wwe raw resultsWelcome to this week’s WWE Raw coverage as this week John Cena wants answers from “FEED ME MORE” Mr. Ryback for the brutal attack he suffered at his hands last Monday. Also, CM Punk returns to address his defeat to Undertaker at WrestleMania!

Tonight’s WWE Raw opens up with a singles match! Straight to the action! That’s how most fans like their wrestling!

Match 1: Randy Orton & Sheamus DEFEATED Big Show
Match Rating: 3/5

Rematch from Friday Night Smackdown but at least this time Big Show didn’t walk out. Sweetest spot in the match was an out of nowhere RKO on the giant to pick up the victory.

Speaking of Smackdown, recap from Friday as we see what what down with 3MB, Triple H and The Shield.

This leads into a backstage segment where Josh Matthews is interviewing 3MB. The trio is upset at The Shield for jumping them last week. They are marching to the ring right now to call them what. Talk about balls…

End of Segment


WWE Raw continues now as 3MB actually call out Shield members but they don’t get them…instead it’s Brock Lesnar! Brock ends up making quick work out of all three men but especially Heath Slater as he delivers not 1, but 2 F5’s that sends Slater crashing on padded guard wall. Fans chant for Lesnar to deliver another F5 but Heyman stops him. Paul calls Triple H’s victory over Brock Lesnar hollow as now there’s a problem. Both men are now 1-1 and there needs to be one more match for winner to take all. Heyman feels there can only be one alpha male in the WWE. Heyman purposes Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H at Extreme Rules in a Steel Cage match. Challenge sent but will The Game accept?

End of Segment


Match 2: United States Title
Kofi Kingston DEFEATED Antonio Cesaro to become a 3x U.S champion

Match Rating: 4/5

This was just a great match from start to finish with great countering. You can’t help but take notice of Cesaro’s 240+ reign and how underutilized he’s been in recent weeks. Hopefully this is just a stepping stone to set him up for bigger things.

Still to come…

Ryback addressing his attack on John Cena

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WWE Raw continues now as footage from last Monday is shown of Dolph Ziggler defeating Alberto Del Rio to become the new World heavyweight champion after cashing in the MITB briefcase.

Speaking of the new champion, he’s on his way out next!

End of Segment


WWE Raw is now into the second hour with Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston and AJ Lee. Alberto Del Rio comes out to invoke his rematch clause tonight! Ziggler isn’t biting as he tells him to hobble on to the backstage area. Raw Supervising GM Vicki Guerrero interrupts to tell Ziggler the match will happen right now!

Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger interrupt the match before it can start as Colter reminds Ziggler how it was because of Swagger’s work was he able to cash in the briefcase to become champion. Colter tells Ziggler & Del Rio that they aren’t worthy of the title. Swagger gets in the ring to confront Del Rio as the Aristocrat starts throwing wild punches. It has Swagger up against the ropes as Del Rio clotheslines him outside the ring. Del Rio turns back to Ziggler as soon he’s confronted by Big E Langston. Del Rio doesn’t back down as he’s about to face him mano y mano when Swagger grabs on his injured leg from outside the ring and pulls him into the steel post. Swagger continues his assault on the leg before clotheslining Del Rio and applying the patriot leg lock to extend further damage.

Since this match never happened it looks like Del Rio still has that rematch coming. At this rate however, looks like it’s going to be a triple threat match.

End of Segment


Match 3: Kane & Daniel Bryan DEFEATED Prime Time Players
Match Rating: 3/5

It’s revealed that on next week’s WWE Raw from the O2 London arena that Kane & Daniel Bryan will team with Undertaker to face The Shield in a six-man tag match!

Up next is Ryback explaining his actions attacking John Cena!

End of Segment


During the WWE Raw Active app Kofi Kingston is interviewed on winning the U.S title. He talks about it being a great honor and that the win is for everyone who’s supported him since day one. He still needs work with his promos as he kept saying “ya know”, ya know?


