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Sanders’ AEW Rampage Review 3.20.24

Hello, my friends! I am Lee Sanders, and if I’m here, you know what that means, it is AEW RAMPAGE time! Do not readjust your eyes, as today is Wednesday night. AEW RAMPAGE has been rescheduled to air live immediately after AEW DYNAMITE this week due to the NCAA March Madness basketball being underway. I hope you have all been well. I am fresh off of getting my first tattoo touched up. To say that I am sore is an understatement! On that note, let’s jump into the action!

We are starting RAMPAGE as Adam Copeland has kicked Christian Cage repeatedly in his Crown Jewels. This is some funny stuff, as Christian didn’t say he quit in this I QUIT MATCH. Copeland decided to grab his barbed wire weapon, named Spike, which Copeland unveiled on Collision over the weekend. Copeland is about to hit Cage over the head with it, and Cage screams he quits before Copeland can take a swing! Congrats to Copeland, who is now a two-time TNT Champion.

Meanwhile, footage is shown of the Gunns who are gloating over turning on Daddy Ass and the Acclaimed. They are eyeing the trios tag titles as Jay White takes pride in messing up Darby Allin last week. A skeleton appears out of nowhere, riding down a water slide, and the boys refer to it as Darby. Some funny stuff! Elsewhere, Rene Paquette introduces The Acclaimed. Billy Gunn was not cleared to travel due to being hit over the head by Jay White. Fans boo Jay White as Acclaimed puts themselves over as they are tough guys that always show up. They call Jay White a soft guy hiding behind his ass boys. They promise to hunt all of them down and ruin their lives. Excellent bars from both men, especially Anthony Bowens.

Recap of the AEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT as in a huge upset, Infantry defeated the House of Black in the second wild card match to advance. As a result, they will face FTR in the next round. Meanwhile, our first wild card match is about to go down!


Hobbs and Cassidy are starting things off for their respective sides. Hobbs with a devastating spinebuster, Arn Anderson style, as he goes for the cover. Trent breaks it up! Action spills to the outside, where Cassidy thought he could hit Hobbs from in between the ropes. No dice, as Hobbs catches him and rams him into the side apron multiple times. A running clothesline into the corner follows as Hobbs overcommits on a running body splash. Beretta gets the tag as he sends Fletcher outside and connects with a swan dive on the boys outside and to the floor. Trent connects with a German suplex and running clotheslines on both men. Both men catch Beretta as they set him up for a pendulum bomb as we head into our first set of commercials. We are back as Beretta sends Hobbs flying over the top rope as Cassidynis tagged. Cassidy hits Fletcher with a DDT, but Hobbs breaks up his pin attempt. Hobbs tagged in now as he knocked Cassidy out, silly! As Beretta sends Fletcher into the ring post, Hobbs is looking for the torture rack. Beretta helps Cassidy with double-team action as Cassidy tries kicking Hobbs repeatedly. Hobbs comes from nowhere with some offense that lays Cassidy out as Fletcher is tagged back in. Cassidy with the stun dog millionaire as Hobbs gives them a double-shoulder tackle. Hobbs just slammed Cassidy into the LED side of the ring apron! Mama Mia!! Trent with a sidekick to the face of Hobbs as they combine for a beach break/stomp combo on the outside! Fletcher throws his body at Trent Beretta. Cassidy gets hit with a spinning tombstone back inside the ring, and he is bleeding from the mouth big time. Half and half avalanche on Fletcher from the top rope by Trent while Cassidy hits a diving ddt. Cassidy hits the Orange punch for the win!

Winner:Best Friends (10 minutes)
Now that was good, that was DAMN GOOD.


A big dropkick on Matthews is followed by strikes and a big running dropkick that’s on target. A cover attempt is made as Matthews kicks out. Shibata is just having his way with this big man as Matthews comes out of nowhere with a big clothesline. Shibata goes behind and has a rear naked choke on Matthews. Shibata bounces off the ropes to punt him in the head for the victory!

