Michael Cole & Booker T inform us at the start of the show that Mark Henry will be tacking on Sheamus in a rematch tonight as the main event.
We’re shown the recap of Josh Matthews being attacked by Brock Lesnar on Monday Night Raw. As result of the attack Josh isn’t on commentating duties tonight. Should also be noted that Brock Lesnar will not be fined by the WWE for attacking Josh Matthews.
Daniel Bryan kicks things off coming to the ring. We’re informed that Daniel has received the Jerk of the Month award from the WWE staff in the latest issue of the WWe Magazine on sale now!
Daniel Bryan claims he’s finally cut the umbilical cord and got rid of AJ. Bryan still feels that the 18 second lost to Sheamus at WrestleMania doesn’t count. If anything it should go on Aj’s record as she lost that match, not him. Bryan plains to rectify Sheamus being champion as he feels the World Heavyweight champion won’t be able to beat him one, let alone twice!
Bryan claims that when he was named the special guest referee on Raw for the Sheamus vs. Mark Henry match that he would call it right down the middle. He’s aware of the accusations of people saying he did a quick count to give Henry the win. Video footage is shown of this controversial count. The footage is shown in slow motion to make it appear that the count was done correctly.

More video footage is shown after the match as Daniel Bryan is attacked by Sheamus after the match.
Daniels tells the guys in the back to freeze the footage as it shows him locking the Yes Lock on Sheamus. Daniels begins his series of yes chants as Alberto Del Rio comes out!
Alberto Del Rio plays off of Bryan’s yes chants in Spanhish style as he claims to become the next no.1 contender and future World Heavyweight champion.

Music of the WWE Intercontinental champion Big Show plays as he comes out. Big Show wants to know or if it’s “YES” or “SI”. The crowd is really into it until he decides to try and punch Bryan & Del Rio but they leave the ring in time! Ricardo Rodgriguez tries to leave the ring but Big Show gets him. The giant asks him if its “YES” or “SI” and Ricardo moans as Big Show chokeslams him!

End of Segment


Match 1: Big Show vs. Alberto Del
It’s revealed that during the WWE Extreme Rules preview show we’ll learn what type of gimmick match Big Show will have against Cody Rhodes. There will be a roulette style wheel to decide what type of match they will have.

Cody Rhodes would interfere in this match and attack Big Show from behind to promptly make the ref call for the bell. Rhodes would try to get a kendo stick and attack Big Show over the back but it only angered the giant. Rhodes would then try to attack Big Show with a steel chair but Big Show punched the chair out of his hands. Cody would then try to charge at the giant but met with a big boot to the face! Big Show would grab a belt from off of the pants of Cody and spank him across the back that sends Rhodes flying to the back!

Winner of the match: No one but technically Big Show since he was the only one attacked

In a backstage segment Mr.Laurinaitis is talking with Eve, the new executive assistant. Mr.Laurinaitis informs her to do anything she sees fit that will make the working environment better. Eve points out that she has a hard time remembering the employees names and feels they all should wear name tags. Mr.Laurinaitis thinks it’s a great idea. Teddy Long overhears this and is curious where does Eve’s promotion leave him. Johnny Laurinaitis tells him that he’s nothing more than an employee and from here on out he will be reporting to Eve! Eve informs Teddy to go get a name tag.
Video footage is shown now of Beth Phoenix injury on Raw this past Monday that ended with Niki Bella becoming the new WWE Divas champion. She’s in action next!

End of Segment

Damien Sandow vignette shown but it’s been hinted that he will be debuting next week!

Match 2: Niki Bella def. Alicia Fox

It’s revealed that Beth Phoenix will be enforcing her rematch clause and take on Niki at Extreme Rules this Sunday

Later tonight a exclusive interview will be conducted by Michael Cole as he talks with Randy Orton!

End of Segment


Backstage segment now as Darren Young & Titus O’Neil pick on Yoshi Tatsu, derogatory comments are made as they want to know who his opponent. Turns out it’s no other than Big Zikel Jackson!
Askana runs to Teddy Long who’s dressed in a maid outfit, very awkard moment here. Teddy tells Askana that he’s happy that she’s still by his side as he’s keeping this job to take care of his grandchildren.
This is interrupted as Mr.Laurinitus and Eve come in and talk with Askana. Mr.Laurinitus reveals that he’s going to give Askana’s friend Antonio Cesaro, a tryout match. If he likes what he sees then he’s going to hire Antonio. Mr.Laruinitus wants Antonio to feel really good in this match as Askana will be the special guest referee for his match! Eve & Johnny inform Teddy that he’s going to have his own special table for tonight called the Teddy Table. He’ll be calling the matches with Booker T & Michael Cole. Mr.Laurinitus tells him that he’ll be feeding Teddy from the back what to say and to only talk when he tells him. Mr.Launituts tells him to go out there but not before changing his attire. This rpomted Johnny to give Teddy a people’s power shirt!
End of Segment


Match 3: Darren Young & Titus O’Neil def. Ezekiel Jackson & Yashi Tatsu

Michael Cole interview with Randy Orton next!

