WWE_TLC_2012_PosterWelcome to the Enfinity1Productions WWE TLC 2012 pay-per-view coverage for December 16, 2012.

Brooklyn, NY-The WWE TLC 2012 festivities kick off with Matt Striker & Scott Stanford on the Youtube Pre-Show who inform us that the Diva’s Battle Royal will take place in just moments as they recap the events that’s gone down with Sheamus & Big Show.

Viewership on the WWE TLC 2012 Pre-Show opens with 1,750 but jumps to 3,079 during a backstage segment between Sheamus & Booker T. Sheamus is frustrated over Big Show as Booker tells him he knows how he feels & wants him to let those frustrations out tonight with a steel chair!

Recap of The Shield/Ryback/Team Hell No program.

Viewership 2,916

Michael Cole & Josh Matthews are plugging the Slammys coming this Monday night on Raw. They also go over some of the winners so far. It goes as follows…

Best Dancer of The Year: Brodus Clay

Top Social Media Ambassador winner: Charlie Sheen

WWE.COM Exclusive video of the year: Jerry “The King” Lawler

Crowd Chant of the Year: Ryback

Upset of the Year: Royal Rumble 2012 as Daniel Bryan retained his WHC against Big Show inside a steel cage.

Diva of the Year: AJ Lee

Viewership: 3,083

Match 1: Santa’s Little Helper Diva’s Battle Royal: Naomi vs. Cameron vs. Askana vs. Layla vs. Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Kaitlyn

Order of eliminations:






Eve was at ringside and played a critical role when it came down to Kaitlyn & Naomi as Kaitlyn was on the outside the ring on the apron. Eve attacked Kaitlyn from behind and Naomi capitalized by doing a dropkick to Kaitlyn to have her hit the canvas to pick up the win!

Winner: Naomi

Match Rating: 2.0/5

Michael Cole & Josh Matthews are back to present more Slammy winners!

Insult of the Year: John Cena

Tweet of the Year: Daniel Bryan

Youtube show of the Year: Z! True Long Island Story

Facial hair of the Year: Daniel Bryan

Feat of Strength of the Year: Sheamus

Betrayal of the Year: Big Show

Viewership: 2,704

Recap of Dolph Ziggler & John Cena’s program shown.

End of WWE TLC 2012 Pre Show

It’s now time for the official start of tonight’s WWE TLC 2012 pay-per-view as Lillian Garcia ask fans to join her in a moment of silence as the bell is rung 26 times for the victims killed at the Sandy Elementary school on Friday. A very emotional & touching moment right here that could make any one have teary eyes. This is followed by a solid video package of tonight’s ppv as we’re officially welcomed by Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and John Layfield to the brand new Barclays arena!

Match 1: Tables Match|No.1 Contenders to face WWE Tag Champs
Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow defeated Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio

Match Rating: 3.0/5


WWE TLC 2012 continues as a video package is shown now as The Shield take shot at Ryback for injuring CM Punk who’s been WWE Champion for 392 days. The Shield call Ryback reckless and promise to feed him more than he can handle in their match tonight. They also take aim at Kane & Daniel Bryan calling citing their attacks on them because they aren’t a real tag team because they don’t know how to work together. Furthermore, they just don’t like them.

Match 2: WWE United States Titles
Antonio Cesaro(c) defeated R-Truth

Match Rating: 2.5/5


Backstage segment now on WWE TLC 2012, we see Dolph Ziggler is furious that he has to defend his World Heavyweight MITB contract as he has a lot to lose and nothing to gain. He wants for everything to change tonight as he’s sick & tired of Cena always getting opportunity after opportunity. He points out that maybe the pressure has been getting to Cena and hopes it can continue going into the Royal Rubmle & WrestleMania as he feels his career will continue to rise.

WWE TLC 2012 continues now as Miz introduces us to another edition of Miz TV as he brings out Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre of 3MB. Very boring moment right here as Miz takes shot at them for not being a real band. 3MB soon turn their attention to the Spanish announcers for not speaking English and try roughing them up. Ricardo Rodgriuez tries to calm the situation down as they rough him up too! Alberto Del Rio comes out to jump them but it soon backfires as 3MB begin taking apart Del Rio. Miz soon gets into to help even the odds as Del Rio, Ricardo and Miz stand in the ring victorious. A frustrated Slater grabs a mic and tells them to face the three of them tonight. Miz promises that they’ll find a third partner tonight and that they beating they [3MB] will receive will be…awesome!

