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Sanders’ AEW Rampage Review 5.18.24

Hello folks, I hope you all have been well! Lee Sanders is back with you all for another installment of AEW RAMPAGE time! I’m busy over here preparing for my wife’s birthday, as it’s been a busy weekend. Hey, for anyone who’s ended up checking out my shows, and even some of the shows I’ve done with her, if you want to send her birthday wishes, check out this virtual birthday card to sign at the following link by clicking here. Let’s talk AEW Rampage!

Location: Portland, OR

Venue: Moda Center

Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Matt Menard, Tony Schiavone


Excellent lockup exchange and reversal. Both men come to a stalemate and return to a vertical base to reset things. Lee hits a leg trip before Reilly reverses. Lee tries for a wristlock as Reilly reverses with an armbar. Reilly tries for a cover attempt, but it’s a near fall. Lee hits Reilly in the face before the two trade-offs strike as we head into our first set of commercial breaks.
We continue with AEW Rampage as Lee has a nice side headlock applied before Reilly gets out of it and delivers his trademark kicks before transitioning to a leglock. Lee manages to grab the ropes for the break. Reilly returns to kicking low at Lee’s legs. Reilly catches him with a knee to the chin as Lee snaps Reilly’s fingers, followed by a running straight kick for the near fall. Lee tries for the border city stretch. Reilly picks him up and hits a backdrop as Lee lands on the back of his head. Both men are trading kicks. Both end up going down to the applause of the crowd. Reilly hits a hammerlock with a triangle choke but settles for a punt to the head as Reilly hits the armbar for the tap-out!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly (11 minutes)
Decent technical matchup. Reilly continues finding his footing before his injury. Meanwhile, Lee continues to crush every opportunity that comes his way. Such an underrated talent compared to young man Lee.

Backstage, Lexi is with The Acclaimed as they talk about getting back to basics as a tag team. They promote Anthony Bowen’s match against Brian Cage, which is tonight. We are back as a commercial for Young Bucks’ new shoes is out. Meanwhile, Swerve Strickland is getting no love from AEW in promoting his. Kind of bulls*it is that???


Chhun misses a body splash as RUSH floors him silly before hitting him with a John Woo dropkick for the victory. Well, now, DAMN!!!

Winner: RUSH (15 seconds)

Post-match, RUSH continues his assault, pulling out a video cable and whipping Chhun with it. RUSH follows up by choking the man out with it before calmly walking off. Meanwhile, Lexi has an update on Bryan Danielson and FTR in the training room. Lexi catches Danielson as he reacts to the bounty on his head. Danielson reveals FTR won’t be on Dynamite this week. Danielson claims he is still alive and kicking as he promises to be on Dynamite to make them pay.


Deonna with a wristlock takedown, and what a beautiful one it was, folks. Purrazzo with a rollup for a two-count. Purrazzo hits an armlock takedown before transitioning into a modified armbar. Deonna follows up with a fujiwar kitmai submission as Robin somehow manages to get out of the hold. Our action continues as Robin smashes away with a flurry of offense. Knee lift to the face and a dropkick to Deonna while she’s between the ropes. A pin attempt is made as Deonna barely kicks out. Deonna is sent into the ropes as she hits a pump kick, followed by an armbar submission takedown for the victory!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo (8 minutes)
Robin Renegade is coming along, but I never believed for one second she was beating Purrazzo. It was a decent match for what it was worth, but for me, this was all about Deonna and Rosa.

Thunder Rosa comes to the scene as she saves Robin from a continuous beatdown. Deonna backs off as Thunder checks on Robin. Deonna hits Thunder from behind as Deonna teases and taunts Deonna. Thunder Rosa grabs Purrazzo at the top of the ramp, and the two are slugging it out. The action heads down the ramp, and somehow, Deonna escapes again as the two stare at each other, talking trash.

Elsewhere, a new Scorpio Sky video package is shown. A brand new AEW series package is shown. The show is called A Meal and a Match. It’s on the TBS/Youtube channel and comes off like an episode of WWE’s Table for 3. Moving along, Bryan Danielson will face Satnam Sighn this Wednesday on Dynamite. This match comes courtesy of Sunjay Dutt with his worst James Bond villain laugh ever! We’re given a recap of all that’s coming up on AEW Dynamite as we head into our AEW Rampage main event match!


Bowens hits a DDT as he goes for the cover, and it’s a knockout. Bowens tries to pick up Cage as he counters with a one-handed slam. Bowens is now in the corner as Cage hits a solid slap to the chest, followed by an Irish whip and a side slam. Cage misses an attack in the corner as Bowens takes the big man down with a dragon screw. Bowens tries for a kick outside the ring while on the side apron. Cage catches up and sends him flying into the steel post! It’s a fantastic spot as we head into our final commercials. We are back as Cage catches Bowens from the top rope! Bowens ends up rolling him up for a near fall. Bowens hits a chop and superkick after an excellent series of reversals from the ropes. Bowens hits the fameasser for a kick out! Bowens hits a DDT on Cage from between the ropes. Cage pushes Bowens into the steel post as he hits an avalanche superplex for the kickout! Cage hits a clothesline as Bowens comes back with a pump kick. Another cover attempt is made as Cage kicks out. Bowens is sent into the referee as Cage hits a low blow on Bowens, followed by the drill claw for the win.

Winner: Brian Cage (10 minutes)
Not too shabby.

End of Show

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A below average to average episode this week. Decent in-ring action for the most part but this show was at most a two match episode. Solid buildup for the final Dynamite, Collision and Rampage as AEW Double or Nothing draws near and AEW’s five year anniversary. Nothing memorable here but an all around fast hour. What say you 411Maniacs? Sound off! Meantime I’m back to preparing for the wife’s birthday party weekend. Be safe out there! For more great talk of all things wrestling and beyond, be sure to follow me on Twitter @THERCWRSHOW and check me out on Enjoy the weekend you all!

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