End of Segment


Great throwback segment here as Michael Cole is with Orton. Cole tries to push Randy’s buttons a bit and quickly informs Orton that he can’t lay a hand on announcers. If Orton does then he will be fined. Cole tries to get Orton’s thoughts on this ongoing feud with Kane. Randy Orton plans on going behind pinning Kane for a three count as he wants to make Kane suffer for hurting his family. Orton promises to make Kane suffer beyond no recognition come this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Jinder Mahal comes out, very weird situation here. Mahal claims that Orton’s time as the top man is over as it’s time for a new breed of man, new breed of wrestler that’s hungrier to come fourth and take his place. Mahal promises he’ll see him on the other side. As Mahal tries to leave the ring Orton wants to know if he’s an announcer. Mahal replies he’s not as Orton informs him that announcers are off limits but not wrestlers and RKO’s Mahal!

End of Segment


Match 4: Antonio Cesaro def. Tyson Kidd
Post-Match Mr.Laurinaitis tells Teddy over the headset to go in the ring and raise Cesaro’s hand in victory. He’s reluctant but does so. The damage gets worse as Antonio & Askana kiss. Teddy Long is in tears as he walks quietly to the backstage area.

Brock Lesnar video promo from a few weeks ago is shown once more
Backstage segment now as we see Cody Rhodes is getting ready to go one on one with Great Khali next!

End of Segment


Match 5: Great Khali def. Cody Rhodes
Backstage segment now as A.W is talking with Epic, Primo, and Rosa Mendez. A.W is trying to convince them to let him represent them. He informs them that he needs a decision by Monday. The juggernaut Ryback walks by and pauses as they all look at him in awe. Ryback walks on as A.W tries to catch up with him.

End of Segment


Match 6: Ryback def. Jacob Kaye
Ryback destroyed another created wrestler this week in one Jacob Kaye. Jacob tried to get the crowd on his side by claiming that he wasn’t going to be like some of the other wrestlers that bash the crowd. The WWE Universe really didn’t care about him despite him being the hometown hero as Ryback, in another explosive showing defeated Kaye in record fashion.
Backstage area now Matt Striker tries to ask AJ few questions now but she’s being silent. Striker tries to continue asking questions when Kaitlyn interrupts and tells Striker to let her be. Kaitlyn tries to tell AJ that her not being with Daniel is the best thing that’s happened to her. Lots of comfort here but it goes nowhere as AJ slaps Kaitlyn!

End of Segment

Match 7: Sheamus def. Mark Henry
Post-Match Daniel Bryan tries comes out and Sheamus gets on the microphone to invite Bryan to the ring. Bryan stands by the ramp area as Sheamus calls him a coward because he’s no longer wearing a referee shirt or that maybe he fears he’s going to kick him like he did at WrestleMania and won in 18 seconds. Sheamus repeats 18 seconds which has the fans chanting. Sheamus promises that their match this Sunday won’t be a fluke as Daniel won’t have AJ to blame. Sheamus begins to ask the question of will he beat Bryan’s a## at Extreme Rules this Sunday. Along with the WWE Universe they all chant yes to end the show.

Overall for a final WWE Smackdown going into Extreme Rules Sunday this was a strong episode. It was weird not seeing Kane come out to help further intensify the feud with Orton. At the same time I loved Michael Cole interviewing Randy Orton as it gave off a throwback feel to when announcers and correspondents use to interview wrestlers in the ring post-match or impromptu. It’s nice to see this starting to slowly make a comeback.

Major highlights of the night was seeing Ryback in action as I haven’t been this excited of a newcomer since Brock Lesnar, Batista, and Goldberg came onto the scene. Also enjoyed the tag team action of Darren Young & Titus O’Neil. Those two guys work really well together as a tag team and continue to look very impressive. The one thing I would do though is eliminate them making fun of people of a different ethnic background. As they were bashing Yoshi backstage, asking him who his opponent was, mimicking a Japanese person, a bit tacky & unnecessary? Also liked the match with Mark Henry and Sheamus to end the night. Let me not forget about Antonio Cesaro who looked very impressive in his debut against Tyson Kidd. Overall this episode of Smackdown in my honest opinion was better than Raw from Monday.

This week I give WWE Smackdown 7 out of 10.
That will do it for this WWE Smackdown results & review for this week. Our week is not quite over as we’re 48 hours away from Extreme Rules this Sunday. Check out our post show immediately after the PPV as we want to hear your thoughts on the PPV. You can participate in listening to the show on Sunday by clicking here.