Welcome all to your WWE Smackdown recap for 2/4/12. Fresh off the heels of what will go down as a memorable Royal Rumble PPV, Smackdown is airing from OMAHA,Neb. We kick things off with a appearance from the Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long as he makes his way to the ring. He is very happy to announce that Smackdown will be having their own elimination chamber match for the World Heavyweight championship at the Elimination Chamber PPV. He names the participants for this match as followes; World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan, The Big Show, Wade Barrett, Mark Henry, and Randy Orton! The crowd sounds very pleased to hear about the participants and are cheering as Teddy Long begins to speak on numbers will be drawn to determine who will be able to go first to start the match until he is interrupted by Mark Henry. Mark Henry demands that he not be involved in such a brutal match because he feels that he’s earned a shot at Daniel Bryan one on one and demands to be treated with the proper respect. Teddy Long informs Henry that the match at the PPV is as stand and Henry demands that the decision be changed…or else! Teddy Long didn’t take to kindly to this as he asked Henry for more clarification on what he meant by those comments and Henry grabbed Teddy Long by the tie & told him to not think for a second he would hesitate to hurt the Smackdown GM and that he wasn’t bluffing. Once again Henry demanded he be pulled from the PPV and given a one on one match with Bryan for the World title. Mark Henry should have kept his mouth closed because he got what he wanted and then some! Teddy Long tells Henry that he is no longer in the the PPV and that he is suspended indefinitely for putting his hands on the him. Henry stands in the ring stunned by what just occurred and informs Teddy Long that if he’s going to be suspended that he might as well get his moneys worth and pulls Mr. Long by his tie closer and is getting ready to attack him when the 2012 Royal Rumble Winner Sheamus comes out to save the day!
The two bulls fight but Henry proved to be no match for The Great White as he landed the brogue kick to Henry’s face, sending him out of the ring. Mr. Log then had security show Henry out the arena. Have we truly seen the last of Mark Henry?

From there Teddy Long congratulated Sheamus on his win at the Royal Rumble and asked if he had made his decision on which champion he will face at WrestleMania. Sheamus informed Mr. Long that he didn’t but will make a decision after the Elimination Chamber PPV. Soon after, the Intercontintial champion Cody Rhodes comes out and informs Sheamus that no one is going to remember Sheamus as the 2012 Royal Rumble winner and instead how Cody eliminated the most people at the PPV as his total was six. He also declared that he would do what only one other man has done and that was The Ultimate Warrior, which is win the World Heavyweight championship while still holding the Intercontinental championship. Sheamus whispers something into Teddy’s ear and he likes the sound of what he said. Teddy tells Sheamus that he’s on as tonight Sheamus will face Cody Rhodes right there on the spot. So now we have our first match set for the evening. Before going to commercial break we’re also informed that our main event for tonight is Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett in a No Disqualification match. End of segment.

Match 1: Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes

What a great and enteraining matchup that didn’t disappoint folks as it was faced paced and in your face. Anything and everything you would want in a single one on one was here in this match. Cody Rhodes has truly come a long way as he improves every week before ou eyes. Key points in this match-up was when uncharacteristically, Cody Rhodes does a back moonsault off the top turnbuckle that connects and Rhodes looks for the pin but only gets a two count. He then tries to go for a submission maneuver which started off with Sheamus on the ground and Rhodes arm locking Sheamus left arm and neck but this turned into a session of bullriding as Sheamus gets up and sends Rhodes back first into a turnbuckle. Rhodes continues to hang on but then uses the momentum of his body to bounce from the turnbuckle and turn his hold into a running bulldog sending Sheamus to the canvas face first. Rhodes tries to continue the attack but slowly Sheamus starts to build up momentum and starts doing clotheslines to Cody Rhodes until weakened to the point where Sheamus tries to go climbing the tope turnbuckle. Rhodes tries to follow but is pushed off by Sheamus. As Rhodes tries to get up Sheamus launches his body at Rhodes like a battling ram. Rhodes tries to get up again and tries to land a swinging jump kick from the ropes but misses, Sheamus then tries to connect with the brogue kick but misses as Cody Rhodes ducks. Cody tries to charge at Sheamus only to land on Sheamus shoulders and from there Sheamus was able to land a modified Over the shoulder belly-to-back pile-driver for the 1,2,3. As exaggerated by Michael Cole this was a new finisher and he never saw Sheamus do it before. Hopefully this finisher will have a name soon as it was most impressive. Winner of match: Sheamus by finisher and pin-fall. End of segment.


