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Sanders AEW Rampage Review 5.1.24

Hello friends! Lee Sanders is back with you all for a special Wednesday night live AEW RAMPAGE! I love these live editions of Rampage as they are happening because of the NBA Playoffs. It frees up my work week even more so that I can focus on my studies. I hope you have all been well. Before we jump into the action, I want to shout out to my friends Mish Thomas and Joe Numbas over at WRESTLING SOUP, as they did a phenomenal piece dissecting Tony Khan and his handling of AEW and its talents so far. It’s a must-watch, as I highly recommend it for viewing. Check it out below and give them your thoughts on the piece. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. Meanwhile, let’s get on with the action!

We are live in the process of Kenny Omega speaking about being diagnosed with diverticulitis. Omega talks about his options as far as medical procedures. Omega talks about going through withdrawal from wrestling but came back when he saw Danielson vs Osprey at the pay-per-view. Omega got excited about wrestling again as he promised fans somehow he’d be back. Omega turns his attention to Young Bucks as he reminds them he is an EVP and part of the company belongs to him. Okada comes out and gets into the ring with Kenny. Omega tells Okada to give him a few months, and they can reignite their feud from New Japan. Okada talks about being the new best-bout machine as Jack Perry attacks Omega from behind! Okada manages to fight off Perry from hitting him with a steel chair as he hits him with a dragon suplex. Omega favors his stomach due to his diverticulitis. Omega gets tripped up by Okada as Perry takes a chair to Omega’s midsection! Down goes Omega as the Bucks come down to stop the carnage. I hope they don’t split their pants again. Bucks hit Omega with the EVP trigger as the music of FTR plays! Top guys come to the aid of Omega as Elite clears house. Omega is out on a stretcher as he’s being wheeled out. We follow Omega and FTR backstage as Elite jumps FTR. Bucks tell Omega it’s nothing personal; they want to change the world. They toss him off the stretcher as they walk away.

Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Venue: Canada Life Centre
Commentators: Excalibur, Matt Menard, Tony Schiavone


Dante doesn’t waste any time; he hits White with elbow strikes as the action heads outside the ring. Dante is taking it to Jay with strong, hard-hitting chops. Jay White returns with chops of his own as the action heads back to the ring. Dante ends up diving between the ropes to crash into White. The referee is gingerly counting them down as Martin connects with a knee to the face. White elevates Martin as Martin tries to look for a springboard. White intercepts as he trips him on the ropes and has him crash head-first onto the mat. We are back, and White has a headlock on Martin. This crowd is extremely quiet. Dante Martin connects with a dropkick on Jay White’s chin. Martin with a series of chops before he’s reversed. Martin with a crossbody for a near fall. White’s boot is in the hands of Dante Martin, and he sends him over the top rope. Most of the action is happening outside the ring as it quickly goes back in. Jay hits a uranage for a kickout. White punishes Dante with chops as the two trade chops. White hits him with the Bladerunner, and this one is over.

Winner: Jay White (11 minutes)
Nice opener and great match as Dante continues stringing together solid match after solid match. This further extends Top Flight and Bang Bang Gang’s program.

Post-match, Jay White appears to be a good sport in holding Dante’s hand up high. It doesn’t last long as White hits him with a cheap attack and clears the ring as the rest of Top Flight arrives. Backstage, we are introduced to a new backstage interviewer, but we don’t get her name. This interviewer talks to Deonna Purrazzo as she feels things have become personal with Thunder Rosa. At the same time, Purrazzo is irritated by the disrespect she’s been given since arriving at AEW. As far as Deonna is concerned, she’s been a veteran of the business for years upon years now. Shoutout to community member Ryan, as the interviewer’s name is Arkady Aurua. Elsewhere, RUSH vignette shown as he wants his name respected. Backstage, Rene Paquette is with Big Bill as he feels he has all the tools to make it to the top of the industry. Bill feels the only thing missing is a person to take him under their wing and teach him. Bill begs Chris Jericho one last time to teach him. Jericho appears to welcome him into the Jericho vortex. Bill appreciates it as he promises not to let Jericho down.

A recap is shown of Christian Cage assaulting Swerve Strickland earlier in the night on Dynamite. We join Swerve with an ice pack on his head as he promises he won’t be alone next week.


