WWE Raw Results 7/2/12

John Cena kicked things off by coming to the ring to address the WWE Universe about his preparation for the contract match at Money In The Bank. He gives sarcastic praise to Jericho & Big Show for what they did to him last week as it’s helping him prepare for the MITB match as it’ll be his first time involved in this match type. John Cena begins to conceive the idea of winning the contract ladder match and being the new contender for the WWE title and winning the covenant prize once again, No. 1 contender Daniel Bryan, WWE Champion CM Punk, Chris Jericho would find their way to the ring for a battle of words. This was highly entertaining as we would see Jericho return to his Y2J roots and give Daniel Bryan advice on having more than one catchphrase as the Fozzy front man busted out his Attitude Era gimmick briefly. This was classic Jericho at his best as soon we would find the monster Kane make his way to the ring followed by Big Show as tension came underway! Bryan would attack Cena to cause the chaos to erupt as Jericho batted Kane as Big Show made his way to the ring and quickly took out the competition. Message sent loud and clear as Big Show eventually left the ring leaving the other challengers collecting themselves. the first to enter the fray, beginning the show with his customary address of the WWE Universe and discussing his preparation for the momentous contract that could put him in direct contention for WWE’s supreme prize once again. As the Cenation leader extolled the possibility of claiming the briefcase, No. 1 contender Daniel Bryan, WWE Champion CM Punk, and Chris Jericho made their way to the ring to trade verbal barbs (and, in Jericho’s case, offer catchphrase advice) and make a case for their own supremacy.

But no sooner had Kane made his way to the ring than Big Show’s music hit and the tension finally came to a head. After Bryan attacked Cena, the situation devolved into chaos as Jericho battered Kane into the corner before The World’s Largest Athlete thundered down to the ring and quickly laid waste to his competition. The giant’s punishing attacks left champion, challenger and Money in the Bank contenders alike lying in a heap as he made his way back to the locker room area, his statement made loud and clear.

End of Segment

Charlie Sheen Social Ambassador for the 1,000th episode of Raw July 23rd plug

Match 1: Four on Four Tag Match
Christian, Santino, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth defeated Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, David Otunga, Cody Rhodes

It was U.S. Champion Santino who proved to be something of a difference-maker after he and Otunga were tagged in. As Santino was on the offense and bringing it to Otunga, A.W decided to take his clients The Prime Time Players and leave the match to head backstage. Soon afterwards Brodus Clay would make an appearance to lend a hand as Otunga suffered defeat at the hands of Santino’s Cobra Strike as Christian soon followed it up with the Killswitch followed by Brodus Clay doing a body splash on Otunga to send him to the locker room in pain as the babyfaces celebrated by dancing with little kids in the ring.

Backstage segment now we see Alberto Del Rio who’s happy that Teddy is the special GM tonight. Teddy Long isn’t buying it as he makes him cut right to the chase. Del Rio feels that he earned the right to a World Heavyweight title match the Friday before WrestleMania 28 which was three months ago and hasn’t gotten the opportunity to have his match. Every time it seems like he’s about to get it he’s involved in triple threat, fatal four way, contract on a pole matches and he feels it’s not fair. Del Rio even points our how he was recently hurt and as result was not able to compete at No Way Out against Sheamus for the title. Del Rio pleads with Teddy to make things right and give him (Del Rio) what he wants. Teddy Long feels that he doesn’t deserve anything but that according to the WWE Board of Directors, he’s been given the opportunity to face Sheamus at the MITB ppv in two weeks for the title! Del Rio is very excited but the celebration stops as Mr. Long points out that the decision made was the board’s and how tonight Del Rio will face a mystery opponent later tonight! This is something Teddy has dubbed as the “Teddy Long Surprise”.

End of Segment

Raw 100th moment as the lovely Stephanie McMahon recalls January 1999 when Shane McMahon was helping Vince McMahon train to take on Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Match 2: Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara=No Contest

The “Teddy Long Surprise” turned out to be Sin Cara, but this didn’t matter as the match never really happened as The Mexican Aristocrat grounded Sin Cara with kicks to the head before Sin Cara could finish his entrance! Del Rio would toss Cara around and beat him down over by the announcer’s table before applying the Cross Armbreaker to send a very loud message to World Heavyweight champion Sheamus.

We see that Paul Heyman is going to be joining the WWE Universe via Satellite to inform us of whether or not Brock Lesnar will accept Triple H’s challenge to go 1 on 1 at Summerslam.

End of Segment

Intermission-Paul Heyman continued where he left off with The King of Kings as he continued mocking Triple H. Acting on behalf of his client Brock Lesnar, Heyman revealed that Lesnar will answer Triple H directly, face to face in three weeks on the 1,000th episode of Raw coming July 23rd. At the same time Heyman feels that the only reason why Triple H is challenging Lesnar is to give Lesnar the opportunity to end his career and give him an excuse to retire from in-ring-activity and be a corporate suit full-time! The ECW Founder & announcer would proclaim that if the two were to have a match that it wouldn’t be a match, it would be a “mercy killing” while laughing devilishly to himself to end this segment.

