Good Friday folks and welcome to the WWE  Smackdown results & review for this week in Orlando Florida. David Otunga introduces Johnny Laurinaitis who comes out to new entrance music finally after all these months. He states that this is a new era in the WWe that is about People Power. He promises that he’s not going to abuse his power and use it for personal gain but most importantly holds no ill will towards Teddy Long. He asked for Teddy Long to come out so he can thank him for all his years of service as the Smackdown General Manager. Teddy Long comes out and tells him that the best part about not being employed anymore is the fact that he can tell Johnny that he can go to hell! He thanks the fans for all the years of support as it was his pleasure of being the Smackdown General Manager. Teddy tried to leave the ring but Mr.Laurinaitis called him back in the ring and informed him that he wasn’t done talking as he was rudely interrupted and informs Teddy that he wants him to join his administration. Mr.Long refuses and is about to leave the ring when Mr.Laurinaitis informs him of certain documentation that pertains to Mr.Long’s grandchildren. Legal council aid David Otunga explains further as when Teddy took on the job of GM his three grand children’s college tuition is covered by the WWE Board of Directors. however there is a clause that reads that the payment will continue to be made as long as Mr.Long is in the GM position. Johnny tells him that his kids will be okay so as long as  he accepts a position with his administration and say that Johnny Laurinaitis is better than him. Reluctantly he said these words as Mr.Laurinaitis is ecstatic to hear and sends him to the back to do his job. Teddy wants to know what that job is but is told there’s plenty for him to do in the WWE.

The new General Manger for Raw & Smackdown would announce Matches for tonight  as Randy Orton and Kane will square off one on one but up first is  David Otunga & Mark Henry vs R-Truth as we go into commercial!


Match 1 Mark Henry& David Otunga vs. R-Truth

Henry’s friend A.W is backstage watching the match on a TV monitor paying close attention. Squash match here as the duo dominated R-Truth. Mark Henry does the World’s strongest Slam on Truth but before he could go for the pin, David Otunga would beg Henry for the tag. Henry was reluctant but finally tagged him in as Otunga, like a dog looking for scraps would go for the pin-fall to pick up the win.

Winners of the match: Mark Henry & David Otunga


Kane comes out as his match with Randy Orton is next!

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Match 2: Kane vs. Randy Orton

This match turned out to be better than their WrestleMania match as they really put on a great match in this No Disqualification contest. This match really should’ve been the one fans got at WrestleMania and I’m sure many of them feel robbed that a match of this caliber was shown on cable TV. Nonetheless this match alone was the real show stealer for the night as we got to see the two fight outside the ring, over the stage area, back into the ring with the use of steel chairs. Not enough weapons used since it was  a no DQ but overall a great match.

Winner of the match: Randy Orton


Footage of Brock Lesnar attacking John Cena coming up next.

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Recap of Daniel Bryan losing his World Heavyweight championship to Sheamus at WrestleMania 28 last Sunday. Also we get a recap of Sheamus on Raw as he had heated words with Alberto Del Rio. This is concluded


Match 3: Ryback vs. A Created Wrestler

Not sure who this skinny, undefined, very short guy who’s voice doesn’t sound intimidating is in the ring but he’s bashing the heck out of the WWE fans until the powerhorse Ryback comes out! Ryback makes quick work of his opponent in seconds with his brute strength.

Winner of the match: Ryback


Backstage segment now as we see Daniel Bryan & AJ on there way out, next!

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Daniel Bryan and AJ come into the ring and the crowd is picking up right where they left off from a white hot crowd Monday night. Daniel opens up by saying that he’s had a very bad week but that if there’s one positive thing that’s happend for him this week but then pauses. AJ takes the microphone and tells him that he is a great wrestler and reminds him of the fans that’s supported him so far but espeically on Monday. This crowd is hot as they are chanting yes again and again. Daniel feels that the chants from fans are nothing more than mockery and that the fans are nothing but sheep. He then blames AJ for his lost as she had to have a kiss before he faced Sheamus! AJ is shaken by his comments as he’s yelling at her and telling her that she robbed him of his greatest night. He promises that he will never let her ruin his life ever again. He states that he has a rematch clause in his contract to face Sheamus and that when he does face him again it will be alone. He then tells AJ that they are though and that he hopes she enjoyed that kiss because it will be the last kiss she ever gets from him. She tries pleading him but he demands that she gets out of the ring. AJ exits as Daniel has his back turned away from her.

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The announcers recap the Undertaker vs. Triple H that saw Undertaker remain undefeated at 20-0. From there we see former I.C champion Cody Rhodes sitting at the announcers table watching the Big Show match against Heath Slater.


