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Sanders’ AEW Rampage Review 5.11.24

Hello friends! Lee Sanders is back for another weekend as AEW Rampage follows behind AEW Collision due to the ongoing NHL and NBA Playoffs schedule. Besides, it’s proven to be slightly better in viewership and definitely better quality to have Rampage follow behind AEW Dynamite or Collision. Before we get into things, I want to wish all the ladies out there who happen to be a mom a Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Also, I have some sad news to report to our community and family here at 411Mania. My dog of sixteen years, Maggie, passed away this week. My wife and I were prepared for arrangements set for Friday. Maggie, unfortunately, took a devastating turn for the worst Tuesday night and was sent to the Heavenly Gates on Wednesday. She was more than a dog; I treated her as my daughter. For sure, I’m going to miss her. I appreciate those of you who reached out already and offered condolences. Lastly, I want to thank the good folks from Chewy who sent a lovely bouquet. They provided top-notch customer service and care, as they were there for us the minute we got prescriptions for Maggie through them. Be sure to check them out for all your pet needs. Let’s talk AEW Rampage!

Location: Vancouver, BC
Venue: Rogers Arena
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Tony Schiavone, and Matt Menard

We are live in progress of Kylie O’Reilly vs. Edge Adam Copeland. Reilly sends Copeland to the mat, left arm first, as it slams to the canvas! Copeland returns with a gut shot as it floors Reilly after the two trade a few body shots. Copeland tries for a spear as he runs into a triangle submission lock. Copeland comes to his feet and counters with a DDT to break up the pin. Copeland connects with a spear this time as he covers Reilly for the victory to retain his TNT Championship. It looked like a great match, folks. I have to check it out on the DVR later. Copeland and Reilly embrace each other as Copeland holds Reilly’s hand up high. Reilly swaps Copeland’s hand away. Copeland starts bleeding from the nose suddenly and makes his exit.

Meanwhile, Lexi catches up with Claudio Castanogli to discover why he left the ring on Bryan Danielson earlier this week. Claudio reveals he’s not a fan of Danielson and Eddie Kingston joining forces against the Elite. Claudio wants his friend to retire healthy, as he doesn’t want Danielson to get hurt. Well, that should be even more reason to have Danielson’s back, right folks?


It’s always great seeing Dalton Castle! Man, is he so underutilized in AEW. I need to see more of him in AEW than ROH. We begin this match with a lockup as Castle hits a single-leg takedown. Beretta hits the ropes for the break. Castle, with a back elbow, shot to ground Beretta as he headed outside the ring. Beretta is now on the ropes as Castle hits a running knee to send him to the outside. Beretta dodges a back suplex to the side apron and slams Castle’s head into the turnbuckle. That move is followed by a flat liner on the side apron as we head to our first set of commercials. We are back as both hit with clotheslines to fall down. Castle, with a nice suplex throw and a side suplex for a near fall. Castle reverses an Alabama slam and hits a piledriver for a two-count. Fans are chanting Trent sucks, as Castle hits another suplex. Trent retreats to the ring, where he grabs a steel chair. The referee snatches it away as he scratches Castle’s eyes while she’s not looking. Back in the ring, Trent hits a running knee, followed by the victory thanks to a rear naked chokehold.

Winner: Trent Beretta (11 minutes)
Nice opener. Sadly, I’m still not into this heel turn for Trent Beretta. This man needs some nuclear hit. I am talking about the kind that will make the fans chant expletives at him. We may need to see him start picking on legends. Or we may need to see him join the Elite. Sound off on those ideas, people. The match itself tonight, though, was decent.

Deonna Purrazzo isn’t happy Thunder Rosa last appeared on AEW television almost two weeks ago. Deonna also takes issue with their history as she’s ready to settle things with Rosa. Deonna tells Thunder to watch her match against Lady Frost closely as Deonna will think about her as she breaks Frost limb by limb. Meanwhile, another video package of RUSH airs as he plans on kicking anyone in the face. RUSH returns to action next Saturday on TNT as Rampage will be on again at 10 pm EST. Be sure to set your DVRs, people!


