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11/18/12-WWE Survivor Series 2012 YouTube Preshow Recap:

Scott Armstrong & Matt Striker greet us for tonight’s WWE Survivor Series 2012 ppv as they go through tonight’s card as they recap Team Ziggler needing one more man as Cody Rhodes is injured!

Backstage segment we go now as Team Captain Dolph Ziggler reveals that he’s recruited David Otunga in place of Cody Rhodes. Alberto Del Rio steps in and tells them to follow Ziggler’s lead as he’s going to be eliminated in the first 5 minutes and to follow him afterwards. Wade Barrett chimes in his thoughts recalling how he was once a leader as Team Ziggler goes back and fourth. Ziggler takes controls and tells them he won’t be eliminated and to follow his lead.

Segment Viewership: 3,421

Striker & Stanford go over the latest developments in the Big Show vs Sheamus rivalry.

Segment viewership: 3,197 viewers


Jinder Mahal & Heath Slater defeated Santino Marella & Zack Ryder

Segment viewership: 3,2777


AJ Lee & John Cena recap from last Monday’s Raw is shown.

Viewership drops to 2,993


WWE Survivor SeriesPre Show continues as Vicki Guerrero released a message on Twitter that she will present evidence that proves without a shadow of doubt she’s caught AJ in a lie.

Backstage segment Josh Matthews is interviewing R-Truth who promises to beat Antonio Cesaro and bring back the U.S title. Silly moment here as it seemed at one point Truth denied Little Jimmy’s existence until Truth reveals Jimmy just went to the bathroom.

Segment viewership: 2,852


Recap of John Cena vs. Ryback vs. CM Punk colliding at tonight’s ppv.

Segment viewership: 2,586

End of WWE Survivor Series 2012 Pre Show


It’s now time for our official WWE Survivor Series ppv as we see a great video package talking about the history Survivor Series has had for 25 years now. How it’s been the battlefield, the event to catapult one’s career, caused controversy. As these words are playing we see images of The Rock, Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold. It soon blends into Sheamus & Big Show’s rivalry. It ends with CM Punk as the question is asked if the WWE Champion can make to day no. 365?


Match 1: Brodus Clay, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio vs. Tensai, Epico, Primo, Titus O’ Neil, Darren Young

WWE Survivor Series Order of Eliminations:

-Brodus Clay by Tensai via pin-fall

-Tensai by Justin Gabriel via pin-fall

-Titus O’ Neil by Tyson Kidd via pin-fall

-Epico by Tyson Kidd via Sharpshooter submission

-Primo by Rey Mysterio via pin-fall

-Darren Young via Mysterio via pin-fall

Winners: Mysterio, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel

WWE Survivor Series continues now as in a backstage segment we see Kaitlyn walking around when a blonde haired woman tackles her! Kaitlyn catches herself quickly as she beats this unknown person down. As she’s getting the upper hand she grabs at the blonde hair and it turns out to be a wig. We soon see that the person who attacked her is…Askana? Before Kaitlyn can get a word Askana runs away. Eve comes up and asks Kaitlyn if she’s okay because she doesn’t want anything to happen to her before their match. Kaitlyn pushes Eve on her the ground and asked her the same question before walking away.


Match 2: WWE Diva’s Title

Eve(c) defeated Kaitlyn

Recap of Team Ziggler during the pre show is shown as we go to the backstage segment with Team Foley. All the team members arguing except for Foley and Randy Orton. Mick tells his team to focus because Team Ziggler will capitalize on them if they don’t work together. Foley is quick to mention there’s a reason why Ziggler is the MITB winner and Sandow has revenge on his mind for what Team Hellno did to Rhodes. Foley wants for everyone to gather up for a Bang! Bang! Everyone joins us except for Randy Orton. After they break we see Orton go to Foley and tell him he hates him before walking away. Foley tells Kofi that’s Orton’s way of saying he’s ready!


Match 3: United States Championship

Antonio Cesaro(c) defeated R-Truth

WWE Survivor Series continues as a great promo shown for WWE’s next pay-per-view of Tables, Ladders, Chairs as David Otunga wants for anyone that’s been hit by them to give him a call. Sheamus follows up with a steel chair to lay him out before laughing. Great stuff!

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, John Bradshaw Layfield is our commentators tonight as they reveal a Tout poll. They want for the WWE Universe to send Tout videos with the Twitter hashtag #RockRoyalRumble to see who they want for The Rock to face at next year’s Royal Rumble. This is capitalizing on a tweet Rock sent earlier saying it doesn’t matter who he faces far as Ryback, John Cena, CM Punk as he’ll be the next WWE Champion!

