We’re just two weeks away from the WWE Money In the Bank PPV as Smackdown passes through EVANSVILLE, Ind. Booker T, Michael Cole, Josh Matthews greet us to a new episode of Smackdown as the show kicks off. They bring up how by order of Vicki Guerrero who served as GM for Raw & Smackdown the week that Sheamus will have to defend his World Heavyweight title in a Triple Threat against Dolph Ziggler, and Alberto Del Rio.

We’re shown a recap of AJ Lee who interfered in a three way elimination match between Kane, Daniel Bryan, and WWE champion CM Punk. During this contest it looked as if Kane was going to be scoring the first elimination when AJ came prancing around the ring! This was just enough of a distraction for Kane as he was taken out by CM Punk to eliminate Kane! The match wasn’t quite over though as CM Punk didn’t have time to come to his feet as Daniel Bryan comes from behind to strike the champion with a stiff kick to the head followed by an immediate pin for the victory!

Also we’re shown a recap of AJ’s involvement in a diva’s swimsuit beach battle royal match as she eliminated WWE Diva’s champion Layla and Vicki Guerrero to eventually pick up the win. How about that attire AJ wore on Raw folks? Major distractions as she was smoking hot!

Match 1: AJ Lee vs. Layla
Entertaining & decent match for a bit until Mr. Yes man Daniel Bryan comes out screaming yes repeatedly as AJ looks on at him circling the ring. Layla comes from behind her with a leg scissor pin for the victory.

Post match AJ just snaps as she tackles Layla to the ground and begins beating her up as Daniel Bryan looks on. He tells her to calm down and asked her how it must not be pleasant to have someone come down to the ring like that during a match. Daniel claims that he doesn’t claim attention and that he’s there’s something very important he needs to discuss. AJ tries to leave but he tells her not to go as he has something important he needs to say. He demands that Vicki Guerrero comes out to hear what he has to say as he won’t be leaving the ring. Daniel ‘s proclaims that he will be holding the ring hostage and waits a few seconds for Vicki to appear. After not seeing her come out he begins chanting “yes” as AJ soon interrupts him with chants of “yes” of her own to go to commercial.

Ah the two weird guys in their car eating hot dogs from Sonic plays. Anyone notice how long they”ve been eating that crap? Seems like every Sonic commercial these two are more concerned with meeting up and stuff their faces with each other then playing some basketball or hanging out with friends. We also see a commercial for the Great American Bash as for the first time on the SyFy network it will be on Smackdown live this Tuesday!

Our show resumes as Daniel and AJ are screaming yes at each other back and fourth. Vicki Guerrero comes out and tells him everyone has to be tired of hearing his same old tired chants while shouting excuse me! Bryan states how he anted to make a point as he beat Kane & CM Punk in the same night on Raw and how he’s also going to be involved in the triple threat match tonight for the World Heavyweight title. He proclaims that soon Raw & Smackdown will revolve around him. While the American Dragon is at it he applauds Vickie for the superb job she’s done as GM this week as he feels she’s been doing a fantastic job. Furthermore, Daniel’s feels that she’s proven herself to be the permanent GM. Daniel’s proclaims that the two of them need to work together closely and also takes note of AJ’s recent interferences in matches to suggest that AJ be banned from ringside at Money In The Bank when he takes on CM Punk for the WWE title.

“Ms. Cougar” Vickie Guerrero takes note of Daniel’s point and brings up how she hasn’t forgotten AJ beating her in the swimsuit battle royal earlier in the week. Guerrero also tells AJ how she saw her disrespectful tweets from AJ talking about how “she beat the old cougar lady’s butt”! Guerrero claims that she’s going to need to teach AJ some respect as the two women are about to get into right there on the spot! Daniel Bryan would intervene however and in try selfish fashion say it isn’t about them, it’s about him! Vicki apologizes to Bryan and tells him he is right and mentions how recently a WWE.com poll was brought up asking fans how they would like to see AJ involved in the WWE Championship match against Bryan and Punk at MITB. The picks were guest timekeeper, guest referee, guest ring announcer, or guest commentator. The WWE Board of Directors listened to the fans as 77% voted that she be made special guest referee. Vicki loses her cool as she sees the results and questions the results but corrects her attitude when she realizes the Board of Directors may be looking on at her performance tonight and proclaims how the fans have spoken and how she supports the board’s decision. AJ looks on at Vicki & Daniel and smiles at them while pointing yes! Daniel’s questions why this is happening as he screams no all the way up the ring and up the ramp. Vicki Guerrero quickly gives respect to the board for their ruling. She also takes the time to inform the WWE ?Universe that there will be a series of qualifying MITB matches tonight to determine who will participate at the PPV for the World Heavyweight title!

We see “Woo Woo Woo” Zack Ryder come down to the ring to end this segment as the question remains who will he be facing?

Commercial time as Anne the Popeye’s lady is so excited about her bonaifide chicken! Lady please! It’s just chicken! We also see the irritating Ruffles commercial with the woman who keeps changing clothes while stuffing her face.

(Segment Two) Match 2: MITB Qualification-Damien Sandow def. Zack Ryder

Charlie Sheen plug as he’ll be WWE Social media ambassador for the 1000th episode of WWE Raw on July 23rd (speaking of Charlie Sheen be sure to check out our new episode of Impact Showdown where Lee Sanders and Tammy K review Charlie’s new sitcom Anger Management of FX).

