WWE SMACKDOWN RatingsLast Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown ratings are in as the 10/26/12 episode achieved a 1.93 ratings with 2.82 million viewers.

These latest WWE Smackdown ratings are down by 10 points as the episode before achieved a 2.03 rating with 2.933 million viewers. Here’s the October ratings recap:

10/5/12-1.74 rating with 2.39 million viewers-(CM Punk defeats Dolph Ziggler in Main Event match)

10/12/12-1.88 rating with 2.57 million viewers-(Alberto Del Rio defeats Daniel Bryan in Main Event match)

10/19/12- 2.03 rating with 2.933 million viewers-(Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett in Lumberjack Match)

10/26/12-1.93 rating with 2.82 million viewers (Last episode before Hell In A Cell)


Overall analysis of WWE Smackdown Ratings for this month: Must say when looking at this month’s ratings the best episode hands down was the 10/19/12 featuring Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett. Earlier in the month we saw Smackdown suffer in ratings the same week as Raw but improved the following week while Raw remain neutral until the 10/22 episode that scored it’s worst ratings in 15 years.

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