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Match 3: World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus & AJ defeated. Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero

Vicki Guerrero introduced herself as “Queen Diva” as her & boy toy Dolph Ziggler made their way tot he ring. You can still feel the friction in the air between the couple as on Smackdown this past week it got intense between the two in a backstage segment (read more about it by clicking here). AJ Lee would score the victory for the team as she went for Justin Robert’s microphone post match and screamed “YES!” as she skipped towards the backstage area. Cameras catch up to her as she bumps into WWE Champion CM Punk who is on his cell phone having a conversation with his sister. AJ wants to know who he’s talking to as eventually Punk had to cut the conversation short. Irritated was the champion as AJ inquires if he saw her match. CM Punk honestly informed her that he didn’t and that he didn’t know she was in match as he spent the past 15 minutes talking to his sister. This obviously upset AJ Lee to no end.

End of Segment

Match 4: Heath Slater defeats. Doink the Clown

Yes the tradition of past WWE Raw legend wrestlers continue as Doink the Clown (most likely played by The Brooklyn Brawler) made an appearance. This time around though Heath would not suffer defeat as he took out the loveable clown. Post-match is where it got really exciting as former three time WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page returned! DDP hadn’t been in a WWE ring since June of last year. DDP came off wanting to celebrate Slater’s victory as he offered to shake Slater’s hand. Big mistake for Slater as DDP delivered the original RKO, his trademarked Diamond Cutter!

End of Segment

Match 5: Big Show defeats. Kane In a No Disqualification match

Match 6: Tyson Kidd defeats Tensai

Tyson Kidd has been on a roll since winning his MITB qualifying match on Smackdown last week as his streak continues! In a true upset, Kidd beat Lord Tensai as he used his speed in the opening minutes of this contest roll up Tensai for a quick win.
Post-Match Tensai would take his frustrations out on his servant Sakamoto before finding Kidd in the locker room area as he was being interviewed. Tensai left Kidd badly beaten and you can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen next for Kidd. One question that comes into mind is if Kidd will even make it to MITB at this rate?
In a backstage segment we see Daniel Bryan & Chris Jericho trying to get on the same page but it’s not going so good. Bryan sees that Jericho has one of his silly light-up jackets and wants to know if he’s really going to wear it to the ring. Jericho bashes Bryan for his “YES”! Jacket and if he’s really going to be wearing it as Bryan soon begins chanting “YES!” Jericho wants Bryan to stop but it’s not working as soon Jericho finds himself screaming “EVER AGAIN”! Really classic segment here that had me laughing non stop.
In another backstage segment we’d see CM Punk and John Cena trying to get on the same page. Punk promises Cena to trust in him more and believe in him as he’s grown a lot over the past several months.

End of Segment

Match 7: John Cena & WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan & Chris Jericho

You just knew if you’ve been watching in recent weeks that AJ was going to come out. Only question would be is when is she going to grace us again with her presence? It would be during this contest after Jericho’s been taken out. AJ would come out as Punk and Bryan battled it out in the ring, AJ would go unnoticed circling the ring and not receiving attention as she went for a table under the ring, unfolded it and setting it up properly before taking to the top turnbuckle. It looked as if AJ was contemplating going through the table as Bryan attempted to have her rethink her decision. Soon CM Punk would find himself trying to stop her as well as she quickly kissed CM Punk! The WWE Champion stood in shock as AJ pushed CM Punk off the apron and sent him crashing through the table along with Bryan to end this show as AJ screamed “YES”! To end tonight’s episode.


Overall tonight’s episode of WWE Raw was pretty good. I enjoyed this episode more when compared to previous weeks and love the strong build that’s going towards the 1,00oth episode of Raw. Really enjoyed seeing DDP return even though the crowd came off as though they weren’t sure who he was. Same thing for Doink the Clown as I could remember being scared of him as a kid. Of all the times little kids should be happy to see a clown it wasn’t happening tonight which was just freaking WTF people!! AJ is proving more and more each week that she should be given more air time as she’s really running with the ball WWE’s giving her. She’s doing a superb job than other divas but especially Eve who to me just came off struggling many times. The Money In The Bank PPV is starting to shape up very nicely as its really looking as though Big Show is getting a serious push heading into the event. Will Big Show actually become WWE Champion? Who knows but it is something I’ll be covering more on an upcoming Call That Match special. I’ll be discussing Raw more on the Tuesday night edition of The RCWR Show so do check that out! Meantime WWE Raw overall gets 8/10 this week.

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