WWE Raw Supershow kicks off with former Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long who introduces the fans to the contract signing between John Cena & Brock Lesnar!
John Cena is introduced first and then Brock Lesnar is introduced but he doesn’t come out.
The Raw & Smackdown General Manager John Laurinaitis comes out yelling at Teddy that Lesnar is not in the building yet and that the contract signing won’t commence until he’ll be arrives later tonight and on his terms. Mr. Laurinaitis demands Teddy to get John Cena out of his ring. Reluctantly Teddy Long tells Cena to get out the ring.
The music of Edge hits and The Rated R Superstar comes out to confront John Cena! Edge reveals how his contract is going to be expiring in a few days but that it’s not stopping him from saying what needs to be said. Edge tells Cena that he hasn’t been pleased with what he’s seen of Cena in recent weeks. He questions who the version of John Cena is standing before him. Edge points out how he wants to see the Cena that’s been his greatest rival, the Cena that beat him in a TLC match to become the WWE champion. Edge reassures John that he knows that Cena hasn’t been the same since losing to The Rock and connected it to similar wrestlers. Like when Andre The Giant lost to Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart after the Screwjob in Montreal, The Rock after he got beat by Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2002. It took eight years for Brock to find his mojo back. The Rated R Superstar pleads with Cena that he must find a way to beat Brock come this Sunday cause to not do so would be a slap to the faces of guys like him, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker and the WWE locker room. Brock Lesnar has already made it be known that he doesn’t care about WWE or the fans, just how fat his wallet will become. Emotional words from Edge as he leaves the ring telling Cena to wake up. He reiterates that he’s not asking him to beat Brock Lesnar, he’s telling him!
End of Segment

Match 1: Chris Jericho def. Kofi Kingston
This match was really great and didn’t disappoint as it’s always good when these two hook up and go one on one. Jericho would score an impressive win when Kofi jumped off the top ropes for an ariel attack but was caught by Jericho’s Codebreaker to score the pin-fall. The Codebreaker appeared a bit off and really choreographed but a fantastic match nonetheless.

Jericho gets on the microphone and bashes CM Punk as he claims that this Sunday he’ll become the new WWE champion at Extreme Rules. Jericho points out that CM Punk knows a lot about extreme as his father is an alcoholic, his sister has a drug addiction, an extremely morally challenged mother, and that he’s an extremely disappointed failure as a champion and as a human being. Jericho vows that in front of Punk’s family, fans in his hometown that he will embarrass Punk. Chris claims that he got Punk a gift to remind him of this failure of losing the WWE championship as he’s looking to prove once and for all why he’s the best in the world at what he does.

Video Footage shown of Brock Lesnar in his debut match in a PPV against Jeff Hardy from Backlash April 21, 2002

Contract Signing to come later tonight when Brock Lesnar arrives.

End of Segment


John Laurinaitis is on the phone when Eve comes in and he gets off the phone. Mr. Laurinaitis informs Eve that he has a position open for an executive assistant. Eve accepts the position which prompted Johnny to go in for a hug but Eve settles for a handshake.

Brock Lesnar interview from Raw last week is shown.
Backstage segment now as Josh Matthews interviews WWE champion CM Punk. He questions what the gift is that Jericho got for him. CM Punk reveals it to be a liquor basket as he promises he has a gift of his own to give Jericho come Extreme Rules. Punk gives Josh the basket of liquor and tells him to go have fun. Josh walks away happy as Punk stands looking on but has a bottle of liquor in his hands.

End of Segment

Match 2: R-Truth def. Lord Tensai
Another unimpressive match for Lord Tensai who’s been struggling since returning to WWE. Sooner or later WWE creative is going to have to address the fans about his previous gimmick as A-Train.

Backstage segment now we see as Kane is on his way out to deliver a message to Randy Orton

End of Segment


Kane is now cutting a promo in the ring as he states that he now knows Randy Orton’s weakness and that’s he’s not the Viper, a man but a boy who cries for his father, begging for the nightmare to end, praying that the monster goes away. Randy Orton appears on the titantron and informs him that what Kane did to his father can only be returned as Randy has Kane’s father Paul Bearer! Paul Bear is tapped to a wheelchair with duck tape around his mouth. The Viper’s places Bearer inside of a freezer!
Kane reveals that he has no intention of saving him as his true father is the Devil! Kane would then try to leave the arena but Randy Orton takes the fight to Kane! It is a slug feast for a bit until Orton grabs a metal pipe from under the ring and goes to town on Kane. Kane has no choice but to hightail through the fans to escape Orton’s attacks.