Match 4: Big Show vs. Heath Slater

Before the ring of the bell, Big Show teases Cody with the video footage of Rhodes being defeated by him at WrestleMania 28.

Cody Rhodes looks embarrassed and disgruntled as the footage was shown.

Big Show made quick work of Heath Slater as he delivered his trademark spear followed by slaps to the chest and the chokeslam to pick up the win in under 5 minutes.

Winner of the match: Big Show



Big Show invites Cody into the ring and he does start to come in but backs out as Big Show tried charging at him. The giant would then go back to Heath Slater and deliver the WMD to knock him out cold! Cody Rhodes would once more try to go back in the ring and attack Big Show from behind but Big Show saw him in time and began charging him. Cody Rhodes would escape as Big Show celebrated in the ring.

Video package shown from Raw this past Monday as Chris Jericho assaulted CM Punk. We’re updated on his condition as he’s suffering from concussions, trauma to the head but most importantly physiological issues after what Jericho did & say to him. Should be interesting to see these to capitalize on a great segment on WWE Raw next week.


Johnny Laurinaitis is backstage talking to the Bella Twins as Sheamus comes in and excuses the twins so he can talk to Sheamus alone. Mr.Laurinaitis tells Sheamus that he’s upset with “The Great White” as he Brouge kicked Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania when he [Bryan] wasn’t ready, and Brouge Kicking Alberto Del Rio this past Monday night on Raw as Del Rio wanted was a conversation. Mr.Laurinaitis promises that tonight it’s going to be fair when he [Sheamus] takes on Del Rio as the match won’t start until the referee sees the two face to face.

Sheamus counters back by promising he’ll only deliver those kicks to people who truly deserve it and tells an old Irish story that basically saw a dictator with a lot of power go to his head and eventually he became an a$%! He walks off as The GM looks on perplexed.

End of Segment


More still shot images are shown from WrestleMania 28 this past weekend.


Match 5: Beth Phoenix vs. Niki Bella

Before the start of the match Kelly Kelly comes out and watches the match from the ramp. Niki is a bit of a distraction as she comes closer to the ring and has a few words with Beth who was dominating Niki Bella early. Beth would then try to charge at Niki with a clothesline as she was in sitting one of the corners f the ring but moved in time. As Beth turned around Niki planted her with the facebuster to pick up the win!

Winner of the match:  Niki Bella

Up next is the Brock Lesnar attacking John Cena Raw recap!

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A vignette of new wrestler Damien Sandow is shown as he cuts a very interesting promo. He bashes people for filling their minds with useless entertainment from reality shows & that he will educate them. In a nutshell this is what he said as it was pretty boring. Would have to see him in the ring to determine what he can really do but for now more promos so I can really invest in the character.

From there we see the recap of John Cena & Brock Lesnar’s epic encounter on Raw.

Main Event match coming up next as Sheamus takes on Alberto Del Rio

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Match 6: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio returns to in-ring action after being out for six months and he seems to pick up right where he left off as nothing really jumped out at me. For someone that is suppose to be more aggressive and ruthless I wasn’t impressed. It’s still very early as it’s obvious these two will be working a program coming at the next PPV because this match would end by Disqualifications as Del Rio’s henchman Ricardo Rodriguez would sense Del Rio was in trouble, get involved in this match. He climbed to the ropes to get Sheamus attention and “The Great White” did a armbar swing to get him laying in the ring. Meantime the ref attends Ricardo while Del Rio takes  a steel chair and tries to attack him from but Sheamus countered with a double axe clothesline to lat Del Rio out! Sheamus would pick up the chair but at this point the ref sees this and sees Del Rio’s current state and call for the bell.

Winner of the match: Alberto Del Rio by D.Q


Sheamus, disgruntled by the ruling would deliver a Brouge Kick to the referee as Del Rio looks on from the ramp to end this episode of Smackdown.


Overall this episode of WWE Smackdown did very well considering it we’re still fresh off of WrestleMania and a memoriable WWE Raw Supershow. Loved the new injection of wrestlers in Ryback and the video vigenette for Damien Sandow. Really found myself entertained with the product this week and couldn’t fin anything wrong with this week’s show. At the same time it wasn’t a memorable episode as nothing significant happend but it was a very good show. I give it a 8 out of 10 this week.

Well that will do it folks but be sure to join me and the staff on a new episode of THE RCWR SHOW this Tuesday at a special start time of 10p.m est as we’ll be on right after WWE Super Smackdown. We’ll be dedicating our first hour to getting your reaction of this show and following up WWE Raw and other news. Have a great weekend folks!