AJ Lee comes down the ring and turns the table on Vicki Guerrero as she reveals photos of herself and Ricardo Rodriguez eating burritos. It’s also followed up by a image of her enjoying BBQ with Jim Ross and dancing in a hotel room with Brodus Clay in sexy lingerie.  Vicki is not pleased seeing these photos as AJ is giving her  a taste of her own medicine. AJ reveals to Vicki that if she puts her hands on Vicki she will lose her job but the same goes for Vicki. AJ asked Vicki what she’s going to do as suddenly she’s attacked from behind by Tamina who puts her over her shoulders to deliver Samoa drop followed by climbing the top turnbuckle to deliver a Samoa Splash! Tamina leaves as Vicki laughs in AJ’s face.

WWE Survivor Series continues as Josh interviews Paul Heyman asking what tricks CM Punk will have up his sleeves to retain his title tonight. Heyman quickly informs Josh that Punk is prepared to survive and thrive on John Cena & Ryback as he’s the best of these competitors and is the best in the world!


Match 4: World Heavyweight Championship

Big Show(c) defeated Sheamus

Bad finish to this match as critical point towards the end of the match saw Sheamus looking for the Brouge Kick as Big Show throws the ref into it and the ref is out the equation. Other WWE refs and officials come down to the ring to check on the ref as Sheamus looks on concerned. This gives Big Show enough time to recover and deliver a WMD to the face of Sheamus to go for the pin and is awarded the victory by a different ref.

Botch move occurs as another ref throws the win out and says that Big Show is disqualified and awards the win to Sheamus. Big Show is still champion since the title can’t change hands on a DQ but he’s livid as he’s yelling at the ref for the bad call. Sheamus comes around and grabs a steel chair and takes it to the back of the World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus assualts Big Show with it all the way to the top of the rap & stage area as Big Show begins to beg. Sheamus knocks him out with a devastating Brouge Kick to end this explosive encounter.


Match 5: Team Ziggler (Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Damien Sandow, Alberto Del Rio) vs. Team Foley (Kane, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Randy Orton)

WWE Survivor Series Order of Eliminations:

-Damien Sandow by Kane via Chokeslam from Hell

-Kane by Dolph Ziggler via Zig Zag

-David Otunga via submission by Daniel Bryan’s NoLock

-Kofi Kingston via pin-fall by Wade Barrett

-Daniel Bryan via submission by Alberto Del Rio’s Cross Armbreaker

-Wade Barrett via Reality Check by Miz

-Miz via pin-fall by Alberto Del Rio

-Del Rio via pin-fall by Randy Orton

Randy Orton via pin-fall by Dolph Ziggler

Winners: Team Dolph Ziggler


Match 6: WWE Championship Triple Threat

CM Punk(c) vs. Ryback vs. John Cena

Critical point in this contest we see Ryback deliver Shellshock to CM Punk & to  John Cena and is about to go for the cover when three unknown men jump in the ring and beat up Ryback. These same men take him out the ring and take him over to the announcers table where they send him crashing! These men are no other than NXT’s Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns! They leave after destroying Ryback. CM Punk meantime crawls his way to John Cena for the victory to continue being one of the longest reigning WWE champions!

Winner and still champion: CM Punk

End of WWE Survivor Series 2012 results

Overall review of WWE Survivor Series 2012: WWE did this year’s Survivor Series justice as overall this was a good ppv. The tag elimination matches really lived up to Survivor Series matches of yesterdays. The R-Truth vs Cesaro wasn’t that good as I found myself more impressed with the flow of the Diva’s match. This isn’t a knock to Truth or Cesaro but this match didn’t have enough kick. The Big Show vs Sheamus lived up to the hype as this encounter came off better than Hell in A Cell. Dolph Ziggler going over Randy Orton was the right move to make as it’s now time to build him up as his turn as champion is on the horizon.  Miz gained strong fan support tonight in the elimination tag match and if WWE is smart they’ll capitalize on this more by maybe pairing him up with Randy Orton who cost Team Foley the victory. To see Ambrose, Reigns, Rollins from NXT interfere in a WWE Championship match and assault Ryback is a welcomed breath of fresh air as WWE is beginning to put their developmental talent in the spotlight which is good. Lot of shock value they created here as now the focus will be on Monday night Raw. WWE Survivor Series has set the tone going towards their next pay-per-view which is TLC as they’ve given us an early preview of what to expect tonight.

WWE Survivor Series 2012  gets 8.5 out of 10.

WWE Survivor Series 2012

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