End of Segment


When resumed Chris Jericho bumps into Alex Riley who swears that CM Punk is drinking a bottle from the gift basket. Alex takes Jericho to the locker room where he peaks in on Punk actually taking a few drinks out of a red cup while talking on a cell phone. Jericho looks on in disbelief.

Match 3: Big Show & Great Khali def. Cody Rhodes & Alberto Del Rio

Why Big Show continues to be teamed with Great Khali I’m not sure but for them to get a win over Rio & Rhodes makes no sense. This win doesn’t do anything to help Del Rio & Rhodes.

End of Segment


Chris Jericho brings to John Laurinaitis attention of CM Punk drinking and demands that Punk needs to be stripped of the WWE championship. Mr. Laurinaitis isn’t sure about this as he has concerns of legal ramifications. Eve steps in to inform Mr. Laurinaitis that there’s a clause in the WWE contract that employees must not consume alcohol during a 12 hour period while on duty for the WWE. Chris Jericho points out that they could get Punk in the middle of the ring and have police officers in attendance give him a sobriety test. Mr.Laurinitas likes the idea and agrees that it will happen tonight. Jericho leaves Johnny’s office as Teddy Long stands in disbelief. Mr.Laurinaitus asks Teddy what’s wrong and Eve points out that in a case like this Teddy’s been known to look the other way. Teddy wants to know if Johnny is really going to go in the ring and strip CM Punk of the WWE title. Johnny points out that he won’t be doing it as it will be Teddy doing all the dirty work.

Brock Lesnar has arrived in the WWE and Josh Matthews asked him where he was as the contract signing started earlier tonight. Brock didn’t answer which prompted Josh to then ask would he consider himself still the face of the WWE should he loose to John Cena. Brock Lesnar slammed him on the side of the truck, smiled and patted him on the face. Brock would then resume walking on when Josh mumbled he was only trying to do his job when Lesnar attacked Josh and threw him into a wall.

End of Segment


We see medical personal helping Josh Matthews onto an ambulance. On a funny note Josh Matthews trends on Twitter.

Match 4: WWE Divas Championship Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Nikki Bella
Eve comes out before the match and points out how she is the newly appointed executive assistant to Mr. Laurinaitis. She’s decided that the Divas match needs to be a Lumber Jill match since the Bella Twins likes to cheat. WWE Divas come out to the ring to surround the ring. Scary situation occurs when Beth gets out of the ring and lands funny on her left leg. She is in excruciating pain as she never is able to rebound offensively. Nikki Bella would get Beth in a rollup to win and before the new WWE Divas champion.
Backstage segment we see Teddy Long informing CM Punk that he has to come out next to undergo a sobriety test in the middle of the ring. CM Punk isn’t happy as he throws stuff around in his locker room.

End of Segment

Mr.Long is in the ring and request CM Punk to come out. Chris Jericho comes out and informs Teddy Long that he wants to be in the ring when CM Punk fails his sobriety test and ensure that things go according. Jericho wants to make sure that he gets the WWE championship handed to him. Mr.Long reassures Jericho that if Punk fails the sobriety test, that per Mr. Laurinaitis and WWE rules, CM Punk will be stripped and the title will be given to Chris Jericho. Furthermore CM Punk will face further ramifications.


CM Punk comes out and is reluctant to do the sobriety test and thinks it’s ridiculous. Punk think’s Jericho is ridiculous and what’s going on is ridiculous to the WWF fans. Yes CM Punk said WWF. Teddy tells him that he has no choice. First the police have him recite the alphabet backwards which he isn’t able to do successfully. Punk is then asked to walk a straight line but he fails that too. Mr.Long questions the police on their official ruling and they say that Punk is indeed intoxicated. Mr.Long thanks the officers for the test and informs them they can leave. Mr. Long informs Punk per requested by Mr.Laurinitus that he [Teddy] must have the WWE championship. Punk gives it reluctantly to Teddy but wants one more chance to prove himself. He is able to receipt the alphabet backwards while walking the red line straight before attacking Chris Jericho. From there the two battle it out outside the ring and over the ramp where eventually Jericho retreats to the back as Punk stands victorious and still WWE champion.

