WWE Smackdown ratings in for The encore American Bash edition that did a 1.47 cable rating with 2.134 million viewers for last Friday night.

These latest WWE Smackdown ratings are slightly lower than it’s first airing on Tuesday which did a 1.70 cable rating with 2.536 million viewing audience. For those who may have missed June’s monthly breakdown here it is once again:

6/1/12               1.73 rating with 2,557,000 million viewers

6/8/12               1.76 rating with of 2,476,000 million viewers

6/15/12             1.75 rating with 2.41 million viewers

6/22/12             2.0 rating with 2.97 million viewers

6/29/12             1.82 rating with  2.630 million viewers


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