Here’s the results for WWE Monday Night Raw tonight:
By Lee Sanders

Opening Segment: The show first opened up with CM Punk sitting in the ring cutting a very good promo on the interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis, promising how he is going to do everything in his power to retain his WWE championship in what he feels is going to be a screw job as he will be defending it against Dolph Ziggler at the 25th anniversary Royal Rumble ppv. CM PUNK went on cutting his promo and demanding the the GM comes out and faces him in the ring as John Cena’s music comes on and Cena comes out to enter the ring. He tells CM PUNK that he talks too much and that he is out because he knowns John Laurinatis will come out to face him because he wants to know why the Raw interm GM put his buddy Zack Ryder in the ring against the monster Kane when Ryder wasn’t cleared to wrestle. John Laurinaitis eventually came out and informed Cena that Zack Ryder had another match scheduled for tonight against Kane in a Falls Count Anywhere match and that if Cena interffered, Ryder would never get another title shot for the United States Championship. Laurinatius also informed Cena and PUNK that they would be teaming up to take on Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger in a 2 on 2 tag team match that would start immediatly. Throughout the match John Laurinatis was present and as usual was texting someonebody on his blackberry. The tag match was pretty solid and entertaining. towards the end of the match CM PUNK looked to go high as he climbed the top rope trying to deliver a elbow drop to Dolph Ziggler only to recieve interferance from john Laurinatis as he climbed up the apron. CM PUNK knocks him off the apron but Ziggler came back with a roll up pin picking up the win for him and Swagger and for the 4th week in a row beating CM PUNK. CM PUNK challanged Laurinatis for just one night only to step out of his corporate suit and job title and lace up a pair of boots and face him in a match one on one. Laurininatis accepted the challange and our main event for later that night was set! As they get ready to go to commercial the camera cuts to Chris Jericho backstage and we are informed that he is finally going to speak as he brings back his Highlight Reel. Cut to Commercial break.

Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel
The lights go out as usual and all you see is darkness throughout the arena until Jericho turns his jacket on and poses. Pyro and his music is cued and he goes to the ring. Excited as he was the previous weeks since his return, Chris makes another go round throughout the arena giving high fives and really working the crowd. Each time he goes for the micophone and gives the hand signal to the audience to be quiet they get louder and are cheering him more and more. Chris makes another go round giving high fives and then goes back to the ring and tries to silence the crowd again. He points to the Jeritron 5000 and saids look. We are presented a very nice video package chronicling Jericho’s debut and all his accomplishments in the span of 3 minutes. Once it’s over the crowd is cheering and Chris puts the microphone to his lips only to say the following: ” This Sunday…Will be the end of the world as we know it”. Jericho exits the ring and that’s the end of the segment leaving the anouncers and those in attendance scratching their heads.

When Raw returns from commercial break they showed a very well informed, detailed video package chronicling the Royal Rumble and providing lots of intresting statistics as far as how many participants total have joined the Rumble over the years, success rate of the winner going on to WrestleMania and becomign champion, etc, etc.

Kane vs Zack Ryder in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
Zack Ryder never had a chance against Kane in this match although he made a ver valient effort. The falls Count Anywhere match did not disappoint as it was very entertaining despite Kane dominating. Key points to bring up during this bout is that they took their battle to the top of the ramp where Kane slammed ryder against a WWE 3D steel pyramid structure and then chokeslamed Ryder. When Kane chokeslammed Ryder he went through the floor stage structure and did not move. From there Eve came out to see if he was okay and then Kane turned his attention to Eve. Eve went running to the ring as Kane moved slowly towards her but kept looking back and as expected Cena came out. Kane made his way through the audience to exit. Cena and Eve attend to Zack and paramedics came out to check on him. They cut to a commercial break. When they come back we still see Ryder being assisted by paramedics and he’s finally strapped onto a gherty and is taken to an ambulance. We’re able to see them all as they make their way to the back to load him onto the ambulance truck. Before driving off Eve tells Cena he’s done enough and that this is all his fault and that he is to blame for what all has happend to Zack over the past several weeks. She told him that she was going with Zack to the hospital and the ambulance drives off. Cena stands there looking upset and sad as Josh Mattwes tries to get Cena’s thoughts on what just happend. Cena’s face turns real read and he looks very upset and just rams the mic into Josh’s face and a closeup shot is shown of Cena’s face looking extremely upset and they cut to another commercial break.