Daniel Bryan is backstage knocking on the Diva’s locker room looking for AJ. Kaitlyn comes out and tells him that she’s not in there. Bryan wants to know where she is but Kaitlyn doesn’t know. She also points out how he should be careful as she is mentally unstable. End of segment.

Commercial break # 3-Brock Lesnar to answer Triple H this Monday night on Raw! Will Brock Lesnar face Triple H at Summerslam? We’ll have to wait and see folks but notice how WWE has been hyping him up. They aren’t sayig he’ll be appearing at Raw, just that he will give his answer. Read between the lines people as he may not return until the 1,000th episode of Raw come July 23rd.

SyFy decides to show the trailer for what looks to be a very bad original movie that’s going to be premiering as Alice Cooper, Danny Bodachouche, Barry Williams star in Big Foot this Saturday! Oh joy and oh no!!!

(Segment Three) Match 3: MITB Qualification-Tyson Kidd vs. Jack Swagger
Very interesting as during this match they spoke of Tyson Kidd finally starting to break away from the Harts and finally become his own man. At the same time their was talk of Damien Sandow possibly winning MITB as Booker T adds to the conversation that he wants to see what Sandow is really capable of a the PPV. Might the WWE have revealed by accident who could possibly win MITB in two weeks?

In a WWE Exclusive, Still infuriated over his loss, Swagger received a post-match visit from WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler – who proceeded to knock the disgruntled Superstar out of the ring

End of Segment

Commercial time and what a good time as we see Warehouse 13 is getting ready to return with new episodes Warehouse 13 & Alphas return July 23rd as it’s being dubbed Monday’s Powerful Mondays.

(Segment Four) WWE Raw moment is shown now as Jerry Lawler recalls October 5, 1998 as Vince McMahon gets attacked by Stone Cold Steve Austin as he laid in the hospital bed. Classic stuff!

Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews thank the WWE Universe for making Raw one of the longest reigning shows on TV currently. We’re shown a recap of Dolph Ziggler’s match against Alberto Del Rio from Monday. From there we see Dolph Ziggler and Vicki Guerrero in a backstage segment. Ziggler is pleading with Vicki to ban Sheamus Brouge Kick so that he has a fighting chance against the W.H. Champion. Ziggler wants also Albero Del Rio’s cross armbreaker banned. Vicki doesn’t like the position she’s being put in as she feels this is her chance to get back on good graces with the board of directors. Ziggler doesn’t care about her, Vicki power as he’s been busting his butt for the past 6 years doing what he does best and not being rewarded one time! That he’s not asking her but demanding her to help him as she smacks him across the face! The two look at one another quietly for a bit before Dolph asked her to at least announce him later tonight and hopefully raise his hand in victory when he becomes the new World Heavyweight champion. Vicki agrees as she looks on hurt that she just smacked her lover boy!

Match 4: MITB Qualification-Santino & Christian def. David Otuga & Cody Rhodes

Post-Match and in a WWE Exclusive Cody Rhodes would proclaim a protest to the WWE Board of Directors as he feels he wasn’t defeated during this tag match.

Backstage segment now as Matt Striker is interviewing Sheamus. Striker wants to know if Sheamus has any concerns going into his triple threat match later tonight knowing full well he doesn’t need to be beaten for a new champion to b crowned. Sheamus isn’t concerned about what if’s as he feels Del Rio is concerned about himself as is Dolph Ziggler as this is a opportunity of outperforming both men! Sheamus feels he’s going to kick both of their asses!

End of Segment

Commercial Oh yes it’s a plug for No Holds Barred as it’s coming out to DVD this Tuesday!

(Segment Five) Recap of AJ being special guest referee is shown. Already we’re recapping?
Backstage segment now s Daniel Bryan catches up with AJ and tells her of how he has a friend who’s a doctor that can help her with her problems. He wants to know if she wants his number which prompts AJ to chant yes while skipping away and down the hall. Gotta love that AJ!

Match 5: Ryback def. Dan Barone & Brendan Burke

Backstage segment now as Teddy Long bumps into Antonio Cesaro & Askana kissing. Teddy reveals to them that he will be the GM of Raw & Smackdown next week. Askana tries to put on her charm but Teddy tells her he sees right through her as she and Antonio will need each other next week. The lovebirds will be involved in a mixed gender tag match against Layla and The Great Khali!

Match 6: MITB Qualification-Tensai def. Justin Gabriel

Commercial-Jeremy Renner looks as if he’s going to do a fantastic job as Jason Bourne in the new Borne Legacy movie coming

(Segment Six) Match 7:Triple Threat for the World Heavyweight Championship
Sheamus(c) def. Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio


Overall tonight a very strong episode of Smackdown as n the Smackdown side the challengers to face one another at MITB is set. We’ve seen a new injection of new guys which should prove to be a entertaining match in two weeks. Great non stop action throughout the night as AJ just continues to step her game up more & more each week. In my honest opinion she’s been able to capitalize more on being given the opportunity to shine more then Eve Torres who’s awaiting for creative to figure out a way to put her back on WWE TV. WWE Smackdown gets a 8/10 for this week.

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