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WWE Raw Results 9/24/12

Your WWE Raw results doesn’t kick off with the usual intro as we see Paul Heyman with WWE Champion CM Punk as Heyman tells the WWE Universe that the show won’t be starting unti a matter is resolved. This matter that Heyman is referring to is the injustice from Punk’s match last week as he lost in a tag match to John Cena & Sheamus.

The match ended in controversy as Punk put his foot on the ropes right before the count of three but the referee Brad Maddox didn’t see this. Heyman feels that Maddox made the wrong move as he calls him to the ring to apologize for missing up the match in turn in his resignation.

Maddox comes down to the ring and admits that he made a mistake and should’ve checked the ropes and apologizes because it was his first main event match. Heyman accepts the apology but demands that the young referee resign. Maddox doesn’t feel the need to resign as CM Punk gets in his face and has harsh words for him as he feels the young ref was sleeping during his match last week. Paul Heyman displays a sleep eye patch that has the WWE logo on one side and the NFL logo on the other side. CM Punk isn’t done bashing as he then turns his attention on the Raw GM calling her dumb and stupid for hiring Maddox. AJ Lee soon comes out to get control of the show as CM Punk let’s her have it big time by feeling that she’s disrespecting him as it’s because of him that AJ is able to go to her mailbox and collect a paycheck! CM Punk feels that he knows where all this is stemming from as a recap from 2 months ago is shown of AJ getting on one knee proposing to the WWE Champion. Punk feels that because of that incident he feels AJ Lee has had it in for him as he reveals that behind closed doors they were very intimate. So intimate that Punk reveals that AJ use to send him very graphic text & pic messages not suitable for the USA Network. Paul Heyman soon takes control of the matter and gets on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage. Heyman has her think about what it could mean as they could be a new power couple like Bill & Hilliary Clinton, Triple H & Stephanie McMahon. He tells AJ that he could come up with all the ideas and she can take all the credit as he loves his women a bit young, dumb and full of ambition. Heyman extends his hands wide open for a hug as AJ smacks him in the face and storms off.

Plug for Jerry “The King” Lawler’s first interview coming later tonight.

End of Segment


WWE Raw results continue now as Maddox and AJ are backstage. We see the young ref apologize to AJ for messing up last week. AJ is pretty upset as she tells him how she didn’t like going out just now to clean up his mess and that if he ever messes up again she’ll see to it that he never works in the wrestling business again! Maddox continues to apologize as AJ soon goes into a deep trance. Very freaky as Maddox apologizes again and takes off.


Match 1: Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston

Just right before the match we see R-Truth who’s minding his own business with a bag of popcorn and drink as he sits next to “Little Jimmy”.  Vicki Guerrero walks over to him and starts making fun of Jimmy prompts R-Truth to splash a cup of water in her face!


Michael Cole & Jim Ross inform us of John Cena’s injury last week and how he had to go see Dr. James Andrews to have surgery. Cena will be on Raw tonight to discuss his wrestling future.

End of Segment


Recap from Friday Night Smackdown as it was the Kane & Daniel Bryan show.

This blends perfectly into a outdoor piece with Dr. Shelby and Daniel Bryan in a restaurant as Shelby reveals that there will be some role playing done today. Kane comes dressed in a apron asking to take their orders. Kane isn’t Kane as his name is Gerald who reveals that his old cook was always taking credit for things until he dunked his goat beard in a deep fryer then chopped it up into everyone’s food! Shelby wants to know if that’s really true as people within ear shot hear this and are disgusted. Kane tells them that his name is Gerald and not Kane.

End of Segment

Plug for Chris Angel as the WWE Raw Social Media Ambassador


Match 2: Darren Young & Titus O Neil defeated Zack Ryder & Santino

Plug for Jerry Lawler interview airs once again

A special Raw guest is coming up next!

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Mick Foley comes out to inform the WWE Universe that he’s been struggling with seeing the recent developments of CM Punk from his infamous pipe bomb moment.  Mick Foley tells Punk that he’s deeply disturbed by his alinement with Paul Heyman and the change in his demeanor. Foley recalls how he use to be a Paul Heyman guy until he stopped listening to him and make decisions of his own. That he’s not sure how long Heyman has been in his ear but it’s been longer than a month. Paul Heyman would rather climb a tree and tell a lie then be on ground level as Foley ponders why Punk would need  mouth piece. Foley offers Punk advice and that’s to figure out if he’s going to be his own man or a Kool-Aid drinker. The WWE Champion begins to grow bored as Foley tells him about his Hell in a Cell match he had 14 years ago that won him respect for the entirety of his career. Foley sees doubt in Punk’s face as he tells him to just go ask wrestlers such as Triple H, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels as those Hell in a Cell matches elevated & cemented their careers.

Harsh words come from the WWE Champion as he bashes Foley for jumping off roofs like a idiot, lighting himself on fire, putting his body through thumbtacks all in the name of getting a reaction. CM Punk feels he doesn’t need to do any of that as he lets his words do the talking for him as he makes people drop to their knees. All that matters to the champion as he points out to Mick is 3-0-9 which stand sfor the number of days he’s been WWE Champion and how it will continue the next day and so on. Foley rebuttles with 29 as the number od days total that he was WWE Champion and that’s combining all three of his title reigns!