Sheamus vs Jindher Mahal This was a very intresting match especially since Wade Barett was at ringside watching this match. It wasn’t good nor was it bad but I really didn’t see the relevance in this match except to continue to push the feud that Sheaums has been having against Mahal over the past couple weeks. At first it started off as two bulls locking up and just matching eachother move for move but eventually the Great White Sheamus dominated and landed his trademarked Brogue Kick to pick up a clean win over Jinder Mahal. Sheamus looked over to Barett and offered for him to get in the ring next but he declined. Sheamus kept trash talking Wade and Wade finally went to the apron almost as if he was going to get in but jumped off ans smirked as he made his way up the ramp.
Next up we are shown Josh Mattews interviewing The Miz who is basically talking about winning the Royal rumble and main eventing Wrestlemania again when R-Truth interrupted him in a doctor’s coat, glasses outfit. This was classic back and fourth between these two as it was very entertaining as R-Truth told Miz surveys have shown that whenever The Miz is on most folks go W.E.I.O at which Miz said what the heck does that mean? R-Truth told him it meant most people are going when The Miz comes on tv they go: What Else Is ON?!! The two continue to argue when John Laurinatius comes out from his office and yells at the two ebcause he can’t concentrate on his match later tonight against CM PUNK and decides that that since they want to go back and fourth they were going to have a match with a certain stipulation. Whoever lost the match would become the number 1 entrant to kick off the Royal Rumble this Sunday.

Funkasaurus Brodus Clay vs Heath Slater This was hardly an entertaining match as once again and as perdicted Heath Slater lost again. the match was over in less than 3 minutes. Best part of this segment was the Funkasaurus dancers. Somebody please call my mama!!!
On a intresting note we are presented with a Royal Rumble flashback from the year 2007 where for the first time in his illustrious career, The Undertaker wins that years Royal Rumble. Could this be a hidden message to look for Undertaker to return this Sunday? We’ll know this weekend.

R-Truth vs The Miz This match was a very decent match with the two going back and fourth and trying to one up one another but eventually R-Truth got a clean win over The Miz thus making him the number one entry for the Royal Rumble this Sunday. We’re shown John Laurantius as he is gettig ready to go out for his match when his assistant David Otunga gives him a letter that he just recieved via fax and that it was urgent to read it before his match. Johnn reads it and looks upset. We go to commercial.

Main Event: CM PUNK vs John Laranititus: PUNKS music comes on first and he goes to the ring and looks pretty amped up to finally being able to get his hands on the Raw GM. John Lauranitus is introduced by the announcer but doesn’t come out. They annouce him multiple times until he finally comes out. He gets in the ring and informs PUNK that before their mach takes place he must inform him of a letter he just recieved. David Otunga reads the letter outloud which in summary stated that due to John Lauanitus current misconduct and reealing that he is going to try and screw the WWE champion out of his title at the ppv, his position will be under review on next weeks Raw where a decision will be made on whether he will eb able to keep his position or if he will be fired and this will all be conducted by the COO of the WWE, Triple H!!!. CM PUNK tells himt hats good news then cause if Triple H has inherented in common sense from his father-in-law, he’s going to fire John Lauranitus. John then begins to apoligize for the error of his saids and tries to play kiss up to CM PUNK by telling him Mic Foley will be in the Rumble this Sunday as last week he wanted no part of Foley in the Rumble. He also informed him that he’s always liked PUNK and that he was never going to screw him out of the title. CM PUNK doesn’t look like he’s buying as the Raw GM informs PUNK that regretfully he will have to decline the match they were to have but that fillign in for him would be David Otunga. Otunga tried to get the upper hand on PUNK by ambushing him but CM PUNK came right back and gave Otunga the Anaconda Vise. Otunga tried to get back up but PUNK kicked him and it was lights out. From there it was a staredown between John and PUNK. John extended his hand to try and let bygones be bygones but PUNK grabbed his hand and proceeded to kick him in the gut and give him the GTS thus laying him out on the canvas. End of show

Overall it was a very decent show. Improvements need to be done with Jinder Mahal and Brodus Clay but ona scale of 1-10 the show was a 8/10.
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