wwe raw resultsWWE Raw results 8/27/12

WWE Raw Results-Recap from last week is shown highlighting John Cena crossing paths with CM Punk. Our show opens up with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler as Cole reads King’s tweet which read: “If you’re really the best in the world then you shouldn’t have to kick someone in the head”. Jerry Lawler goes into the ring to explain his actions from last week. As far as he’s concerned he apologized to Punk last week and this week he wants an apology from the WWE champion.

CM Punk comes out to another great ovation despite being kicked in the head. CM Punk brings up the line king made on the 100oth episode of Raw claiming “CM Punk turned his back on WWE as he points out that it was Jerry who turned his back on WWE as he bashed the WWE champion. As far as he’s concerned with Jerry Lawler he’s sorry that the King made it into the WWE Hall of Fame simply by beating up a bunch of nobody’s and for working with Andy Kauffman. That the one time Lawler finally does have a WrestleMania match/moment it’s with Michael Cole and he looses to him! CM Punk doesn’t apologize for kicking him in the head as it was coming because Jerry turned his back on Punk and pushed him aside to leave his ring which he considered disrespectful and as result kicked him in the head! The WWE Champion picks up on the emotion on King’s face as he looks like he wants a fight. Punk toys with King about the idea of the two throwing it down tonight and what would happen as Punk feels he’d embarrass the hell out of King. Punk offers Jerry the opportunity to find out tonight to go head to head.

Jerry claims all he wants is an apology and not a fight. CM Punk tells Jerry that he can read it on his face that he wants a fight and tells him to think it over. Bold words from the WWE Champion who leaves the ring shouting respect as Jerry tells him he’ll think it over.

End of Segment


Match 1: Ryback defeated Jack Swagger

Plug for Triple H who’s in the arena to announce if he’s reached the end of the road

Later tonight John Cena vs. Miz

Michael Cole tries to get an answer from Jerry Lawler about facing CM Punk tonight as he’s still contemplating.

End of Segment


Match 2: Layla defeated Natayla Neidhart

During this contest Vicki Guerrero storms down to the ring and tells them to hurry up because she has an important announcement to make as she gestures for the divas to wrap it up already.

After the match Vicki tells Layla to leave the ring as the two stare each other down as she tells the WWE Universe she has something important to say. Vicki brings up the match from last week that pinned Chris Jericho against Dolph Ziggler as Jericho’s contract was on the line against Ziggler’s Money in the Bank contract. Vicki feels that the new Raw GM abused her powers. She begs the WWE Board of Directors to bring someone else in charge that’s not  a deranged child. AJ skips herself to the ring and smiles at Vicki for a second before attacking Vicki with a smack to the face and tackling her to the ground!

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler show a recap of AJ’s attack as they now talk about monumental moments from Triple H’s career. Nice video package shown of Triple H that’s been recycled before as the main question is asked on Raw…is game over?

End of Segment


Footage shown from last week as Daniel Bryan went to a anger management coarse. Pretty hilarious stuff here as a little boy shows up wearing a goatface mask as Bryan bashes the little kid. Turns out the little kid is the son of Dr. Shelby who’s wearing the mask because he’s in a school play coming up. Michael Cole reads a tweet from CM Punk which read: ” I know he’s just  a commentator but to help @jerrlawler is a man enough to fight me, I’ll let him throw the first punch”. Lawler points out how in his illustrious wrestling career he didn’t face nobody’s as he took on men like Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Harley Race, Jack Briscoe, Bill Dundee, Superstar Billy Graham! Men which Lawler feels are great men as he’s not sure how long CM Punk would’ve last with them. He points out how he had a lot of respect for Andy Kauffman as he was one of the greatest comedians of all time. Jerry Lawler tells the WWE Universe that he’s never backed down from a fight as he accepts the challenge to go one on one tonight with the champ!

End of Segment


Match 3: John Cena vs. Miz

Michael Cole reveals that Raw GM AJ Lee is letting the WWE Universe decide what type of match CM Punk and Jerry Lawler will have in the main event tonight. The choices are Tables, Steel Cage, or No DQ match!

Another video promo of Triple H is shown back from when he first tore his quad and made his return followed by more moments

End of Segment


More on Daniel Bryan in anger management as he recaps how AJ dumped him on their wedding day followed by getting a beat down by Kane. The doctor announces that their last patient has arrived for threapy as Kane walks in wearing mask and all and takes a seat next to Daniel Bryan.


Match 4: Santino defeated Heath Slater

Askana came out during the match as she throw up the cobra hand gesture which prompted Santino’s cobra to look over in her direction briefly. Slater tried to attack santino from behind but Santino’s cobrahand had a mind of its own as it attacked Slater to score the victory.

Triple H countdown continues

End of Segment


Match 5: Brodus Clay & Sin Cara defeated Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes

Final segment of threapy class is shown now as Dr. Shelby tries to get Kane to open upwith the class. This is too funny to type as we’ll post a video on it in the next several hours!

