Xander Demos

Xander Demos Reveals New Fan-Submitted Album Artwork

Metal guitar virtuoso, Xander Demos reveals the winning album artwork submission from his “Get My Guitarcadia Artwork On” contest.


Xander Demos and MTS Management Group, in association with Rock ‘N’Growl Records, are pleased to announce the winning album artwork submission from Xander’s recent “Get My Guitarcadia Artwork On” contest. The contest ran for two weeks, during which fans were encouraged to submit their original designs for the re-release of Xander’s album, “Guitarcadia.” Entries were received from all corners of the world, with the winning entry coming from Sami Ahvenainen, a 23 year old graphic design student from Finland.

“I’m stunned! Speechless!” said Mr. Ahvenainen, owner of OneTwoTree designs, which offers 100% free artwork to bands. “In the beginning my art was not free, but as time went on I figured that it is more inspiring/ easier for me to create and help bands if my art was free. A big “thank you” from the band is a good enough reward for me, I love music, I want to help out, and this is a great way for me to do so!”

“This artwork is badass!” said Xander. “I can’t wait to get the album out there with this new look. Congratulations and thank you, Sami!”

Xander Demos, is signed to Rock ‘N’ Growl Records for exclusive worldwide digital distribution. His debut album, “Guitarcadia” was mixed and mastered by Firehouse frontman, CJ Snare. He is also a member of the US East Coast chapter of Sabbath Judas Sabbath. For more information, www.xanderdemos.com.

Congrats to the winner Mr. Ahvenainen who will hopefully be able to join Lee Sanders and Xander Demos on a future episode of The RCWR Show to celebrate the re-release of Guitarcadia coming very shortly. More info as it becomes available.