There is a series of reach-around exchanges as Romero gets off a takedown before both men return to a vertical base. Arm/wrist locks exchanged. Reilly misses a spinning kick as Romero returns to his feet. Reilly has a headlock as he maintains control. Romero overcommits on an arm drag as Reilly is sent off the ropes. Both men exchange submission holds as Reilly eats a boot to the face. Romero hits a couple of dives between the ropes. Romero’s second dive is intercepted as Reilly hits him with a submission hold, and we head into our next set of commercials. We are back, and Romero almost won with sliced bread. Reilly hits a nice knee and strike combo for a kickout. Romero hits an uppercut as Reilly slaps the body scissors on Romero. Romero somehow gets out as both men are exchanging holds and pinfall attempts. Romero is looking for a double wristlock hold as Reilly is on the mat. Somehow, Reilly gets a rollup on Romero for the victory! Damn, that was good!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly (11 minutes)
Great technical match. It’s a far 180 from our match opener, and I mean that in a respectful way. Reilly is finding his groove and has been on such a nice streak, quality-wise, since returning. Not for nothing, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him get mixed up in Swerve Strickland’s business if it meant we’d eventually see Reilly and Swerve go at it. Let me know what you all think about that one.

Backstage, Aura is with Mariah May and Saraya as the challenge is put out for May to face Toni Storm on Dynamite next week. Back from another set of commercials, Undisputed Kingdom is with Aura. Roderick Strong tells Will Ospreay to resurrect the tiger driver finisher. Ospreay will need everything against him, but in the end, Ospreay will fall to the messiah of the neckbreaker!


Our main event is here as the girls are fighting in the crowds. Skye sent head first into an exposed piece of the barricades. Skye runs into a steel chair after leaping from the top of the barricades. Willow seats Skye on the chair and tries for a running backflip from the side apron. As Skye Blue moves out of the way in time, Willow misses and crashes big time. PROGRAMMING NOTE! Rampage will be live after AEW Collision on May 11th! Make sure to set your DVRs. We are back from our final set of commercials. Skye’s head is bloodied as Willow connects with DA POOOOOOOOOOUNCE! A bunch of steel chairs are in the ring, and Willow takes one over Skye’s chest. Willow tries for a cannonball as Skye throws a chair at her to set up a pin attempt. No dice as our match continues! Skye brings a bag of thumbtacks as the fight heads over to the corner. Skye throws a chair right in the face of Willow! Willow reverses her attack as she hits an avalanche fisherman’s bomb for a two count!
Willow sets up a wooden table outside as she returns to the ring. Skye tries to get code blue, but no one is home. Willow lays Skye over a pile of chairs as she tries for a back moonsault. No one is home as Skye moves out of the way. Skye Blue introduces a barbed wire board to lay on the table Willow set earlier. Skye is looking for a Death Valley driver as Willow reverses and hits a gut-wrench powerbomb for the retain!

Winner: Willow Nightingale (11 minutes)
What a fun main event. I need a cigarette after that one! Great job, girls. It’s such a fun matchup and a great continuation of building up Willow. Many folks think Willow will drop the title to Mercedes Mone at the next PowerPoint. I hope not, folks, as Willow has been out of time and work. Willow’s run is just starting, but if she were to drop the title, I’d love to see her get the AEW Women’s Championship and have an extended run. Make it long enough for her to run into Kamille Brickhouse and Megan Bayne. Whoever booked this match and laid everything out did a great job. I love that you could invest in Skye and Willow’s fractured relationship, as this one felt personal. Unlike the parking lot brawl between Trent and Chuck, which felt hollow sadly.

End of Show

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Another strong edition of Rampage this week. I hate to sound like a broken record, but these live Ramapges following behind Collision and Dynamite have been awesome these past few weeks. Matches like what we got tonight have been pushing creative behind the scenes to ensure fans get better quality content with Rampage. At this rate, Rampage is starting to not feel like a throwaway show, as on top of more vital cards, we’ve been treated to solid lead-ins. I can’t help but wonder what the future will hold for AEW. It’s not talked about enough, but Warner Brothers Discovery (WBD) is fighting hard to retain NBA games. WBD is facing stiff competition from Amazon and NBC. If the NBA leaves WBD, many fans will flock elsewhere. Can WBD rely on hit movies and the occasional NHL playoffs games to sustain and trickle down to AEW? I’m not sure, but one thing is certain: AEW will be in a better, cheaper position regarding their live programming offerings. If AEW can keep pumping out content like they did tonight and achieve better ratings, they’ll be all right. What do you all say about that and Rampage this week, folks? Sound off! Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend. Happy Cinco De Mayo! For more great talk of all things wrestling and beyond, be sure to follow me on Twitter @THERCWRSHOW and check me out on Enjoy the weekend you all!

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