute. Looks like these men are about to go head to head when Chris Jericho breaks it up. He tells them how The Shield is nothing like he’s seen before in all his years as he’s familiar with NWO from WCW, Nexus but stresses The Shield is on a completely different level. Jericho professes his love of the WWE as he wants to help them with Shield. He tells them he’s going to talk to Vicki Guerrero to see if he can get a match set up for them to face Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns tonight!

Match 1: Mark Henry defeated Sin Cara

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Post-Match Henry continued assaulting Sin Cara when Great Khali comes out still seeking revenge from last week. Henry teases Khali to enter the ring and when he enters Henry quickly leaves. He tells him that all he’s good for is dancing and that if he wants to dance he’ll find his own partner!

Breaking news as Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler share a tweet WWE Raw supervising manager Vicki Guerrero has made the match between The Shield and Jericho, Ryback, Sheamus. The tweet reads:

“@IamJericho gets his wish! @TheShieldWWE vs. @WWESheamus @Ryback22, t@IamJericho onight on Raw #CougarInCharge”

End of Segment


Match 2: No DisQualification
Antonio Cesaro defeated The Miz

Match Rating: 3.5/5

Michael Cole reveals that later tonight on WWE Raw Jack Swagger & Zeb Culter will be making a State of the Union address. If it’s anything similar to what was said last week it will be controversial. Cole & Lawler share a video Zeb & Swagger did most recently. Check it out below:

End of Segment

WWE Raw continues now as Daniel Bryan tells Kane that he’s requested a singles match tonight and he’s got it as he’s going to face Jack Swagger. Bryan demands that he doesn’t interfere. Kane tells him that he won’t and that maybe he’ll ask for a singles match too.

In another backstage segment Paul Heyman interrupts Vicki Gurerrero’s phone call as she summoned him. Vicki sarcastically compliments him to tell him how great of an idea he had with the stipulation added to The Rock vs. CM Punk match Sunday. She reveals she has some major news for him that she’ll be sharing with him in the middle of the ring. It’s going to change his career and livelihood.

End of Segment


Match 3: Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler via submission

Match Rating: 4/5

WWE Raw is well underway into the second hour as post-match Big E Langston attacked Del Rio. Ziggler looked at this as an opportunity to cash in the MITB briefcase as Ricardo Rodgriguez grabbed it and tried to run backstage. Big Langston gave chase as Ricardo dropped it in a panic. Ziggler motioned for AJ to grab the briefacase and by the time she gave him to him Del Rio recovered to deliver a step-up drop kick to knock him out. AJ looked on upset. The bell never rung folks so Ziggler still has the briefcase.

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now as Wade Barrett reveals that he’s starring in a new movie called Dead Man Down as a trailer is shown.

Sheamus luckily interrupted this segment via satellite to tell Wade Barrett (who’s spot in the intial trialer shown on WWE Raw was only seen for 2 seconds) he isn’t even the star of the movie but Colin Farrell. Sheamus challenges him to a match if he has a problem with his interruption and ends the satellite feed.


Match 4: Brodus Clay, Tensai, Naomi defeated Primo, Epico, Rosa Mendez

Match Rating: 2/5

Highlights from the WrestleMania 30 press conference is shown.

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now with Zeb Culter & Jack Swagger. After introducing Culter, he takes the podium to tell the WWE Universe how they are exercising their right of freedom. Culter talks about the problem with North America as illegal immigrants are taking away their jobs, medicaid, education as he wants for real Americans to step up and say no more.  Zeb talks about how Jack Swagger is a real American patriot while World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio is in this country ripping the rewards in America. He promises that Swagger will capture the title and be a proud American champion.


Match 5: Jack Swagger defeated Daniel Bryan via submission

Match Rating: 4/5

End of Segment

WWE Raw continues now as Vicki Guerrero & Paul Heyman are in the ring. Vicki reveals that she has a new assistant and it’s none other than Brad Maddox! Paul Heyman isn’t impressed as he gets ready to leave the ring. Mr. McMahon appears via satellite to remind Heyman of the comments he made last week telling the WWE Chairman he’d be willing to do anything if the no DQ stipulation was added to The Rock v. CM Punk match at Elimination Chamber. Vince informs Heyman he’s going to appear next week as the two of them are going to have a fight.

End of Segment


WWE Raw is now in its final hour as we get our main event match of the night!

Match 6: The Shield’s Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns defeated Chris Jericho, Ryback, Sheamus

Match Rating: 4.5/5

End of Segment


Match 7: Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow=No Contest

The match doesn’t happen as Sandow came down to the ring to cut a promo and jumped Kofi by assaulting him with the microphone. R-Truth makes his eagerly anticipated return to make quick work of Sandow.

End of Segment


Match 8: Randy Orton defeated Kane

Match Rating: 3/5

End of Segment

Back from the break and the marching band from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette performs and make an aisle from the stage to the ring. Out next comes WWE Champion The Rock to a big pop.

The Rock hits the ring and addresses CM Punk and beating him at Elimination Chamber. There’s a podium in the ring with what looks like a new belt. Rock hypes Lafayette and gets the fans to chant his name. Rock talks about Wrestlemania 29 and says he’s going as WWE Champion but not with the belt he has in his hand. Rock says he has deep respect for the WWE Title. He says when this belt was introduced 8 years ago, it worked. Some people thought it was cool but some people also believe Bigfoot is real. Rock says the WWE Title should never look like a toy. It should never spin either. Rock makes the title spin and the crowd pops. Rock tells a crew member to take the title and make sure it ends up in the Hall of Fame. Rock talks about how the title should inspire people. He name drops Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin. Rock unveils the new WWE Title belt and the crowd pops as his music plays. It has the Brahma Bull logo on the sides and a large face.

Rock talks about WrestleMania 29, CM Punk and John Cena but gets interrupted by Cena’s music. Punk attacks Cena from behind on the ramp and lays him out. Punk has the old WWE Title belt in his hand. Punk throws it down on the ramp and points at The Rock. Rock readies for a fight as the crowd chants his name. Punk stops and heads back to the back as the crowd boos. WWE RAW goes off the air with Cena down on the ramp.

End of WWE Raw Results

WWE Raw Rating: 3.5/5

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