Brock Lesnar video footage shown from WWE Smackdown on April 8th 2002 vs. Hulk Hogan

End of Segment

Match 5: Sheamus vs. Mark Henry w/Daniel Bryan as the special guest referee
Daniel Bryan looked very impressive as a referee; he looked more like a ref than a wrestler! This match ended very quickly as Mark Henry clotheslined Sheamus and went for the pin as Bryan counted a fast three count! Daniel Bryan would leave the ring while taking off his referee shirt. Sheamus would get out the ring and chase Bryan, attacking him and throwing him back into the ring. Mark Herny would try to charge at Sheamus but he would meet Sheamus’s Brouge Kick! Daniel Bryan attacks the ankles of Sheamus from behind and slap on the Yes Lock for a great length of time. Not looking good for the World Heavyweight championship.
End of Segment


Matt Striker wants to get thoughts from Sheamus on what just happened between himself and Daniel Bryan. Sheamus informs Matt that what Daniel did was cowardly as he hid behind a referee shirt. He thinks Daniel Bryan should start praying.

Match 6: Zack Ryder & Santino def.: Epico & Primo

End of Segment


Kane is backstage and comes across the freezer with Paul Bearer inside. He brings him out and tells him that he’s saving him from himself and rolls him back inside the freezer.
Epico & Primo are blaming each other for losing their match when A.W interrupts them. A.W informs them that they need someone to represent them because of how they’ve been mistreated as of late.

Match 7: Brodus Clay & Hornswoggle def. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

End of Segment


Brock Lesnar video footage shown from Raw last week airs once more.

Contract signing time as Mr.Laurinitus introduces Brock Lesnar who comes to the ring first. John Cena’s music plays but he doesn’t come out. This prompts Brock Lesnar to badmouth John Cena saying he’s been flown out to Detroit for a contract signing, and Cena isn’t showing up because he’s scared. Brock tells Johnny to sit down so they can talk since John Cena doesn’t have the b$#ls to show up. Brock Lesnar states that he has a few business demands that are going to need to be made before they go any further. These demands need to go into effect before the Extreme Rules match on Sunday. These demands need to be signed tonight before he signs off on the contract to face Cena. Lesnar points out that he isn’t the same man he was when he last appeared in the WWE as he’s no longer a countryboy, he’s a enterprise!
Brock’s demands are as followed:
*Any major decisions on WWE programming or involving him needs to be first run by him
*Private access to Vince McMahon’s to take him to and from venues
*He’ll show up on Raw how he wants and when he wants
*Brock Lesnar won’t be given fines if he puts his hands on WWE authorities. If anything he’ll be paid more money as a result of such actions
*WWE Raw needs a name change to Monday Night Raw starring Brock Lesnar

Mr. John Laurinaitis gives Brock Lesnar a handshake. Brock demands that Mr.Laurinaitis say outloud that they have a deal and he complies. Brock complets his half of signing the contract. John Cena finally comes out ad he’s wearing his padlock chain from his Thuganomic days! He gets in the ring with the chain wrapped around his fist now as he looks on at Lesnar.
Staredown for a few seconds between the two men as Lesnar sits then stands confidently gesturing for Cena to sign the contract. Cena hesitates signing until Brock tells him that he senses the vibration coming from him. That it feels raw & legit as he feels that Cena is scared and points out how he’s the cause of why Cena lost last week and it’s the same thing this week. Brock demands for him to sign the contract and Cena finally does as the two look at one another. Lesnar rattles Cena cage by pushing the table and then calmly walking out of the ring as Cena looks on scared but standing tall.

Overall tonight WWE Raw Supershow didn’t do a good job of really making this an explosive go home for the Extreme Rules PPV coming up Sunday. This episode just felt like a regular edition of Raw as nothing meaningful occurred in this episode. Highlights were seeing Edge return to talk sense to John Cena and the Jericho vs. Kofi match. The Brock Lesnar & Cena match should’ve ended entirely differently. I’ll be discussing more on this Tuesday night on a new episode of The RCWR Show at 11 p.m est. so tune in. In the meantime WWE Raw Supershow gets 7 out of 10. That will do it for this week’s results & review but do check back often for more wrestling related news and be sure to check back late Wednesday night for NXT Redemption results.