Great video promo if a clean shaven Rock coming to the Royal Rumble in January.

Match 3: WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston(c) vs. Wade Barrett

Match Rating: 3.5/5

WWE TLC 2012 continues as Justin Roberts introduces WWE Champion CM Punk who’ up in his own skybox as he answers the questions of how his knee is doing. Heyman cuts in and says forget about it in a Brooklyn accent. CM Punk calls them idolts for cheering two weeks ago when Ryback destroyed him as he feels they & Ryback have a lot in common. They don’t know how to win as they’ve never won anything and calls them dumb. Punk calls Ryback dumb & lucky because it was dumb that Ryback injured injured him because now he doesn’t get a shot for the WWE title. Ryback was lucky because had they had their match he would’ve destroyed him and proven that he’s nothing more than a man and not a monster. CM Punk goes on record saying no one will take his WWE title away from him as the year ends he’s just getting started.

Match 4: 6 Man Tables, Ladders & Chairs Tag Match
The Shield’s Dean Ambrose, Romain Reigns, Seth Rollins
Team Hell No’s Kane & Daniel Bryan, Ryback

One of the greatest matches of WWE TLC 2012 that saw plenty of sweet spots! Ryback was taken out early on as once again he was sent flying through an announcers table by The Shield. Shield members then focused their attacks on Kane & Daniel Bryan. Ryback would join the flock later as his fight with The Shield went over to the main stage area where they continued to do a number on him, laying him out on a wooden table. Feeling that he was out of commission, Dean Ambrose & Romain Reigns left Seth Rollins with Ryback so they could could focus their assault on Bryan & Kane. Rollings climbed onto the tallest ladder near Ryback and was looking for a high risk maneuver when Ryback came began moving & making his way up the ladder. Rollins tried climbing over to another ladder but it was too late as Ryback got him in time and sent him crashing through a table!

Realizing Kane & Bryan needed help, Ryback tried to make his way abck to the ring. Reigns and Ambrose assaulted Bryan like rabid wolverines as Romain powerbombed him from the top turnbuckle to pick up the victory as Ambrose looked on. A very impressive debut from The Shield as they made their mark in the WWE. The future is looking very bright for these three men.

Match Rating: 5/5


Match 5: WWE Diva’s Title
Eve(c) defeated Naomi


Match 6: World Heavyweight Championship
Big Show defeated Sheamus

This epic encounter almost lived up to the previous two encounters but the finish was one that was awkward. Big Show pulls out a massive steel chair that looked as if it was built for him. It connected with the back of Sheamus which set up Show to pick up the win over the Irishman.

Match Rating: 3.5/5


Match 7: Brooklyn Brawler, Alberto Del Rio, Miz
Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre

Backstage segment on WWE TLC 2012, AJ catches up with John Cena and apologizes for everything that happened last week. AJ points out how he was there for her during her meltdown. Cena tells AJ to not thank him just but after his match against Dolph Ziggler when he takes away his MITB briefcase.

Match 8: Money In The Bank Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight contract

John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler

In front of over 15,000 New Yorkers at the Barclays Center, we saw AJ Lee inject herself into this Ladder match for Ziggler’s MITB contract as she helped Mr. Showoff retain it by pushing Cena off the top of the ladder just after attacking Vicki Guerrero came to Ziggler’s aid by trying to assault Cena with a steel chair. Reasons are unknown as a silent exchange between AJ & Ziggler occurs but a stunned Mr. Showoff quickly climbs the ladder and grabs his MITB briefcase. Poor finish to a decent ppv as Cena proves once again he won’t give a younger & better performer a clean victory over him as evident at WWE TLC 2012.

Match Rating: 5/5

End of WWE TLC 2012 PPV Results.

Overall WWE TLC 2012 PPV Rating: 8/10

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