WWE Raw continues as we see Ryback appear on the titantron to cut a promo. Ryback talks about John Cena having found redemption in defeating The Rock to become WWE champion again, being on top of the world while he was at the bottom. Ryback tells Cena that at this point there’s only one place for him to go. Cena down and him up! What choice did he have as after everything he’d been through he was at the bottom of the ladder again. Ryback remembers back on October 15th how Cena gave him his spot for a WWE title match. Ryback thought what many fans thought which is why couldn’t he (Cena) get injured more often? Ryback feels he is not an afterthought and that if Cena is Superman, then say hello kryptonite (Ryback). Ryback recalls how many times Cena abandoned him when he was being assaulted by The Shield. Back on January 7th he came close to getting the WWE title but was denied again by The Shield. Six times he was attacked by The Shield which made him wonder where was Cena? More footage is shown from Smackdown last month as Ryback is assaulted by The Shield & Mark Henry. The three times Cena was attacked, Ryback had his back. Ryback calls Cena lucky for winning the Royal Rumble match as they were the last two participants. February 17th at Elimination Chamber Cena abandoned him. In a nutshell Ryback has blamed Cena for his recent shortcomings as Ryback tells Cena that he’s the biggest threat to his WWE title and that he rules! A very damn good promo that leaves no doubt in my mind and others that the evolution of Ryback is coming along nicely.

Match 4: Kofi Kingston DEFEATED Wade Barrett
Match Rating: 3/5

Backstage segment on WWE Raw we overhear Vicki Guerrero & Brad Maddox concerned over Alberto Del Rio as he isn’t cleared to wrestle tonight after the beatdown from Swagger. Teddy Long comes in to offer a solution which is for Dolph Ziggler to face Jack Swagger 1 on 1. Long has added an incentive to the match which is if Swagger wins then he’s officially in the title hunt for the World title. thought Booker T was in charge! Both like it but wonder if Booker T knows. Teddy tells them he doesn’t know as the match is made official.

End of Segment


Match 5: Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow DEFEATED Great Khali & Santino
Match Rating: 2/5

Up next…Fandango!

End of Segment


Jerry Lawler introduces Fandango who doesn’t recieve the same kind of reaction from the crowd as last week. It’s obvious WWE is trying to ram this whole Fandangoing down viewers throats. Fandango tries to get everyone to say his name correctly but the crowd obviously isn’t into it as they barely are Fandangoing.

Backstage segment on WWE Raw, John Cena is interviewed by Matt Striker. Cena promises to go out to the ring later tonight to confront Ryback man to man.

End of Segment


Match 6: Jack Swagger DEFEATED Dolph Ziggler

Match Rating: 3.5/5

Post-Match as Swagger & Colter make their way up the ramp while celebrating the victory. Swagger should’ve watched his back as Del Rio attacked from behind to setup a cross armbreaker. WWE referees come out to break the two out as Del Rio gives Ziggler a wink.

Coming up next…CM Punk!

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Just 30 minutes left of WWE Raw as we see Matt Striker interview Sheamus. It’s interrupted quickly as Mark Henry spears Sheamus to leave him laid out. Henry tells him there’s more where that came from! Funniest spot of the night as the attack came out of nowhere. CM Punk with Paul Heyman come out to a loud pop. Punk is quiet for a few minutes as he tells the WWE Universe how he’s been champion for 444 days but could never enjoy it because he was always looking over his shoulder. He talks about taking on The Rock and afterwards wanting another obstacle to come over and that came in Undertaker. Punk feels he pushed him to his limits as he pauses once more while the fans chant for him & Undertaker. Punk gives Heyman the microphone & hugs him before walking away. Heyman stands perplexed as Punk waves the swats the cameras from shooting him. Has CM Punk just walked out on the WWE?

End of Segment


WWE Raw is back as Booker T chews into Teddy Long for going over his head. Booker T tells him that there will be a triple threat match for the World title. He warns Teddy to check himself.


Match 7: Nikki Bella DEFEATED Kaitlyn with help of a little twin magic
Match Rating: 3.5/5

This was actually a damn good match despite the boo’s from the crowd. Seems like the past couple weeks the divas have been getting more TV time as the matches have got better.

End of Segment


Intense segment on WWE Raw as Cena calls out Ryback. Cena lives up to his words and challenges Ryback to see if he can earn a championship match as he wants throw it down. Ryback & Cena stand neck to neck as Ryback walks away from him. Ryback is about to make his way up the ramp when we hear the music of The Shield! Cena stands in the middle of the ring as Ambrose, Rollins, Ambrose look on at Ryback wondering if he’s going to attack them. Shield members enter the ring and manhandle John Cena as he tries to fight back desperately while Ryback looks on. Shield deliver their trademark triple threat powerbomb to close out this episode of WWE Raw.

End of WWE Raw results.

Overall WWE Raw rating: 3.5/5

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