Triple H Greatest Hits to come!

End of Segment


Your WWE Raw results continue now as Triple H greatest wrestling moments are shown. Highlights include the number of times he’s held the championship followed by matches with Hulk Hogan, Undertaker. Triple H is expected in just moments!


Match 6: R-Truth defeated Daniel Bryan via count out

DBD was doing well in this match as he didn’t acknowlede the YES! chants and was being sportsmanlike until R-Truth took to the crowd to use Bryan’s YES! chants which made him flip out and scream NO! to the fans to get counted out.

Triple H is coming out next!

End of Segment


Milwaukee, WI shows love to “The Game” Triple H who comes out to a nice pope from the crowd as he’s in dress clothes, long-sleeve shirt and tie. He makes his way to the ring giving a few fans hand shakes as he looks a bit choked up in the ring. Nice ovation continues after the music goes off but dies down as Hunter looks around speechless for a bit as the ovation continues. Triple H cuts to the chase and address his retirement as the crowd chants NO! NO! NO!  Triple H tells the WWE Universe if there’s one thing he learned it’s never say never. How he wanted to step foot in this ring and create something no one will ever forget. Also to retire from the ring before it retires him as he feels everyone comes to a crossroads in their career. That when you get to that crossroad you face as time as it’s no longer on your side.  Triple H never wanted to be the guy just hanging out or stayed around too long or waiting for the nostalgia pop or be the guy someone is willing to write a check for. That he don’t want to be the guy too beat up or crippled to hold his own kids or the punch drunk fighter when the wrestling life is over. That for the first time in his life he’s at a crossroads as Brock Lesnar took him to this point.

Triple H isn’t sure how to answer retirement as he points out how he’s tired and broken again. He wants to be the Cerebral Assassin, The Game, King of Kings and rise again to kick Brock Lesnar’s ass because that’s what he does! Great ovation from the crowd as Hunter tells them that’s what he wants to do but the truth is he doesn’t know if he can. Brock Lesnar has forced Triple H to ask the question is he done? If he can’t come back and beat Brock Lesnar, come back better than before than maybe it answers his question. Great ovation from the crowd who tell him he cans till do it as Triple H points out how he can come out here and say thank you. Whether you love them or hate them, every person that’s stepped foot in the ring, they put their body, sweat, tears and make sacrifices all in the name of the fans and for their entertainment.

Triple H thanks the fans for always being in his corner all these years and thanks them for letting him play the game. Hunter tells them that hopefully he’s done something in this ring that no one will ever forget as he drops the microphone and tries to leave before the fans chant “Thank you Hunter”.

End of Segment


Dolph Ziggler comes out to Chris Jericho’s entrance as he quickly points out how they will never ever see him again!


Match 7: Sheamus & Randy Orton defated Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler

Backstage segment now as we see Jerry Lawler talking with John Cena as he doesn’t want the Cenation Leader coming out to help him cause it’ll give Punk more ammo. Tonight isn’t about John Cena as it’s about him (Jerry Lawler). Cena wishes him luck as this match is to come later tonight.

End of Segment


WWE Raw results continue now as Kane comes out. This prompts Josh Matthews to haul ass as Kane joins Cole at commentating.


Match 8: Zack Ryder defeated David Otunga

Post-Match we see kane leave the booth and grab Ryder by the neck before turning on David Otunga and delivering a chokeslam to him instead!

Backstage segment we see CM Punk warming up as their match is next! Voting still continues as results are next!

End of Segment

Josh Matthews shares the results for the Raw Active match of the night as cage won by 48% of votes. AJ Lee comes out to reveal that CM Punk will defend his championship at Night of Champions against John Cena!


Match 9: CM Punk defeated Jerry Lawler in a Steel Cage match via submission

Post-Match CM Punk grabs a chain from under the ring and locks the cage door behind him as he tells Jerry Lawler he’s giving him another shot at telling him he’s the best in the world. Jerry tells him “hell no” as Punk begins striking Jerry in the face with elbow strikes! Punk demands to hear Jerry tell him that he’s the best in the world as he continues attacking the Memphis King. John Cena comes out and tells the WWE heads to raise the cage and tries to verbally stop Punk but nothing is happening as Punk soon leaves the ring just as it raises telling Lawler he’s the best in the world!


End of WWE Raw results

Overall a pretty solid episode of WWE Raw that slowly seems to be coming more together than in recent weeks. Really loved all the matches on tonight’s show although I could’ve done without the divas match as it surely didn’t help seeing Vicki Guerrero tell the divas to hurry up. must admit i love the Triple H curve ball given to fans about him appearing to have retired as it’s a nice way to cool off the rivalry with Brock Lesnar until they decide to pick it back up. Also loved the Daniel Bryan with Kane in therapy as that was a classic segment and had me having flashbacks to Raw episodes of yesterdays. Big bonus for tonight’s episode was not seeing Big Show for once as it’s a breath of fresh air! This week I give Raw 8/10.

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