Winner:Shibata 1 minute 40 seconds)
Great showing by Shibata, as this match was all about hyping up Shibata’s upcoming match against Will Osprey, and I’m all in on that one.


Both men lock up as Takeshita uses his size and power to send Rocky across the ring. Rocky tries to chop Takeshita’s chest and hits a step-up huricarana. Takeshita returns with a low dropkick from off the ropes, sending Rocky outside the ring as we head into our next set of commercials. We are back as Rocky hits two suicide dives between the ropes. Rocky tries for a third one, but Takeshita catches him. Rocky wiggles his way out as Takeshita takes a swing and unintentionally hits the steel post. Rocky goes for another dive in between the ropes and connects this go-round. Rocky brings it back in the ring and snaps Takeshita’s right arm. Rocky transitions to an armbar as Don Callis gets on the apron to yell at the ref. That move helps Takeshita get an opening on Rocky as he hits a spike and a blue thunder bomb! Somehow, Rocky kicked out! Rocky with a backslide pin as Takeshita kicks out. Rocky hits a backheel kick as Takeshita rocks him with a clothesline! A spinning elbow strike follows as Takeshita hits a falcon arrow for the dub!

Winner:Takeshita (8 minutes)
Takeshita been on a roll I tell you people. My guy has been putting in the work. His match against Swerve Strickland next week on Dynamite will be lit!!


Chairs in the hands of Willow and Statlander going head to head with Skye and Julia’s kendo sticks as weapons clash! As Statlander hits a drop toehold, action slides onto the ring, sending Mulia into the steel chair. The chair is still wrapped around Julia as Statlander hits a power slam! The cover attempt is made as Julia kicks out. Willow slides a table into the ring as Skye rebounds to the chant of one fan begging her to be nicer. Now that was funny! Skye is hitting kicks and strikes on Statlander. Julia brings a spike into the ring and inadvertently hits Skye in the head as we head into our final set of ad breaks. We return as Julia is tossed into the corner by Statlander while Blue and Willow fight over by the wooden tables at ringside. Willow puts Skye on the announcer’s table, looking for a powerbomb. Skye reversed it and hit code blue, but the table did not give out. I AM THE TABLE!!! Skye returns to the ring to spill thumbtacks on the mat while Statlander does the same. The action goes to the top rope as Blue hits a powerbomb! Statlander went through all those tacks as somehow she kicked out. Skye now grabs a handful of tack and puts it in Statlander’s mouth! It’s followed by a superkick and a cover as somehow Kris kicked out! Somehow, back to her feet, Willow grabs Statlander and hits a Death Valley driver through the tables! OH MY GAWD!! Julia sets up a bunch of tables in the corner. She tries grabbing Kris as Kris reverses it and sets up Julia for a 450 splash, but Julia moves out of the way! Julia applies a submission neck/arm hold for the submission victory via heartless! What a match!

Winner:Julia Hart & Skye Blue (11 minutes)
What a match! What a main event! Kudos to all the women in this one, as this one was a classic!

End of Show

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One of the best editions of Rampage I’ve experienced in quite a long time. This show had one of the more stronger cards for fans that I’ve seen and I’ve been watching Rampage since it first launched. As myself and the 411Maniacs discussed in the live comments section, AEW needs to do more live Rampages. I personally feel it forces Tony Khan and crew to come up with stronger, better cards for Rampage. Not to mention it helps them dodge spoilers as that never helps the show. Someone mentioned the idea of having Rampage follow a live Collision as well from time to time. I love that idea as well, especially if it means more eyeballs will be on the content. Tony Khan found a great winning formula here that he needs to expand upon for Rampage going forward. I strongly encourage people to go out of their way to catch this on the DVR as this was a fast hour of great entertainment. What say you 411Maniacs? Sound off! Oh, and let me know what you all thought of the X-Men 97 premiere. Man was that good! For more great talk of all things wrestling and beyond, be sure to follow me on Twitter @THERCWRSHOW and check me out on Enjoy the weekend you all!

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