Keith hits a chop as he tries for another, and JD counters with a bear claw chop of his own. JD hits a big boot to the face and almost wins. Drake hits a massive chop to the chest of Keith as it sounds like a gunshot! Keith tries a chop of his own and follows up with a flying elbow. Keith caps it off with a body slam and a turnbuckle stunner for the victory.

Winner: Bryan Keith (3 minutes)
Not too shabby. It’s a filler match with a few cool spots. Nothing more and nothing less.

Backstage, Copeland calls out Malakai Black as he’s taken out Buddy Mathews and Brodie King. Copeland wants him in a barbed wire match inside a steel cage at Double or Nothing! Oh my!


Lockup sends Frost into the corner as Deonna breaks the hold—another lockup in the middle of the ring as Deonna takes Frost down with a headlock. Frost returns to a vertical base as Deonna kicks her in the midsection. Deonna follows up with a chop and kick as she sends Frost into the corner. Frost pulls off a leg scissor takedown. Frost misses a strike outside the ropes on the side apron as Deonna sweeps her legs to trip her up. It’s a nasty tumble for Lady Frost as we head into another set of commercials. We are back as Frost hits a spinning kick, but Deonna no-sells when she hits a big boot. Frost hits a clothesline and a step-up kick, followed by a gymnastic flip attack for a near fall. Deonna, with a backkick, Russian leg sweep, and a sweet armbar. Lady Frost manages to hit the ropes for the break. Deonna receives a kick as Frost heads to the top for a tornado strike for a near fall. Frost tries going to the top again. Deonna ties her up and hits a running shot to the gut for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo (8 minutes)
Okay, match, but the commercials hurt it, in my opinion. Still, it was a decent match with great effort by Lady Frost. I’ve followed her work on the independents for a few years, and she’s pretty good. For those hoping for a major run in AEW or WWE, I do not see it happening, as age is a factor. It’s silly as that shouldn’t even matter, but that is partly the stigma.


Johnny TV’s head slammed on the turnbuckle as PAC heads to the top. PAC connects with a shotgun dropkick! Moonsault comes from off the side ropes onto Johnny. What a thing of beauty! Taya jumps on the ropes to distract PAC, and Johnny takes advantage as we head into our final set of commercials. We are back as Johnny takes time to suck face with Taya Valkyrie. PAC hits a forearm shot and a clothesline from the ropes to floor Johnny! PAC hits his trademark kicks as Taya trips him, coming from off the ropes. PAC gets in her face as Johnny hits a spinning corkscrew attack from over the ropes. Back inside the ring, Johnny tries starship pain, but no one is home. PAC counters with a back suplex. PAC runs into a big boot as Johnny hits the top and misses Starship Pain again! PAC climbs to the top for the black arrow as Taya distracts again by talking trash! Johnny ends up spearing Taya inadvertently when PAC moves out of the way. PAC hits an octopus stretch in the center of the ring. It’s over as PAC makes Johnny tap out! 17 wins in 19 singles matches!

Winner: PAC (9 minutes)
Pac is on a roll…PAC is on a roll. I need a big breakout year to happen for PAC already. Don’t get me wrong, his match against Jay White will be fire, but I’m counting down until he locks horns with Swerve Strickland. That match could be M.O.T.Y potential folks. PAC and Johnny gelled well here to close out the show. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them lock it up in the future.

The Bang Bang Gang appears on the screen as Jay White is curious if PAC is finally back on track. White warns him not to stick his nose in his business, or trouble lies ahead. PAC stares on mean mugging as he celebrates his win with the fans.

End of Show

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Another fun hour of steady, solid matches for these live AEW Rampages. Not too shabby of an episode as we got some progression in stories/programs as AEW Double or Nothing is in a few weeks. So far with the way the card is looking for that ppv, I’m most excited to see Malakai Black vs Adam Copeland. I have a feeling we’re going to see a Brood reunion folks, bank on it. Also, Deonna taking on Rosa is going to be exceptionally good. Those girls clicked so well together in TNA. I’m enjoying their latest chapter so far and I’m confident they won’t disappoint at the ppv. Everything else on the show was filler but quality-wise play. What say you all 411Maniacs? Sound off! For more great talk of all things wrestling and beyond, be sure to follow me on Twitter @THERCWRSHOW and check me out on Enjoy the weekend you all!

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