When Smackdown comes back from back we see that Cody Rhodes is still at ringside looking bitter over his lost. Justin Gabriel comes out to the ring and is awaiting for his opponent. Turns out his opponent his Hunico who is making his way down the ramp on one of his custom made bicycles alongside partner Camacho. They are talking trash to Gaberial who is awaiting for Hunico to get in the ring when Cody Rhodes jumps Gabriel from behind. Soon Hunico & Camacho join in on the beat down and just when all seemed lost The Great Khali comes out and cleans house! With his one hand mighty chops, great Khali sends the trio out the ring. It appears that Great Khali is back…on Smackdown! From there were are taken backstage where Drew McIntyre is expressing to Teddy Long to give him another chance to keep his job. Mr. Long tells him that wrestling just isn’t cutting it for McIntyre and that he better figure out something kick or else he’s fired. Mcintyre takes in those words and thanks Teddy and walks away. Santino then comes in and tells Teddy that everything is set and that he has a idea. He has apparently formed a new tag team. Santino yells out “Santin-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”!!!! Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes out yelling his catchphrase “HOOOOOOOOOOOOO”!!! Teddy Long likes the idea and informs them that the two of them will be in a tag team next against the tag team champions Primo and Epico next. They left the office and then Askana’s music came on and she appeared behind Teddy Long flirting with him as usual. “Oh Teddy, she replies, that’s a big piece of wood”!! Teddy Long was drinking something and spit it out and we see Askana go down almost like she’s going for Teddy’s pants but turns out there really was a big piece of wood on the floor. She picked it up and was looking at it when Jim Duggan came back, grabbed his 2×4, looked at the camera and said; “HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”!!! End of segment.

Match 2: Primo & Epico vs Santino & Hacksaw Jim Duggan

This was one of those filler matches folks. It really wasn’t that entertaining as I found myself ready to go grab a sandwich and a beer. No disrespect to Jim Duggan and Santino as they have proved they can put on a very good match and just really work the crowd to their favor. Basically they could carry their end of the stick. It is Epico & Primo that I have a problem with. To me they just seem really bland, don’t really stand out and just seem like they are trying to make something out of nothing work. I’ve watched them for a while now and their mic skills are not up to par 7 only once a while do they put on a decent match but not memorable as was this match tonight. As I said on my twitter feed if you followed earlier tonight, they have a long way to go before really solidifying their legacy as tag team champions because right now they just appear as if they are holding the titles until someone takes them off their hands. Question is though who? Winners of this match: Primo & Epico by distraction of Rosa Mendez and pin-fall.

Backstage we see Daniel Bryan walking around with a grin on his face as we hear Michael Cole inform us that he is going to conduct an interview with the champion and ask the tough questions. Their interview is next! End of segment.

Event: Micheal Cole interviews Daniel Bryan

This was a very entertaining segment that had me really appreciating the hard work Daniel Bryan has been putting into his mic skills as of late. I’m not sure if he’s taking pointers from CM Punk or what but he’s improved tremendously from when he first appeared on WWE programming through NXT. Cole informs Daniel that he was wrong about some of the things he said about him and that basically he apologized for all he’s said in the past and extends hand for a handshake. Daniel Bryan looks as if to be going for Cole’s hand but instead it wa the microphone. Daniel Bryan tells Cole that this is is suppose to be a interview about him and not about Cole. He tells Michael Cole that not everything is always about him and to leave the ring. Daniel goes on to inform the crowd that he feels that he shouldn’t have to defend his championship against The Big Show again because he has beaten him four times now and that he wants no more of the giant. Furthermore, that the giant is a big bully as he hurt Bryan’s 95lb girlfriend AJ, whom he appreciates so much. Not loves…appreciates! He then informs the audience of how he considers himself a role model and that everyone should be like him and be a vegan. He was really working the crowd good to the point that the boos grew more and more. Big Show comes out and tells Bryan that he just got done eating a big, juicy steak! This gets a few chuckles out the crowd as Big Show begins to take a serious tone. He tells Bryan that winning the title has changed Bryan so much and that no matter what come the PPV, Daniel would no longer be champion. Daniel responds with how he doesn’t mind not being champion but that he didn’t want to see Big Show as champion and begins to get in his face, poking at Big Show’s chest and making the giant so upset that he began attacking the champion. AJ comes out to calm Big Show down and as he looks at her he starts to breakdown and apologizes to her. Daniel gets her out the ring and takes her to the back while looking back at Big Show with a devilish smerk. We cut backstage and see the Divas of Doom, Beth Phoniex & Natalya Neidhart doing squats. they are trying to get read for their match against Askana & Tamina when Natalya passes gas. It was a loud one as Beth asked Natalya what did she say. Natalya replied nothing and kept squating and let another one rip. they both looked at eachother and NAtalya ran off. The smell was apparently so bad that Beth Phoniex walked away but comign from around the corner was Santino. He smelled it and ran back in the other direction to puke in a trash can. End of segment.

