This week on the Titus Machiavelli Show, Titus chats with Colorado based Primos Wrestling Champion Lonnie Valdez. This first part of a 2 part conversation finds Lonnie talking about wrestling psychology, Japan wrestling, and how to train in wrestling.

A very solid edition of The Titus Machiavelli Show you should check out right now down below!

You can find Lonnie on Twitter art @lonnie_valdez

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About Titus Machiavelli: Titus has made appearances with Vendetta Pro Wrestling and  All Pro Wrestling in California as well as Primos Wrestling, New Era Wrestling and NRW Charged in Colorado.  He was also featured in the TNA GutCheck Challenge and was the only Wrestling Manager where he took 3rd place in one of the toughest Brackets of the tournament. 

2014, Titus returned to broadcasting by joining The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders.  Click Here to Listen ever Monday Night after Raw and after every WWE Pay Per View. Click Here to Listen to the Titus Machiavelli Show every Saturday Live!


About Enfinity1Productions: Founded by Lee Sanders, Enfinity1Productions is an internet web-casting enterprise that strives to bring listeners a laid back but unique blend of news, sports talk, pop culture, comedy, politics and gaming while keeping it honest, insightful and interactive. Enfinity1Productions greatest example to date of this is The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders that was exclusive to BlogtalkRadio from 2011-2015 as to date the show achieved over 700,000 downloads. Currently it holds a rank of 500 on Stitcher and has a following of over 9,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 5 million views and counting.

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