Foley offers Punk advice and that’s to defend the championship at Hell in a Cell and questions if Punk wants to be a statistic or a legend as he feels Punk needs to have the match that will truly define him and his career. Foley reveals that he’s a talk with AJ and is acting on her behalf as he reveals that John Cena is in the building. Foley wants for Punk to think hard about facing John Cena at Hell in a Cell for the championship and to make the right decision for himself and the WWE Universe as he wishes him to have a nice day.

Footage from last week is shown as Ryback destroyed the set of MizTV and as results Ryback will be taking on Miz next!

End of Segment


Match 3: Ryback defeated Miz


Once again we visit Kane & DBD as they share a moment talking about beating up all the tag teams on Smackdown last Friday night as they left bodies lying left and right. They both start screaming in pleasure as Bryan shouts his YES! catchphrase while Kane screams at the same time. It looked to be somewhat orgasmic for them both as we soon see a waiter talking with WWE legend Mae Young who tells him that she wants what they are having!

End of Segment


AJ is in a group huddle with the referees including Mr. Maddox as she tells them that unfortunately this is the WWE and it’s not like the NFL, NBA as there is no instant replay. She realizes that mistakes happen and tells them to go out nd fun fun tonight and just continue calling the matches correctly. Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga, and Ricardo soon come in as AJ reveals that they will be having a tag match with Sheamus, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara! Del Rio & Otunga are not pleased but Ricardo loves the sound of it as he takes off his neck brace and leaves them hanging.


Match 4: Wade Barrett defeated Tyson Kidd

End of results


WWE Raw results continue now as Michael Cole welcomes back Jerry Lawler as the WWE Universe give him a warm ovation. Lawler recalls how the last thing he remembers is the first segment with Bret Hart and CM Punk and his tag match but that’s all. Lawler had no idea that he was in Montreal when he woke in the hospital as he thought he was still in Aurba with his girlfriend. Jerry is amazed with the fan support that’s come in wishing him well as he thanks them all. One last question is asked which is when he’s coming back as he points out that it all depends on the doctors clearing him. Really great segment here as it was almost a teary eyed moment.


Match 5: Sheamus, Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara defeated Del Rio, Otunga, Ricardo

John Cena is still to come

End of Segment


Dr. Shelby congrats DBD & Kane for their progress so far as plates of food is presented before them. One has meatballs and spaghetti for Bryan while Kane has a plate of lettuce. They both take a bite of the respected food and this funny segment ends with Kane burping loudly while Bryan pukes the meatballs on Dr. Shelby’s lap.

Michael Cole informs us that there’s still time to vote on Twitter for Kane & Daniel Bryan’s new tag team name as the winner will be revealed next!

End of Segment


It’s now time to find out the name of Daniel Bryan & Kane’s new team. The choices are:

Team Team Work, Team Hell No or Team Friendship

The winner is Team Hell No as soon Rhodes & Sandow attack them from behind before taking off to the stage ramp. They bash the tag team champions for their new name as they reveal their names to be Rhode Scholars!

Recap from earlier in the night is shown.

End of Segment


Match 6: Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix defeated Alicia Fox & Layla

Post-Match Kaitlyn pops up and reveals that she’s seen the footage of the diva that attacked her as she reveals she couldn’t make out who she was but knows for a fact she was a blonde. Phoenix defends herself as Eve puts her in a DDT to leave her laid out in the ring.

End of Segment


Match 7: Brodus Clay vs. Tensai

During this match Big Show comes down and knocks out Tensai and soon after Clay with the WMD.

End of Segment


John Cena comes out to a decent ovation that’s mostly mixed. Cena informs them that he wasn’t suppose to be there as he wanted to come out and thank them. Cena also thanks them for their support of the Susan G Komen foundation. Cena takes a jab out CM Punk for the way he won his match at Night of Champions. John Cena guarantees that he’s going to walk in the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view to fight as soon he’s interrupted by the champ! Finally as it was becoming a bad segment.

CM Punk tells Cena that he should be a politician because he has the character assassination down pack. Cena tells him to shut up and face him at Hell in a Cell as Punk reveals that he gets title shot after title shot and he’s had his chance. The champ reveals it’s not just for that reason but because he’s not going to be medically cleared due to what he’s going to do to him at the pay-per-view. CM Punk talks mad trash for Cena coming out and talking trash while being only one handed. He gives him til the count of three to leave the ring or he’ll beat him down so bad that he’s going to need eight months of rehab to come back to the WWE. Once more the WWE Champion is demanding respect. Punk and Heyman turn around as Cena pulls out a lead pipe and is successful hitting him in the abs as he tells him that real men wear pink and that’s what he calls a pipe bomb!

End of WWE Raw results


But wait not wait! Backstage segment we go now as WWE Champion CM Punk is holding on his stomach when he crosses paths with the “Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley. After passing him he turns back around and attacks Foley from behind. The champ walks off and is satisfied but only a few seconds before turning around and wants more. As he turns we see he is scared out of his mind as he stands across from none other than…Ryback!

End of WWE Raw results.

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