Match 3: Tamina & Askana vs The Divas of Doom

This was not a match folks! For some of you spotters you may have noticed I said this for the Raw match she had in my Raw recap review. I’m not pulling anybdy’s chain on this on as this match was 70 seconds tonight! The end result of this was Beth Phoniex tagging herself in and putting Askana in the glam slam for the win. After the match was over and Beth Phoneix left the ring, Natalya tried to pick up the scrapes of Askana only to recieve a beatdown from Tamina who capped it off with a body splash off the tope rope! Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Mattwes inform us viewers with breaking news of who ahs been added into the elimination chamber match for the World Heavyweight championship. In replace of the suspended Mark Henry is The Great Khali! Backstage we see Randy Orton working out and are informed that Matt Striker will be talking to The Apex Predator next! End of segment.

When back from commercial break we see the video package for John Cena that debuted at the Royal Rumble PPV. Check it out below:

From the conclusion of the video package we cut to Matt Striker with Randy Orton. Randy lets it be known that he doesn’t hate Wade Barrett for what he did to him and that if the tables were vice versa, he would have done the same thing to Barrett. He saids that what upset him the most was Barrett walking around telling everyone how he retired Randy Orton. Orton said that he is far from retired and that he’s back, more focused and more determined than before. He promises that he’s going to beat Barrett tonight and then go on to the Elimination Chamber PPV and win the World Heavyweight championship to become a 10x world champion. Wade Barrett…Randy Orton…next! End of segment.

Main Event: Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton No Disqualification

As the participants amke there way tot he ring we are taken backstage where Teddy Long is watching the match on a television. Daniel Bryan and AJ come enter at which Teddy asks what he can do for them. Daniel expresses his concern of Big Show’s participation in the chamber match and how unstable he feels The Big Show has become. He also points out what has happend to AJ and wants soemthing done about the matter. Teddy Long tells them that they can discuss it after the match is over and welcomed them to watch the match with him in the meantime.
As Booker T would say; “It’s on like a pot of kneckbones!” This was not a wrestling match as it was just pure street fight with the two taking their fight into the crowd and just all around the arena. Key points in this match was when at one point Wade Barrett and Orton were fighting on the turnbuckle. Barrett, pushes Orton and as result he went crashing through a setup wooden table! Barrett tries to go for the pin but only gets a two count. Barrett goes on the offense for a good while and at one point gets a steel chair and just goes belidgrent on Orton. He then lays the chair on the matt and tries to setup Randy Orton for the Wasteland finisher but Orton gets off Barrett’s shoulders and begins a series of clothesslines, followed by a power slam and then taking the steel chair to Barrett’s back multiple times! Randy Orton then goes for the RKO but doesn’t go for the pin! turns out orton isn’t satisfied as he picks Barrett up and takes him closer to the steel chair in the ring and does another RKO sending Barrett’s face into the chair to pickup the win! Winner of match: Randy Orton by finisher & pin-fall.

Backstage Teddy Long tells Daniel Bryan that since he is such the role model what better way to set an exmaple than to go one on one with Randy Orton! Bryan saids that he isn’t afraid of snakes and that he is fine with that matchup. To prove his point he goes out tot he ring as Orton continues to celebrate screaming yes! ORton eventually looks back and has dumbfound look on his face as Bryan continues cheering. End of show.

Overall Smackdown was higly entertaining tonight and it’s no wonder why Smackdown has been #1 for 70 weeks in a row now! I really could have went without watching Primo & Epico as to me that was the only bad match on the card but overall it was a great show. I give WWE Smackdown a 9/10 for this week. Well folks I do hope you enjoyed the recap and even though it’s the weekend I’ll be busy tweeting about the Super Bowl so feel free to drop us line Super Bowl Sunday! Also be sure to check us out Monday at 9pm est for live twitter feeds during WWE Raw as we provide brief breakdowns of what’s happening each segment. We’ll also have a full in depth recap review later after Raw has gone off the air. Take care and until next time!