WWE Smackdown ratings are in for the episode that aired on 5/4/12. The overall cable rating pulled in a 1.94 with 2.71 million viewers. This is great news as last weeks cable rating was 1.74 with 2.68 million viewers.

Sanders Analysis: Great news for WWE Smackdown ratings this week considering that last week saw Smackdown competing with NBA playoff games and also the release of The Avengers movie. Very curious to see if the trend can continue this week as the playoffs is really starting to get intense. Speaking of The Avengers do join us this Tuesday at 9 pm est for a special RCWR episode as it’s The Avengers: Fan Reaction edition. I caught up with those that saw the movie over the weekend and they had some interesting things to say about this movie. We’ll still be airing our Wrestling post show but it will come on at 12 am est. You can check out The Avengers special by clicking here.